Ain’t no party like a Morningtime party

Because a Morningtime party don’t start. Ummhuh?


Price: 1 Aya


Claims attention seeker

evil koha

Meanwhile in other news Morningtime threw a party last night for the great and the good and the Aya of H!P. Special guests were welcomed to the church of Charmy for the Morningtime summer party extravaganza. Morning Musume had arrived off the Airiplane…sorry…airplane earlier that day to crowds of screaming and crying fans. The plane had eventually come to a standstill at terminal 3. Luckily no members were hurt but the terminal will not be fully rebuilt for 18 months.

Then the H!P glitterati started arriving at the event itself. Charmy was there to welcome them…


What better way to start the day than exploring Charmy’s garden? And if that sounds even in the least bit smutty then good.

Maimi and Nakajima arrived looking damn pretty…


I’m sure Morningtime would be happy to have love and fun with them any time.

Her Royal Ainess turned up looking lovely…


Frankly everyone should bow down to Her Royal Thighness as she’s also known.

Reina arrived looking ready to rock…

Rockin Reina

She’s a yankii but she’s kawaii. She’s a kawaiyan.

Koharu arrived wearing Morningtime’s favourite dress…

Koha cha cha chance

Rumours that Morningtime later tried to take his cha cha chance with her have been denied by both sides.

Mini Moni Mari turned up too…

Mini Mari

There’s still no sign of the whereabouts of the full-sized Mari though. Rumour has it she’s still plotting Japanese tv domination through hosting or guesting on roughly 1000 shows per week.

At most parties someone always turns up with a guitar. H!P parties are somewhat different. Here is Mano already well prepared for the summer party (even though she hadn’t been expecting it until 29th July)…

Mano party

She really does have a lucky aura. Also a cute face.

Then Nacchi turned up with her boyfriend to deny rumours that her graduation from H!P had caused her to have “the stress”…

nacchi strain

Actually was that Nacchi? It looks more like Helena Bonham-Carter turning up with Tim Curry.

Live music was performed by, amongst others, tribute act the Berrytles…

Yurina LennonPaul McMomoNatsuyageorgeSaki Starr

Their debut single Help…I Need Somebody To Get That Guy Away from Our Van is released next week.

Also providing music were Morning Musume who had seemingly dressed for a totally different night of fun…

Good nightieMorningtime seemed particularly pleased with this act. Yes it was a good nightie from them and a good nighty for him.

There was also the world premiere of Morning Musume’s tribute to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody video…I mean pv…


Entertainment was also provided by Junjun with her new puppet act Spat the dog…

Spit the dog

Reviews for this act were a bit mixed. One reviewer said the dog was just too weird looking.

Further entertainment was provided with a special edition of Celebrity Masterchef. Morningtime had ensured impartiality in the judging by having a non-H!P idol judge. Tang Guo was therefore on hand to taste test the H!P-hot heats. First up was Linlin, Sayumi and Reina’s half-hearted salad dish. The dishes main focal point being the exceptional cuteness of the three girls serving it…

feed me

Then Reina went solo with a frankly bizarre bit-of-tomato-and-some-chocolates mix…

weird combo

Despite the mixed reactions on the night, several top chefs are now rushing to include this dish in their menus. Mockney irritant Jamie Oliver predictably said “it’s pukka” while Gordon Ramsey also used a word that sounds a bit like pukka but he said it quite violently while shouting it at a chef in his kitchen. Even so he’s now preparing to serve Reina’s imaginatively titled Wota Dish at the not at all unreasonable price of £29 per serving. Top food poisoner Heston Bloominill turned down the dish from his restaurants as it was too normal. He’s now devising his own version using chocolate made with the milk of a lactating Eskimo woman and cocoa beans that have been hand picked by a 15 year old one legged mute Brazilian virgin peasant girl and then rolled in elk vomit. The tomato topping will be covered in caviar that’s been soaked in Siamese cat spit for two weeks then grilled with a marmite glaze.

Next up Kusumi, Niigaki, Eri, Reina and Junjun attempted a…dish of some sorts…


Nobody is sure what it was supposed to be but Heston Bloominill wants the recipe.

Not to be outdone Tsuji Nozomi’s entry also unveiled her new venture McNozomi’s. Her speciality dish is the Big Nozomiac burger but if you order the Happy Nozomiac instead you get the burger with a drink and a child’s toy…


The toy isn’t really that big of course. It’s just that Tsuji’s quite small.

Anyway the winner of Celebrity Masterchef was Kusumi Koharu with her Kusumi Custard. Here we have Tang Guo tasting the winning entry…

Tang GuoTang Guo 1Tang Guo 2

That’s clearly a cute dish. The food wasn’t bad either.

In amongst the official entertainment on show some accidental humour was provided by Risako as it turned out she’d been tricked into believing it was a fancy dress party…


Her reaction was priceless…


Her little Bo Peep costume did cause some security problems however after several middle-aged men tried to gatecrash the party dressed as Shaun the Sheep.

A great time seemed to be had by all. Eri was bouncing around all night…


While guests were waited on hand and foot. In fact the maid service was excellent…

Maid service

No even better than that…


During the evening there was a surprise early birthday greeting to two of Morning Musume’s cutest members, much to their obvious surprise…

img20081020153248787All the audience joined in the happy birthday chorus. Michishige will be 20 on 13th July and Koharu 17 on the 15th July. Happy birthday to both of them. They are still so young but have already provided so much entertainment. Especially if you ignore their ‘pink’ moments.

The event wasn’t just a simple party though. There were also the Inaugural Morningtime Awards. Here are the winners…

Best Legs

Best legs

BesterrummBest flirt

Yui yummy

Maddest cute girl

Maddest cute girl

Cutest Mad Girl

Cutest Mad Girl

Loveliest Lovely Of Them All


Most Promising Newcomer

Most promising

Most Missed (suddenly made a joint award at the last minute)…


Best Soloist

Mano pretty

Cutest Hungry Horace (or should that be cutest carnivorous Konno?)…


Miniest Moni Ever

Award Yaguchi

Best Aya Ever

Aya best

Award For Best Matching Hat And Dog


Colgate Award for Brightest Smile


Best Entering People’s Dreams While They Sleep

Award LinlinMost Idolistic

IdolMost Beautiful But Spacey

Award eyesAnd finally Outstanding Contribution To Fashion

Best dressedThe party went on until the early hours of the morning and only ended when Tsunku and Makoto arrived in a van and Makoto started chasing the idols with a big net. Once safely rounded up the idols were taken back to H!P headquarters to be stored away until their next public appearances.


53 responses to “Ain’t no party like a Morningtime party

  1. dude… some awesome awards party… I wish I was there…
    and all of your ‘ward winners are spot on!
    I’d fly to your event on a lime green Kappa-iri plane, being served Summer fries by a bear-ish stewardess

  2. To be honest I have no idea who she is really. It seems to be a Taiwanese tv show and I’ve also seen her called Candy and Emily. She is super cute though and about 16 or 17 already.

  3. I’m taking some h’or deaurves (?!) for thoe road. you can have sayu back tommorrow. kthnk. XD speaking of your fave kussun dress. mine is almost finiiiiiished!!!!!

  4. Well I expect Sayu back in the same condition she was borrowed in. Well okay maybe looking tired but happy and in need of some energy.

    I hope you post pics when it’s done. Of the dress obviously. Not of Sayu and you…err…well actually pics of either would be okay. *evil grin*

    Oh and give Sayu a happy birthday kiss from me. With tongues. What? Well you would wouldn’t you? If given the opportunity.

  5. hell yeah i would.

    photos are being taken as we speak. kind off. i need to get it completely done by the end of this week for this Uni thing i’m going to so…… i’m about 85% finished so far. i’ve gotta get a move on……

    i have to pleat a ribbon, glue a bazillion sequins onto a bow and the hat when i make it, gotta cut out, hem and sew on all the layers of the skirt and then attatch it onto the underskirt and then attatch the bow around the waist….. plus study for my driving theory test on wednesday…… wow. i’m gonna be up late alot this week. good job i only work three days a week huh? XD

  6. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished result. Koha cosplay should be taught in schools.

    I hear you on the busy front. I hear you loud and clear. I understand women so well. So other than the sequins and the ribbon and the need for a hat and the sewing of the layers on the skirt and the bow on the waist and the theory test you’re pretty much at a loose end?

  7. uh….. yes?
    i think though, if i didn’t have so freaking much to think about i’d be bored. so there’s a silver lining to every cat basket.

    I’m really looking forward to putting this on for the first time when it’s finished and transforming it. it’ll be the most satisfying costume i’ve ever made.

  8. i know. it seemed simple. but putting it together was actually really hard. or was it the other way around? i dunno….. i’m spamming up your comments section. :S

  9. Heh I don’t mind spam if it’s H!P related.

    I’m sure the dress wasn’t simple to make. I just meant it was a simple concept to have a dress that becomes another dress. If you get my drift.

  10. yeah…… good idea. but i feel sorry for the person who had to make it with no points of reference. XD
    i just watched the chance dance shot PV (because the live shows go dark when she transforms) about a cm away from the screen a thousand times. heh.

  11. Some would say having to watch Koha that much is a bad thing. I say my Twitter feed (new to this blog tonight) says otherwise. I know she’s not your favourite but even though I find Sayumi very sexy and adorable I kind of wish Koha was getting the birthday pb instead. Mainly because I like her last one and there haven’t been enough of them where she’s legal aged and pervable. *Whistles innocently*

  12. haha. Koha has grown on me recently. i think that was paul’s influence.
    i’d probably get her PBs if anywhere had any. omg can’t wait till i get sayu’s PB. i practically had a nose bleed over her other one. i don’t see why they couldn’t release one for every MM girl’s birthday this year to be honest. i mean every fan is hankering after a JunLin PB, i know i’d pay a hundred time over what i paid for Sayu’s for a Mittsi one. (ok maybe not THAT much. $40 is a little excessive for a picture book i guees. no matter how awesome. back on topic. i think that even though what i’ve seen of Koha’s PB’s were awesome. i think the “lesser” (*coughgreatercough*) members need them. and i mean sayu toodid that make any sense what-so-ever? i think i’m still a little drunk…..

  13. I think the gist is that everyone needs one. I’d love to see Junjun, Mitsui, Linlin and away from MM Nakki, Kanna (not ever going to happen now) and Yurina get one. Maasa’s surprise one gives me hope that there’ll be some further surprises this year but we’ll see. I’m going to miss the likes of Rika and Nacchi getting one (presuming they have stopped now) but on the other hand shouldn’t that free up spaces?

    Oh and yes you are drunk. Shocking behaviour. 😉

    God I hate these retarded new smilies.

  14. but but but……. charmy PBs were amazing.
    not bothered about Nacchi. ^^”
    yeah, JunJun, LinLin, Mittsi, Nakki, Chinami, CaptainSaki, Yurina…. they all need PBs… Chisato too. and Erika. i think she’d do a great PB. one like Ai’s in that purple skirt. seems she’d suit that 50s Rockabilly look….
    why is it only the popular members get PBs, the less popular ones have fans too, i guess cause the other members a guaranteed sales…… lame. we’re being deprived!

  15. How. Very. Dare. You. Not bothered about Nacchi indeed. Tsk. Well fair enough. You won’t miss Nacchi like I won’t miss Aya.

    The thing is if they just concentrate on the same few people all the time what will happen when they graduate? Who is going to replace them? Will the fanbase of other members have been nurtured? More likely it will have been starved.

  16. hmm…… i just think that if they concentrate so much on certain members they could actually end up losing out in the long run. why concentrate on giving the top 5 or 6 members so much merch., solos etc when you can get more money on all 25 (or whatever) cause really that’s all it ultimately comes down to.

    pleating ribbon is so boring….
    bah, there is NOTHING good on TV. they should so make a JPOP music channel…..

  17. I guess the top 5 or 6 gets them lots of publicity. But it’s a short-term strategy. They should be thinking long-term.

    They did make a JPOP channel. It was in Japan though. Personally I’d say grab a H!P dvd and put that on. You know it makes sense.

  18. yeah but you can only watch my collection so many times in 24 hours without wanting something different. got kerrang on now. totally forgotten how epic dragonforce are!

  19. I wonder if we’ll ever get a British version of that French thing. What was it called? The H!P programme they had?

    I remember Kerrang when it was just a magazine. Bloody kids these days…

  20. yeah. as far as music channels go. it’s reeeeeeeeally lame. but it’s something mindless to have in the background. now i’m playing guitar hero. i love staying up late for no reason. XD

  21. I’ve always been a night time person. I can never sleep at night but once morning comes I can sleep the whole day through. Which makes working a pain. Monday off though means not having to care for a weekend.

    Guitar Hero? I remember when Pacman was all the rage. Bloody kids, etc.

  22. haha.
    i love it when youlooka way after getting sucked in and everything goes all warped from staring that the moving fretboard. XD
    man, Through the fire and the Flames is a long song. 95% though….. hmm.

    i much prefer the night time. which is ironic because i’m scared of the dark….. :S but i like to preoccupy my time with manga, anime and sayu’s photobooks.

  23. oh yeah. totally. but sayu in person. not the PB. otherwise it’d just be creepy. at least with the real thing its’ a good excuse.
    while you’re at it, i’ll take yossie into THIS room over here.
    i think yossie is one person i WOULD like to meet in a dark alley…..

  24. Well yeah I meant the person. I mean I wouldn’t have sex with a pb. The pages would get all messy.

    Yossie doesn’t really do that much for me. But Rika does so all is well. It’s funny though because Yossie was one of the first ones I got into. I even have a few pics of hers.

  25. ^ mt… could it be because Rika was in V-u-den and thus being a bunny and stuff would influence your subconscious… because i found her extremely…. for want of a better word, “yummy”
    and with the pb.. .that is just wrong and won’t be the least bit surprised if some wotas do it…

  26. Yeah the pb thing is wrong. Unless you wear a condom. Then again even then the pages could get scuffed.

    Rika just Charmed me over time. I think Hello!Morning played a big part.

  27. H!M … ah… that too!! She is one of those girls secure with her “shortcomings” (if it can be called that) who really made me warm up to her… also her appearance as Angry has helped a lot..

  28. i miss the real H!M.

    Yeah, i’m just a creepy fangirl and love IshiYoshi. i think that’s what made me love Charmy.

    thing with PBs is you’d have to be careful not to get a paper cut. lol!!! why do i find that so funny???

  29. Why do I find that so painful sounding?

    *Crosses legs*

    With Rika I’m a big fan of Biyuden so that played a huge part too. I love her self-deprecation on H!M. It’s that kind of humour that first woke me up to her.

  30. lol! it’s like with Sayu always saying “i’m the cutest” but it was funny cause Rika always got ribbed for it.
    with sayu now, there’s no TV show that people tease her on so her reactions aren’t as funny.
    lol, on H!M episode 164 (i think, the Aru Aru Special) sayu got ignored for trying to emulate rika. lol!

  31. Yeah the tv show just gave Morning Musume a whole different level to work on. It gave them their personalities in a sense as it gave them each a public persona. Also it was fun to watch so often.

  32. the “… cafe/restaurant” episodes were my favourite. all that food looked so good. made me laugh that food was such a great motivator. haha.
    the sweet cafe and the science cafes were best. oh and magic!
    i loved how Rika won almost everyweek

    and Pucchi Games part was great too.

    *floats off in a world of nostalgia*

  33. Wow, I’m ready to party morningtime, and btw, the girl is tang guo and she is super cute.

    but if the party is over, can they still come?

  34. Yes. Sorry.

    I’ve just gotten too much sun outside the jpop fandom world.

    and yes, go get some holy lovely water.

  35. Yeah, It’s better than regular holy water I heard and it smells like roses and vanilla.

  36. actuslly that sounds like itd smell great.
    always wandered what the girls in H!P smell like.
    (I’m not weird. i’m just more attracted to a person who smells nice. and there are different kinds of nice….. shut up Hexi)

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