What A Wota What A Wota Rottara

This is a post about all the stuff I’ve bought since becoming a fan of H!P a few years back. Some people don’t like posts about what people own so if you don’t want to know the result of my obsession look away now.

The reason for this post is simply to give an insight into the collecting habits of the average nutjob wota. I love owning items relating to my favourite groups and members. It gives me pleasure. There’s something good about being able to flick through pics or photobooks when the mood takes me. And actually owning cd’s and dvd’s feels good (but cumbersome). With pv’s and the like I mostly watch via files on my computer except for dvd’s that bring together all of a groups pv’s up to that date. So I tend to watch Biyuden’s dvd collection a lot and the 10th anniversary Morning Musume one too. Otherwise I stick to computer files. With listening to music I tend to mostly listen via my mp3 player or in the car. Yet I love actually owning the official releases. Even if I don’t play them that often I still like owning them. Why? I just like being able to hold and look at the actual cd’s and dvd’s. It feels like holding the case and looking at the booklet makes you feel more connected to the artist in some way. That ownership is a bit like being the member of a club. It’s the membership fee to the hall of H!P. However with the cost of cd’s rising I’ve mainly bought singles via iTunes in recent months but I really miss owning the actual cd’s. I don’t have a single Mano cd but really love her music and so it feels so wrong not owning physical copies! I have all her singles from iTunes instead but somehow it feels like I’m missing out on something.

So anyway the collection. First off photobooks…

pb'spb's 2Pb I forgot

Two of Lovely’s, two of Reina’s, two of Rika’s, two of Konno’s, and one each for Nacchi, Yuko, Mano, Sayumi, Kusumi, Eri and Yaguchi. Plus a Biyuden visual book. Also a magazine featuring C-ute which I shoved in here as I’d forgot Nacchi’s pb when I was photographing them all. I should have put it back when I was last looking at it! I think there’ll be more purchases for Sayumi and Koharu as time goes on. The ones I own of theirs are damn good. I’d expect to pick up more of Lovely’s as well if the chance arises. Anyway I love browsing through pb’s. It’s a good escape from the day to day mundanity of life and really takes you someplace special. I say that without being in the slightest bit smutty as well!

Now cd’s. First albums…

AlbumsAlbums 2

It’s strange that I think Rainbow 7 is the best MM album yet I don’t own it. I want the LE version (as usual) but haven’t seen it at a decent price yet. I tend to go for LE versions mainly. I especially like it when the extra is a dvd like with Koharu’s. Always well worth the few pound extra. Looking at what I own (oh and I have Biyuden’s best of but it’s in another pic. I also have the Hangry&Angry lunchbox thing but forgot to photograph it. Plus Kaori’s first album which I also forgot to photograph) I really need to track down Nacchi’s second album. Other than that and Rainbow 7 I also want the first and only Biyuden studio album and the Country Musume Mega Best.

Now singles and single V’s…

SinglesSingles 2Singles 3Singles 4Singles 5Singles 6

Well again I tend to go for limited editions where possible. Again I especially like extra dvd’s but the photobooks are great too. The Nacchi duet came with a poster which is rolled up in a tube somewhere. Not as much use to me as dvd’s or pb’s but still nice to have. At the moment I’ve mainly been buying singles through iTunes though. The prices of physical copies are just making it harder to justify the outlay. Imagine wanting each version of Mano’s singles? That’s a lot of money.

Now dvd’s…

Dvd'sDvd's 2Dvd's etcDvd's miscellaneous

Okay there’s C-ute’s Forever Love single and a few photo albums in there too but it’s hard to organise so much stuff to photograph. 😛 Also Morning Musume’s singles collection is in there too due to the package shape. It does have a live clips dvd with it to be fair. There’s the fanclub cd’s in there as well. As for the dvd’s well I love Alo-Hello dvd’s and want more. Collection pv’s like the MM and Biyuden ones are great too. Biyuden’s is excellent as it not only has the main pv’s for each single but a selection of different versions for each too. I need some more live dvd’s I think. There needs to be more H!P-related dramas and films too. I want to see more acting from H!P members. Lovely deserves more that’s for sure.

I also own other merchandise. T-shirts, scarves and one towel. Except I forgot to photograph the scarves. Nevertheless as well as Lovely’s last scarf and a Sayumi one I also have…

gatas shirtKonno 21'st shirtReina shirtKanna towel

As far as t-shirts are concerned these days they are really dear so that puts me off a lot. Otherwise I’d want loads. I really want an Ai-chan one and I’m regretting not getting her Platinum 9 tour one. I ordered the group one instead but I’m still waiting for it. I’d also love a Koharu one too. Unlike Sayumi she has a colour I’d wear. 😛 I really love the Konno t-shirt and the Gatas one. Although they both need an iron! How come you iron things and hang them in the wardrobe and then a few days later you take them out and they are all creased? Maybe I need a bigger wardrobe. Or less clothes. Anyway I think that’s it Gatas-wise unless I see the dark Konno goalkeeper’s jersey at an affordable price somewhere. I only own one towel as I’m not sure of the point of them. A towel you can’t get wet? Having said that I love Kanna’s as it’s one of my favourite images of hers. Scarf-wise I can’t see myself getting more as how many scarves do you need? I have Sayumi’s and Ai’s so in future I’d probably save my money for some other type of merchandise.

Photo’s I’m not even going into. I have a H!P photo album full plus another normal photo album full. Plus quite a lot more.

Am I obsessed? Well I’ve always liked collecting stuff. H!P is my current crack. I think my obsession for H!P probably goes deeper than any other I’ve had. Probably because H!P is such a well oiled machine. The sheer level of stuff they produce (both musically and in terms of merchandise) and the quality of what they produce is so good that there’s always something (well actually many things) that I want. I mean even now I want physical copies of Mano’s singles, the Rainbow 7 cd, Biyuden’s first and only studio album, Nacchi’s second album, Ai-chan, an Ai-chan t-shirt, some pictures of Koharu in the red Chance! dress, Okada Yui, some more photobooks and Michishige Sayumi. Okay obtaining some of those may be tough (although Yui doesn’t seem too busy) but in time I hope to acquire them. Although how I expect to keep Lovely, Yui and Sayumi in the manner they deserve god only knows. Despite all that I’d say that this year, mainly due to the exchange rate getting worse and the fact that I have far less diposable income now, I have been spending a lot less. I impose a budget for each month and I am a lot more careful with my money than I used to be. Even so, thanks to a few ebay bargains, I have Nacchi’s last live dvd and the first Ongaku Gatas live dvd heading my way.

I have no idea how much I have spent on all this stuff. However some things (mainly the older releases) have come through ebay or sellers on forums so not everything has been priced as new. I’m sure there are many people who own a lot less and I’m sure there are many people who own a lot more too. This post isn’t designed to show off in any way, except to show off my love of H!P. Yes my name is Morningtime and I’m a wota. But really that just shows that there’s a lotta love for H!P’s members so it’s not that bad. In fact it’s not bad at all. I mean I don’t waste my money on drink (well mostly I don’t), drugs, cigarettes or for the most part on western entertainment except for the occasional dvd. H!P gives off such a good spirit so there are far worse things to be into. This is life-affirming stuff and it’s given me so much entertainment over the past few years that it’s been well worth the outlay.


9 responses to “What A Wota What A Wota Rottara

  1. :Bows down and grovels at His Wota-ness: I am unworthy!!! Unworthy I TELL YOU!!!
    All i have is 50GBs of digital data… worthless next to yours…
    Wehr ist Mein Arbeit, Arbeit macht Frei? argghhh no jobs here ,i tell you, NONE!!
    so all those physical forms will have to wait…
    this maybe easier though… when I marry Ai, I don’t have loads of stuff to dispose of.. 😀

  2. Kooky it feels like several collections to me. :p

    Thejuggernaut – Ah I only have about 300 gb’s of stuff. But Ai will understand when I marry her. She’ll accept my fandom for she herself loves the Takarazuka Revue. She knows what it’s like I’m sure. Anyway it’s perfectly normal to collect stuff. Just look at Shokotan.

  3. impressive collection! >w< and it won't fit into one photo when i do which is also hassle. XD
    i dont have many photos but i have more live concert dvds. ^^

  4. gah, wordpress chopped off half my comment AGAIN.
    i actually said that mine is catching up to yours and that i can’t even spread it all out on my floor anymore, let along fit it into one photo when i do. that’s why my comment made very little sense.

  5. I was wondering what you were saying. I put it down to my bleary eyed mind first thing of a morning.

    WordPress really hates you. You do know that right? 😉 Mind you at least that comment didn’t go in the spam folder so that’s an improvement.

    I’m glad you’re catching up. Well I’m glad it’s not just me.

  6. lol! i personally think it’s unhealthy, how much money i’ve spent. my manga collection alone is worth about £200!! but i suppose chocolate is also unhealthy but it’s still good (and addictive).
    i’d like to see paul’s collection spread out, it’d span miles! XD he has soooooooooooooo much stuff. it’s almost scary.

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