Well then where was I? Right! You there at the back sit down and shut up. Thompkins put that comic away. You there…Smith? Right yes you Smith clear up that mess. Right are you all sitting comfortably?

Okay. It has come to my attention that some of you, I’m not mentioning any names, but some of you are not particularly happy with my attitude to Aya. You are of course perfectly…Williams put that away…entitled to your own opinion. Indeed if you have your own blog you can say what you like. Blenkinsop put down the frog. I’ve seen many people slag off Kanna or even dear Lovely. I am entitled to disagree with them just as they are entitled to disagree with me. But under the new constitution we are all allowed freedom of speech as long as what we say is acceptable to the current US president. If what we say is not suitable to the current US president we all have the constitutional right to remain silent and gagged while awaiting trial without a lawyer. Smith get your hand out your pocket.

This is what we sometimes erroneously call freedom of speech…Fletcher that’s sick. Stand at the back of the class. Well don’t smell it. Face the wall you vile boy.

Any civilised society must have the right to vent forth opinions. Not those kind Gilliam. We all know it was you who sprayed the graffiti on the girls toilet wall. Miss Jones is not a bicycle nor any other kind of transportation.

Can any society survive if oppressed? If people are not allowed…Smith for the love of god stop playing with yourself. Put your hands on the desk…to opinionate then there  can be no meaningful discussion and bigotry will thrive. To say nothing of injustice.

Have we all lost our way? Society deems it acceptable to criticise the likes of Kanna or Erina but seems very knee-jerk reactionary when it comes to those more successful. This is not a jungle. It is not survival of the fittest. If those still proving themselves are fair game than so are those…hand me that note King…who are considered already successful.

Anyway I mainly concentrate on the good things in life like Lovely, Sayumi and Koharu. I do however reserve the right to point out just how smug and annoying I find Aya. I also reserve the right to take her name in vain for humorous purposes. What? No Stamp not humorous porpoises. Why would I take her name for humorous porpoises? Purposes you thick-eared clout.

This is not to say I expect everyone else to agree with me. However if you don’t have the guts to talk to me to my face…Carter spit that gum out…then you are basically just children.


13 responses to “Aya…

  1. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of humor. For instance, I know you don’t particularly care for Aya, but I know that most of your “bluster”, for lack of a better word, is mainly for humorous effect. A “good-natured” joke, if you will. I’m almost 100% certain you’d never actually wish harm on the poor girl with any degree of serious malicious intent.

    That said…some fans just can’t take a joke. Well, it’s not that they can’t take a joke, it’s just that their love of their idol blinds them to said idol’s faults and makes them much more likely to take offense at jokes made at their idol’s expense.

    There’s no need for anyone to get upset. It’s not uncommon to joke about those who don’t appeal to you. I myself have made jokes about my dislike of Marilyn Manson and my desire to avoid his music and/or ever encountering him. Would I actually seriously wish harm on the man? No, of course not. But it would be so easy to misconstrue my words if one of his fans happened to read them. Their love of him would blind them to the harmlessness of my comments, and they could well fly off the handle about it and start bad-mouthing me, both to my face and behind my back. I’m very sorry that such a thing seems to be happening to you. 😦

  2. Marilyn Manson or Brian as I call him (for that’s his real name) isn’t really my cup of tea either. But yes I agree. I’ve seen people slagging off idols I like and not for comic effect. It doesn’t bother me as I just think, well they are missing out on seeing the greatness of someone. What I do I do with a twinkle in the eye. Well I’ve never wished harm on anyone and don’t recall ever saying that someone should be hurt in any way. Not even in jest. But it’s all just a joke. In all seriousness I don’t get Aya and find her grating but I don’t begrudge others liking her. I do reserve the right to skit at her a hell of a lot though. I think by now people visiting this blog should expect that. 😛

    I think at the end of the day I can keep away from certain places quite happily if it bothers people. As for my blog it’s mine. All mine I tell you.

  3. YEs, I can see where you are getting at… I found Utada, Koharu Kusumi ( yes, but i likes her nao) and YUI to be oh so irritating at first, but they have grown on me with sufficient ” exposure”. I expect that you find her even looking at you stressful ( WHAT, that face on a 20+, no wai…)
    and take it in your stride mate, you don’t need to defend yourself. Snark is the God-given right of the ‘tubes.
    all those humourless people are well, humourless. they take these jokes as if they are a personal attack on themselves.
    in fact, I am proud to be an Anglophile because I believe that the ability of being able to one’s own fault’s and poke fun in it is part and parcel of that affinity.
    Any i have enjoyed your incessant ribbing of Aya.

    Watch more House, Scrubs ( Dr.Cox) and older episodes of Mind your Language People… BBC America is there to help you too… taking offence at every little thing is absolutely absurd, and get that PC stick out of your arses…
    but I think i have digressed….

  4. 😀 you could just say I am a remnant of the colonial age, growing up with Yes, Minister!, Mind Your Language, Blackadder, Jeeves and Wooster, and everything that probably is politically incorrect from the Beeb… :P…
    I have been a Anglophile for longer than I have been a Japanophile 😆
    and well, I am now in the land where a lot of elderly British Islanders have come to retire, so that makes for colourful banter in the evenings… :3

  5. I So agree with this.
    I may not like sayu or agree with what you said about my lovely kris allen. but still, I have no problem with that since ai-chan will always keep us pals and not in the creepy perverted way. XD

  6. So basically…what you are saying…is that I can say what I like about Kris Allen and we’ll still be friends because I love Ai-chan? 😀 Not that I’ll say anything about him. Although maybe one day I’ll say something to him. Like “can I have a quarter pounder with cheese and a medium coke please?” 😉

    You know I’m only kidding…I don’t even like quarter pounders with cheese. I’d probably ask for a filet-o-fish. 😛

    Okay, okay I apologise. But you know I’m only gently skitting anyway.


  7. ^LOL okay we’re still pals.
    that and you have the best sense of humor.
    yeah, I know you’re just joking but like i said you never fail to make me smile.

  8. :3 : buhdumpchink:
    LOL Parallel universes… Man… all this Monty Python stuff makes me wanna go and by the boxset…. in pirateland, the little penile-extension of the Eurasialand mass that ejaculated Singapore

  9. I’ve never actually understood people that take offense or can’t see the funny side when people slate or take the piss out of a paricular HP member seems very odd. Personally Ayaya was my gave within HP until all the elders graduated, but I always love your comments about her, they never fail to ake me laugh.
    Although that doesn’t want to stop me looking you in a room and playing constant Ayaya clips until you see the error of your ways, Clockwork Orange style ;P

  10. To be clockworked Aya’d…that’s…inhumane. Although strangely you have just made her the centre of what could be classed as a horror movie which is the same as I’d been doing recently. 😀

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