Morning Musume in LA part two.

So MM have now performed their concert. Not much seems to have come out about it yet but what comments I’ve seen dotted around the net seem to suggest it was great. One thing is for sure the girls will all have looked great. Just check out this picture thanks to Hello!Online user Raijin…


And this shaky video footage from the conventions opening ceremony…

I think Sayumi looked prettier than ever when sitting next to that guy. 😀

Anyway the first reports on the concert seem positive although I’m hearing that the whole convention was quite poorly organised. I’ve also read on Hello!Online and other places of the disappointment of forum members who didn’t get to interview MM. Some have suggested this was because of the Tracker at H!O but since no other forums or blogs were granted interviews I don’t think this is the case. Presumably MM only had a limited time to be interviewed and so I’m sure the interviews would have been kept for professional parties. I don’t know how anime conventions are usually organised but I was quite surprised at the number of people from forums or blogs who were printing up business cards to be granted interviews. Forums and blogs aren’t exactly thought of as businesses so it didn’t surprise me that they were denied. Although the forums do a great job at bringing together fans from all around the world and creating this online community (which of course benefits most of us foreign fans) the forums are still just forums. From a management perspective H!P have no official channels for dealing with such places so cannot protect their artists to the degree they could with newspapers, magazines and so on. In a way forums are lawless. They can say anything. I think the H!P management were just doing their job. Of course this is just my opinion and others may differ.

Anyway back to the con and apparently Linlin can speak quite a bit of English. I can’t wait to see some official videos about this event. Like the Sakuracon videos of Hangry&Angry showing them being interviewed, meeting the fans, etc. I feel exceptionally jealous of those who attended! Oh I hope they come to Europe someday.


14 responses to “Morning Musume in LA part two.

  1. they so need to some to the UK now. Y_Y
    lol yes, i’m still sulking.
    the thing with the interviews, if they had an alloted time to be interviews why did they allow the entire list to fill up before saying no to people, if they only had, say, an hour to be interviewed they should have let the big press in and the had a mini Q&A for the smaller sites.

  2. They definitely need to come to the UK. I mean Takahashi is learning English so what better place to come.:D

    I agree with what you are saying about the interviews. But I think the organisation was quite bad. From what I’ve read in forums the actual staff working at the convention seemed to have little control over anything. There seems to be a lot of people complaining about how queues were handled and so on. I think the problems are more from the organisers of the event rather than from H!P’s management. But one or two people (notably at Hello!Online) seem to be having a go at the H!P management instead.

  3. well it was up to them to organise the interviews. aren’t press passes either stupidly expensive or stupidly hard to get hold of? people got them for a reason and they never got to fulfill that reason (although i’m sure not being able to kidnap Sayumi is a good thing in the eyes of H!P and UFA. XD)

    in anycase, considering americans don’t speak “real” english, they should come to the country that invented the damn language! XD

    p.s: no offense intended to anyone from the US. i was kidding.

    is it weird that the day before yesterday i had a dream that LinLin could speak english before all the news that she COULD speak english came out??

  4. I’d suggest if the press passes were easy to get hold of (i.e. all you needed was a business card, any business card and then to do whatever was done. Fill out a form? Queue up?) then that was probably the fault of the organisers and not the H!P management.

    With no insult meant to Americans I’d love to hear a bit of English come out of a H!P member that didn’t sound sunny American. I think they all sound exactly like Mika Todd when they speak. I mean Exactly like. Or maybe like Ayaka come to think of it. It’s that sunny way like Australians have of raising sounds at the end of a sentence and so on. So that everything sounds like a question. 😛

    You are obviously psychically connected to Linlin. Ask her to put in a good word to Ai-chan for me when you next go to sleep.

  5. Of course they sound like Mika and Ayaka…that’s who taught them all what little English they know. Haven’t you been watching the Surprise English Lesson videos? 😉

    As for why H!O didn’t get an interview, I honestly believe that the “because they have a tracker” theory is rubbish. They did get to interview Hangry & Angry, after all, and they had the tracker back then. Like others have said, it’s probably just a blanket ban on non-“professional press” interviews.

    Anyway, glad that everyone seems to be having a good time over there in spite of all the disorganization. 🙂

  6. I wouldn’t mind being taught a thing or two by Ayaka. And if that sounds smutty it’s only because it’s meant to be. 😀

    Everyone definitely seems to be having a good time. For a H!P fan this must be like their Woodstock or something. Something that’ll be talked about amongst like-minded fans for years. Lucky blighters. 😛

  7. Ayaka ” teaching” something, when can we sign up for these “classes” I really need an extra “subject” research is getting tedious :3

  8. some extra credit is needed. ><

    nyah, i'd say that H!O was a pretty professional site. i mean, it's where almost every western H!P fan goes for new info. and i thought they were trying to get as much western exposure as possible. gah.

    I'll put in a good word with my new best-dream-buddy. XD
    i think it's even weirder that LinLin has infact gone up a couple notches since that dream in terms for favourites……. :S

    i woke up that morning thinking it was real too. lol!

  9. Thejuggernaut – Research would never be tedious with Ayaka. Seriously I always loved watching her in those English lessons. She looks great dressed up. I was really disappointed last year that no pictures of her at the UK golf championships emerged. She had married the Japanese golfer Tanihara Hideto the week before and had travelled with him to the UK Open. It was in Southport which is about fifteen minutes from where I work. On the first day the BBC sports live golf internet page (that gives a text update minute by minute) actually mentioned his wife being there cheering him on dressed as a Victorian maid (if memory serves me right. Well definitely as some kind of period maid anyway). Yet no pics ever turned up. Well my imagination is pretty good so that’s okay. 😀

    Hexi – H!O is where everyone goes I guess. Except everyone goes there to take stuff off the tracker (me included). It’s invaluable for that. But I don’t think somewhere professional would actually illegally share all that stuff in the first place. To me it’s just a forum. The forum part itself I hardly use but the tracker and the sales section (and sometimes the news section) I use a lot. I just don’t think forums will be treated the same as professional organisations. Also if H!P wants to break into the west it’ll need to capture new fans. H!O is preaching to the converted (I pray at the church of Charmy). Whereas magazines and newspapers will reach a wider audience. Even if that audience is just anime fans or whatever. It’s more likely MM will get new fans if mags are interviewing than if a forum already dedicated to H!P is interviewing. I know it’s disappointing for those who thought they’d be granted an interview. It’s also disappointing for all the fans who couldn’t attend too as we’d love to see pics and read an interview. It’d be like a thank you to all the non-Japanese fans on the net. But I think I can see the logic in it too. Although of course nobody really knows what goes on behind the scenes. It’s all guesswork.

    You know Linlin has the power to enter British peoples minds. Just check out my post from 27 July 2008.

    It’s post number 29. I don’t even really like Linlin. She’s way down the pecking order of MM and of H!P as a whole she wouldn’t even make the top half. Yet I had a dream that was…err…unusually vivid.

  10. lol!!
    the best part about my momusu dream was Koharu writing out “ah! no! no! no!” in hiragana as she said it. lol, spelt my name wrong or something. made me laugh in my sleep. weird thing was, everyone was wearing their breakin out outfits apart from mittsi and ai. they were wearing their resonant live shirts. :S

    it was really a great dream. Ai spoke really bad broken english at me. it was something like “aauuutogurafuu?” lol. i don’t like her but it was so cute.

    it was pretty vivid cause i can even picture the stuff behind the members…..

    but i know exactly how which vivd you mean. poor linlin, no-ones favourite but dreamt about in perverted ways. XD

  11. The mind is a funny thing. Whether that’s funny ha ha or some other definition of funny is another thing entirely. Linlin is the last one I’d have imagined dreaming of. Still she is quite nice as a person. I just wish she’d grow her hair longer. She looked quite nice as an Egg. Long straight hair suits her much better than that funny little old Aunt’s look that she has now.

  12. lol yeah.
    hey, did you know that AX was in our news a couple days ago?
    i was talking with my nan about my costumes and she said “oh! there was a reporter in LA doing a coverage on you-know-who” (i’m assuming that would be MJ) “and all the animes were out.” (by animes she meant cosplayers lol!)
    i said “yeah, there’s a massive anime convention going on this weekend and actually my favourite music group is over there, that’s why the place is so packed” and she said “oh those girls??”
    i was a little like “WUT? they did coverage on AX and i didn’t see????” i was even more surprised that my nan knew who “those girls” WERE!

  13. The difference between H!O and the rest of us that got a press pass is that H!O were picked out of the list and told that UFA specifically didn’t want to do the interview with them, with everyone else time just run out. I may be wrong but I think a couple of the IW guys were called into the waiting room to be called in for their interview, but again time run out.
    It really seems strange that a lot of people seem to be thinking that the tracker has nothing to do with their situation. You wouldn’t find any of the big music agencies over here giving interviews to file sharing sites would you, no matter the size of the community.
    And as the sites being lawless, don’t forget they don’t have to answer the questions, and certainly anything taken out of context can be treated exactly the same way as if the press did.

    As for the press pass thing, it seemed fairly easy I applied I got it. But at the same time there are requirements for websites and all the guys that got the passes meet those requirements, *shrugs* but then I guess we don’t know if they turned any one else away?

    But yea, you’re going to want to get to the more respectable and recognised press first before us lower guys, it would be fairly pointless to get on H!O or any of the other sites and not in the national press or anime magazines or equivalent.

    And as for Linlin being no ones fave….when I went to Hello!Party I was walking around with a “Linlin #1” sticker, she’s had quite an impact on me on this trip, she’s wowed me so much, apart from the nice bum smack Koha aimed in my general direction during the concert, for me this has all been about Linlin.

    Cool, there was coverage over in the UK?

  14. Hexi – Which news? Was it tv or a newspaper? If it’s a newspaper then it could be online somewhere.

    Paul – Ah I didn’t know the other sites eventually got their interviews or that H!O were particularly picked out. If that is the case then it surely must be the tracker then. My immediate thought had been the tracker but once it seemed other sites had been turned down as well (such as JPH!P) I thought maybe it was more a general thing about not recognising forums and blogs as ‘press’. Especially as time must have been limited.

    So Linlin is moving on up? I’m hoping to hear her English at some stage. I hope at the very least there’s some official AX vids showing MM.

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