Nacchi Scans

Time for another picture post. This time it’s dedicated to Nacchi. I recently got her second album sealed but cheap from ebay. It was the Limited Edition version too. Damn good it is. I’m really impressed with the quality of the songs (except Koi no telephone GOAL obviously). I’ve also fallen in love with the inlay booklet and cards…

Nacchi 2Nacchi 2 scans_0001Nacchi 2 scans_0002Nacchi 2 scans_0003Nacchi 2 scans_0004Nacchi 2 scans_0005Nacchi 2 scans_0006Nacchi 2 scans_0007Nacchi 2 scans_0008Nacchi 2 scans_0009Nacchi 2 scans_0010Nacchi 2 scans_0011

There are some gorgeous pics in there. Check out her eyes in those last pics. The LE edition also had three double-sided cards…

Nacchi 2 CardsNacchi 2 Cards _0001Nacchi 2 Cards _0002Nacchi 2 Cards _0003Nacchi 2 Cards _0004Nacchi 2 Cards _0005

Stunning. Simply stunning. Nacchi is special. I hope she gets some more releases soon.


One response to “Nacchi Scans

  1. Nacchi-nee certainly has grown more sweet and beautiful over time… I hope she gets a lot more releases too. I for one would like to see her in a turtleneck pullover again… she looks absolutely ravishing in it…nyaaa…

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