Morning Musume arrive in LA (updated)

Thanks to Charmy for this link. It’s a video of Morning Musume arriving in LA to a load of blokes cheering. It must have seemed like being back in Japan then. 😉 Even so it’s quite nice to see them arrive to a warm and indeed rowdy reception.

It’s the only time I’ve ever wanted to be drinkin’ in LA (to quote the Bran Van 3000 song). All those people who are going to see them live are lucky little blighters. Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky (to do an impression of a chicken…or possibly Hugh Laurie. Take your pick). I am jealous. But am I downhearted? Yes. Of course I am. Wouldn’t you be? Still if it opens the way to them venturing even further afield then it could be a great thing for us all in the end. I have my fingers crossed. Makes a change from having my wires crossed like usual.

Edit: This link seems better quality and is longer.


10 responses to “Morning Musume arrive in LA (updated)

  1. T-T I have a feeling that you’d sooner see them in UK ( l o l ) than I would here in Kiwiland
    I am so pissed mad… I had to leave Malaysia and come to kiwiland… only to find out that Chihara Minori will be in Malaysia next week T-T arrrgghhhhh

  2. Seeing them in the UK would be beyond my imagination I think. I’d love it to happen but the mind would boggle trying to picture it.

    So I guess you’re not hoping that H!P suddenly announces an all members trip to Malaysia then?

  3. If H!P does that… :on knees: nuoooooooooooo IS THERE NO JUSTICE?!?!?!

    I have done that once already… T-T.. the trial and tribulations a wotaku must go through….

    the strongest swords are forged in the hottest of flames…. I WILL BE A STRONGER, LEANER and MEANER WOTAKU…!!!
    Any way.. I hope to see more updates..
    scouring the blogosphere, I am, for updates…

  4. Well I’ve found a better quality arrival video so I’ve put that in the post up above. Now I’m about to scour the forums for any news. Lucky Americans.

  5. i can’t bringh myself to look, that’s how jealous i am. i just can’t hel-p but grind me teeth at watching this stuff. lol
    the nominees for the OPV competition have been announced. some of them are soooo good!

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