This site is great fun. It’s also daft. Anyway think of a person and answer the questions and it’ll try and tell you who you are thinking of. It got Ai-chan right the first time of asking. The next two times it went for Eri when I was thinking of Sayumi and Reina. Still fun though. Oh and you can think of anyone from any part of the world. It doesn’t have to be H!P related. It’s a great diversion if you need something silly to do for a minute or two. 😀


5 responses to “Akinator

  1. :lol:… not bad i say, not bad at all… ( yes i was thinking of Ai first too 😀
    Its a matter of sifting through databases based on the clues he leads you on… and holy mother of god that must be huge!!
    Cheers.. had fun with this

  2. it was pretty cool but he got 2 out of my 3 wrong.
    he got yossie but couldn’t get mittsi or maasa.
    had to type them in at the end. >w<

  3. So far i tried with Sayu, Eri, Ai-chan, Ayaya, Niigaki, Reina, Yajima, YUI and it got all right 😀

  4. there is only so much the algorithm can do.. when there are 2 characters that are identical, it flips a coin on who to choose…

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