Top Ten – Musume Solo Singles

Yes it’s another top ten. This time it’s the best singles from single Morning Musume members.

10.Yume Kara SameteTakahashi Ai

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It counts. It does! Download singles are still singles. Anyway it’s not as good as Ai-chan’s song from Morning Musume’s mini album 7.5 Fuyu Fuyu Morning Musume Mini! (Yuki Ai × Anata ≧ Suki) but it’s still worthy of praise. Ai is given a song with a similar tempo here and her voice sounds as good as her voice should. If Lovely ever gets a solo career I wouldn’t want every song to sound like this (my one criticism of H!P solo careers would be a lack of variation in styles) but I would want some songs sounding like this. Just as long as some sound like SONGS from Platinum 9 Disc. Like with Nacchi the song style of this single suits the personality of the singer as well as the voice.

9. Sweet HolicAbe Natsumi

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Okay I love all the versions of the pv. I couldn’t decide which one to post so I thought why not just post them all. 😀 Anyway this is a very chilled out Nacchi number and just flows over me in a very erotic enjoyable manner.

8. Amasugita KajitsuAbe Natsumi

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s one of those songs where the lilt in her voice acts as a hook into the music. Again it’s laid back Nacchi heaven.

7. BalalaikaKusumi Koharu

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bears. Clowns. Arrrrrrggggggghhhhh. But if this song doesn’t at least get your toes tapping you don’t have a pulse. It’s typical Kusumi heaven. Kusumi is like sweets or chocolate. Too much would make you ill but none at all would be depressing. Pure bubblegum pop at it’s perkiest. I’m still having nightmares about the bears and the clowns though. They come at night you know. They watch you while you sleep.

6. Datte Ikite KanakucchaAbe Natsumi

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This song was one I overlooked at first but eventually grew on me and now is one of my favourite Nacchi singles. The pv is interesting too and it’s great to play spot the H!P member back-up dancing. I can recognise Ayaka, Asami (Country Musume’s not-Konno one) and Satoda. Not sure who the fourth one is. Another Country Musume member perhaps?

5. UraraNakazawa Yuko

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s a beautiful song and her voice hits me in just the right place.

4. Shanghai no KazeNakazawa Yuko

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I just love her singing. It’s a song that always gets into my heart when I hear it. Good pv too. She looks gorgeous in the blue and white. The two backing…oddities both remind me of Japanese Frankie Dettoris though. 😛

3. Happy Happy SundayKusumi Koharu

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The music is actually quite odd. Which is good. It actually suits Kusumi’s voice as with the best will in the world you’d have to say that her voice is odd too. But this is Kusumi and odd is her thing. Like with all Kusumi solo songs if this doesn’t make you want to bounce like a rubber ball you are probably on a drip in a hospital or on prescription valium. Actually this would be great for coma patients. Put some headphones on them and even if they don’t like the song the sheer strangeness of Kusumi’s solo music would bring them around. You’d have to wake up just to find out what the fcuk was going on.

2. Koi no HanaAbe Natsumi

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Time for my favourite Nacchi song. If I ever had to sing a H!P song at karaoke (and pray that never happens, or at least if it does that you are not within earshot at the time) this would be the song I’d have the best chance of singing with any real pronunciation. It’s the only song where I can confidently say I know a fair amount of the words. For I have not just listened to it a lot I have also watched the subbed pv a lot too. It’s just a great song with an equally charming pv. I love Nacchi’s…everything in this. Her smile, her little shoulder dance, just…everything.

1- Chance!Kusumi Koharu

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This song played a huge part in me becoming a fan of the crackheaded one. It’s just perfect pop. I have never tired of this song. If it comes on my mp3 player (which I often listen to on random play mode) I never skip it. The sign of a true classic. If you want something breezy and catchy, sung by a cutely mad and madly cute Japanese singer this should be your first port of call. Oh and the bit in the pv where she lets down the dress is probably my favourite H!P pv moment. She just looks great in the red dress. The pv I’ve linked was subbed by H!F by the way. Just thought I’d give them a mention as it’s been a while. 😛

On reflection it’s a shame Kaori’s solo career hasn’t taken off. I quite like her two solo singles but not as much as the stuff in this top ten. Her first solo album however is pure gold. If any one of the songs in it had been released as a single it would have been in this list. They may have all been cover versions but they were great songs and her voice was amazing. I’d like to hear more from Yaguchi too. Her one solo effort to date was okay but I can’t say it’s pricked my consciousness enough. But she’s one of my favourite (ex) H!P members and I’d love to see her do more. Meanwhile Maki Goto has never really interested me and I’ve never heard that Tsuji single so their non-inclusion isn’t really a surprise (well at least not to me). Finally it seems a shame Yuko wasn’t given a bit more variety. Really there was only two of her songs with a chance of getting in the top ten but I love them both. She has a good voice and I don’t see why she couldn’t have been given a bit more variation and thus more of a chance at solo success. Then again Nacchi is the most successful and I like all her singles (except Koi no Telephone Goal) but even she hasn’t exactly had too much variety. Koi no Telephone Goal is very different admittedly but that’s awful. 😛 The Stress is probably the other single that stands out as being a bit different. It’s not in the top ten but I do like it. A few more upbeat songs wouldn’t go amiss even if she does do the slower stuff beautifully.


8 responses to “Top Ten – Musume Solo Singles

  1. wow nifty top 10 you have there morningtime.
    ai-chan’s single for me would definetly be at the top with the stress, balalaika and yume naraba after.

  2. hmmm … hmmmm…. hmmm… it’s because of these upbeat and quirky songs i became a fan of Kusumi, otherwise i found her… grating to say the least…. (Balalaika is my favourite btw… )
    Nacchi – WOW-WOW-WOW … I may need a change of pants
    Mano Erina would be quite high in my list too…
    I think i should do one too… these top ten lists

  3. Kooky – The Stress is probably the song that got me into Nacchi although it’s not in my top ten.

    Thejuggernaut – Do you have a blog then? As for Mano well I’ve loved all her singles so far (well Lalala-Sososo was probably my least favourite but it’s still decent enough). If I was doing a H!P solo top ten rather than just an ex-Morning Musume one I’d definitely have Lucky Aura in there with one or two others having a shout too.

  4. 😆 yeah I still consider her the Momosu that never was… along with many others….
    and yes I have a blog, my username . and yeah its rough.. and always will be… :3

  5. Nice that you put my favourite member on top of your list but I think Balalaika should be Koharu’s no.1 single since it is her highest-selling single but I guess this is your list. My list would be.

    1- Balalaika-Koha
    2-Boys! SOme touch-Maki Goto
    3- Takahashi Ai- Yume Kara
    4-Hapi Hapi Sunday-Koha
    5-Koi No hana-Nacchi
    6-Dante!Plz Hold On-Maki

    other singles is on equal ground for me LOL.. 😀

  6. Chance! was the song that opened Koharu up for me so it’ll always be a high-ranker. Balalaika has a great tune but Chance! has always just edged it for me. We both agree on Nacchi’s best single though.

  7. hmm……do “best of” singles count? they are technically singles.
    i’m afraid my list would be very koha and the such concentrated because i didn’t like nacchi/gomaki/yuko/lida/etc’s solo stuff. XD

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