Kanna Arihara Leaves C-ute

Hello!Online and Musume-Central have both announced that Kanna Arihara has left C-ute and H!P. H!O are suggesting this was heading off a scandal. I had wondered if the bunions issue was just a smokescreen. I had thought that maybe they had intended to punish her Kago style on the sly and then let her back eventually? H!O suggest that pictures came to light meaning that she couldn’t come back at all.

I know there will be some who will take pleasure from this news as she wasn’t everyone’s favourite but personally I really liked her. C-ute seems a little less interesting with her gone. Anyway I hope she is happy, whatever the reason she left. Ultimately she’s a young girl and I just hope she’s enjoyed her time with H!P and wants to return to a normal life.

Anyway what better way to remember the C-ute cutie than with some pics of her hugging other girls. Ah happy memories…

Kanna RisKan hugKanSuzKan Chis


17 responses to “Kanna Arihara Leaves C-ute

  1. Nooooo!!!! So unfair!
    i was watching c-ute’s 2008 summer concert last night and i totally found myself looking forward to her return. aww man that sucks!! Y_Y

  2. I’ve only gotten into C-ute with their more recent songs. I really wanted to see her performing some of them in concert. Aishiteru Aishiteru just isn’t the same without her. Nakki & Kanna together were destined to be instant win.

  3. Oh no, I really liked kanna, It sucks that she’s gone and now I’m in an emo mood today.

  4. How would the other girls take it?… I’m more concerned about that… either way.. they are professional and can handle it… we on the other hand, the rabid wotas, may handle it badly… she is also one of the members who grew on me ( through the usual making of dvds…her being the kooky character she is…)
    I suppose H!P doesn’t really care if their girls are in a relationship… as long as they don’t get exposed?…

  5. Most life is all about how things are perceived rather than how they really are. I only have to think of the management where I work to see that. Never mind if everything is going tits up as long as the public don’t know it is and as long as other departments think we are doing well.

    So yeah they probably don’t care as long as it’s never made public. Once something is made public though it’s probably a case of being suspended Kago style for a few months and then behaving yourself. If like Kago you don’t change then it’s bye bye bye. Whether that’s what has happened with Kanna Tsunku only knows.

    Hmm…that’s my new phrase of the week. Tsunku only knows.

  6. Before her, there was another member who left rite? I was looking in some of their past PV’s like Massara Blue Jeans and saw this 1 girl who’s not in recent c-ute.

    Do you guys know about that girl?

  7. I don’t really know much about Megumi. Wasn’t there supposed to be stalker pictures of her or something? I don’t know much about C-ute or Berryz pre the last year or so. I know they both had 8 members at one point. I suppose given the age of the members and the amount of work they do having them reduced to 7 and 6 after all this time isn’t actually that bad. It’s a pity Maiha Ishimura left Berryz though as she was really cute to watch in their pv’s. It’s only Momoko that grabs my attention in that group. At least in C-ute I still have Maimi and Nakki.

  8. i thought Megumi left because of wanting to continue with her school work…….. she WAS only like….. 12 or something when she left. i find the boyfriend scandal to be a bit unlikely.
    Maiha was so cute! But she had loads of trouble learning the dances and stuff which probably contributed to her leaving. she was always the last one to get it. poor maiha….. but she really was cute.
    the way that Mai and Chisa and Nakki and Chinami are turning out i’d like to see what she looks like now…. (simply because they were all so cute and now they’re all drop dead gorgeous.)

  9. Megu was 14 аt the time of scandal. Her school deals was just an official excuse. There where a lot of very clear stalker photos, so she suddenly “decided to concentrate on her education”… Kanna’s feet – is the same thing, imo.

  10. Nakki really is cute now. I’m not so sure about Mai, Chisa and Chinami though. I guess I’ve never really noticed them.

    I did hear of the stalker pics but I’ve never seen any.

    I guess it’s a lot to deal with at such a young age. You can’t really blame the girls if things don’t turn out as expected.

  11. I tot Megu was too pretty for her own good. I mean those pretty eyes are stalker-magnet if you asked me.

    I personally think c-ute dance better than Momusu but maybe they lack personality.

  12. I think traditionally Morning Musume have had more of a chance to establish their personalities. Also the wider age range has helped make them more interesting to me.

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  14. Megu too pretty?… well beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I have my own opinions…

    Momosu has had many years to build up characterisation, and they had “graduations” and “inductions” and many wacky charas come in and out…
    C-ute has personality, it just doesn’t show much in their songs… ( stupid arranger)
    If you want to see personality played out well, BerryzKobou has good examples of it… mebbe if you like them, you can see it?
    I for one cannot bring myself to like Mitsui Aika… it feels….. wrong?

  15. The only personality I can see in Beryz is Momo. But then I don’t really like them that much anyway. Watching their Alo-Hello dvd would have been boring if the crew hadn’t arranged for all kinds of tricks.

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