What connects Kusumi Koharu to The Beatles?

Yes the time has come to reveal the truth. Kusumi Koharu, the wonderful crackheaded miracle girl, has a very special connection to The Beatles. Namely someone she has worked with who was also a collaborator with one of the fab four. We all know Tsunku was a fan of the scouse scallies but little could he have imagined, all those years ago when he chose Kusumi as the sole seventh generation member, that this strangely cute little marvel would one day end up working with someone so close to the group he loved so much. I imagine Tsunku is actually feeling more than a little bit jealous at this turn of events.

So here the truth is revealed. Just who has Koharu been working with? Well this person was huge in the 80’s despite being little. Can you guess? No? Okay I’ll continue. This person always got by with a little help from his friends. Do you know who it is now? No? Well this person had a very close relationship with one Richard Starkey. In fact during the 80’s I’d say this person was actually even more famous than Richard was. Surely now you know who it is? Well even if you don’t the answer is below…


Yes there’s a Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends musical in Japan as well as a fairground type of place called Thomas Land…


So Koharu is doing a 20 minute tv spot all about Thomas Land (while also advertising the musical). As well as meeting Thomas himself she looks at some balloons and then eats an ice cream. Bad pun of the show is the seller of the ice cream saying “arigathomas”. Something which Koharu makes a really long over the top reaction to. Well it’s for kids so that’s okay.


Next Koharu gets to ride Thomas. She can ride Morningtime the Engine anytime she wants but no she chooses Thomas. Huh. Well I guess she gets to have fun with all the little kiddies, which to be fair she couldn’t do if she was riding Morningtime the Engine. Well she could but she’d have to wait nine months or so. 😀 Umm…back to the show…


After that happy experience she then gets to meet the Fat Controller. I’m not sure if he’s still called that though. I mean political correctness means he’s probably now called the Thinly Challenged Controller…


Then they get to go on a helicopter ride. It is so a proper helicopter…


Wheee. Weren’t they high? Well Koharu always gives the impression of being high. Oh but the fun doesn’t end there. Ho no…


Yes there was another ride and then a maze. I wouldn’t mind getting lost in a maze with Koha. Honestly I can perv over H!P members no matter how they are dressed. Besides…legs…mmmmm. 😀

Now it’s time for another ride with Koha (there’s always time for another ride with Koha)…


And that’s your lot. Koha gets a ticket to the musical and the show ends…


Honestly I could watch Koharu doing anything. She’s so damn adorable and, well, nuts.

So Thomas made it to Japan? Well they probably have a better rail system over there. He was probably privatised over here and sold off. It’s nice to see they kept the English names for all the characters. I guess we do the same with Pokemon mind. Anyway it’s 20 minutes of Koha aimed more at kids or parents who have kids, live in Japan and need somewhere to take them. But frankly I’d watch Koharu reading the phone book. She’d still make it entertaining or excruciating depending on your take on her. For me it’s entertaining all the way. Oh and if you want this show I’ve seen it at Musume-Central and the tracker at H!O.


11 responses to “What connects Kusumi Koharu to The Beatles?

  1. 1. Thomas the Tank Engine always had a pervy look… now i see why…
    2. Koha also has the same quirky grin…. hated it the first time i saw her.. but that grew on me
    3. Thighs of STEEL
    4. Many women would say that of Sean Connery and Hugh Jackman ( reading the phone Book) but I agree… my “win” phone book reader would have to be Berryz’s Momoko… but i digress…
    5.I am convinced Koha has been perpetually drip-fed THC in to her veins from a invisible bong in the sky… love her for it 😆
    6. Morningtime the Engine, nice…. HMS Juggernaut is also ready to set sail again(archives of it’s voyages can be found on various fansub forums)
    7. Koha prancing around being her crazy self… sounds strangely intriguing…. this is a must watch … Veoh is getting alot of hits from me…

  2. Veoh is an invaluable site. When I first got into H!P it was an incredible source of subbed Hello!Morning episodes, subbed Alo-Hello’s or Love-Hello’s and other goodies. It still is.

    I actually find Momoko to be the Berryz equivalent of koha. This resemblance in terms of force of personality became even more clear upon watching their respective Yorosen stints. Both as mad as a box of frogs. Which I love them for.

  3. LOL @ Morningtime the tank engine, I would so watch that show, can I be on the show as Kooky the passenger train

  4. nah, It dosen’t mean that, due to the age difference, they will probably separate us.

  5. JPH!P…good idea. I think you posted that comment as I was replying to your previous comment.

    True but considering the age thing then you should really be the small tank engine and I should be, like Henry or someone. Damn. This making a tv show for kids malarkey just throws up more problems than it’s worth. 😀

  6. Nice post… !!! I love koharu so much… Watched 1 episode of the oha star thingy. How many episodes have she done already? Do you have a source to download it?

    I giggled everytime she say,’Koh-harrrrr’…That’s the ultimate cuteness a girl can give… LOL

  7. it tingles you know,.. her ( koha’s) giggle… it gives me tingles in places i never knew could tingle before….

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