Michishige Sayumi at 20

Recently for the first time in ages I ordered some pics off Helloproland. I hadn’t bought any in ages as the prices are going rediculous. Mind you when you have a seller trying to sell the overseas dvd of Buono’s Hybrid Punch for over £30 (when it’s about £17 on YesAsia) what do you expect. Anyway I bought some half price pics of Sayu and Koha (which are still dearer than full price pics were a year ago) and I was going to scan them and do a joint birthday post. Unfortunately they haven’t come yet. Then again I suppose if it takes the seller a week to actually get around to posting them then they will take quite some time to arrive. So what to do instead? Well where Sayumi is concerned there’s always her new pb. But since I don’t have it I’ll have to make do with the pb making of thanks to the H!O tracker. So what’s it like?


Okay I presume that’s on the way to the photoshoot so we can forgive the odd clothes.


That’s one hitchhiker I would stop for. Well it certainly beats picking up Rutger Hauer (whatever happened to him? Probably off his mind on Guinness somewhere). Also there’s a nice close up on the eyes there. If there’s one thing I love it’s brown eyes.


Okay so this is the pb where Sayumi strokes her pussy and gets her breast felt. Who’d have thought she’d do a pb like that before Kago Ai? Anyway strangely the cat didn’t seem to like it. On a completely separate note does anyone know where I can get a cat costume from? What? It’s a completely reasonable request. Seriously though every pb making of seems to feature cats. Didn’t Sayu’s last one have a cat sitting on a roof while she was eating lunch? I just love Sayu’s cute little moments like in the last pic. So adorably cute and funny. Nobody else quite has that kind of personality in Morning Musume.


If there’s one thing guaranteed about Sayu it’s that she’ll look good in a bikini. This is no exception. Very pretty. Very watchable.


That dressing gown doesn’t look that good but if she was wearing it in my bedroom my opinion would change. It’s all about the setting.


Another lovely bikini there and the back view is approaching Ai-chan standards. Damn. Sayumi can still hit me right there.


Sayumi even manages to look good in a dayglo pink bikini. What a girl. Talking of wota girls I wonder what Hexi will make of this? Well either way I love seeing Sayumi laughing. If she’s laughing while wearing a bikini then so much the better. 😉


Ah the traditional look. Or the bit people will skip to get to the next sexy clothes section as it’s otherwise known. Even so when you look like Sayu its a look you can pull off. There’s a punchline there somewhere but I’ve already done at least one obvious joke in this post so I’ll leave that one be.


Hand! Kanna Sayumi HAND!


In love now. Actually despite her undeniable cuteness I can’t help feeling she’s looking a bit tired during this pb. She looks like she could do with the lie down. Even so…in love now. Hi honey I’m home. Oh don’t get up I’m feeling kind of tired myself. I think I’ll join you.


Hmm…maybe she’s not tired, just cold. If you are going to get photobooks around your birthday each year it probably helps to be born a few months after the warmest time of the year. Anyway that’s the pb making of looked at. My impression is that Sayumi still looks amazing in bikinis. Also if you take her into the bedroom it’s just the cutest thing ever. I don’t think she quite looked at the top of her game physically though. She does look a bit less enthused than has been the case in the past. She just looks like she needs a bit of a rest. Maybe I’m being too critical though. Either way there are some beautiful images here of a very beautiful young lady. Happy 20th birthday to MM’s cutest member. She might not be the best singer but she sure has that special idol something. She’s 20 and still adorable. I think she’ll be 40 and adorable though. How could that face ever not be adorable? As long as she keeps her happy and funny personality I’m sure she’ll always do well and will always have fans. Yeah here’s to the next 20 years and more.

Oh and here’s two cute new pics of her to help celebrate her birthday with…

Michi 20Michi 20 yay



35 responses to “Michishige Sayumi at 20

  1. To me, Sayu is the most naturally beautiful member in Momusu. Make-up actually spoils her beauty. I remembered watching one of the vids on Youtube where she was waking up and she looks gorgeous even when waking up. What more can you say if a girl can look stunning even when waking up.

  2. There’s a vid of her waking up? Was this one of those surprise wake up things? They used to be either pretty funny or rather disturbing. I could never decide which.

  3. How did you KNOW? Pink on sayu? so unexpected (not) but so worthwhile and perfect.
    i can NOT wait for this to be delivered.
    it’s gonna be epic. after seeing the picspam i’m looknig forward to it even more!
    sayu nose bleed here i come! ^^

  4. Yup. The suprise wake up thing. Well, it would be disturbing if it was done without the camera. Imagine how disturbing that would be. And Gaki-san was there to participate with the suprise wake-up thing too.

  5. ah otanjoubi omodeto Usa-chan!! haha
    I am awaiting my very first PB..!!! and what better way to start of the collection than getting Sayumi’s? ( i am asking a friend in japan to buy it :P… he had better get the right PB)

  6. Hexi – I’m sure the pb will be great. Sayumi is the reason the word photogenic was invented.

    Miraclechild – I don’t think I’ve seen the surprise wake up thing with Niigaki. I’ve seen a fair few others mind. I remember one with Eri best of all. She was awake and still didn’t notice people coming into the room. She wears glasses too. Kind of cute.

    Thejuggernaut – well as long as it’s a Sayumi one it’ll be great. Even if it was the wrong one trust me it’d still be great.

  7. Ah, helloproland i have to bug him some more, he hasnt sent the photos i order months ago, wtf?! ah well

    I need to get around to ordering this at some point (when I get paid next week no doubt) hope there’s a ton of photos in it of her on that bed in those yellow shorts and top! I’m enjoy those more than the bikini shots!

  8. gah.
    HMV japan have failed me!
    i got a “delay in shipment” email today. how annoying. i bet it’ll turn up next week when i’m at uni (ie: not here to hide in my room to look at it) ngh.
    how irritating

  9. guess it isn’t in the amking of….. in the preview clip she keeps looking at a stop clock and shrieking about someone on there. *shrug*

    she really is drop dead….. *drools*

  10. It sounds like an episode of Sapphire and Steel!

    Well I’ve just watched the 20’s Time preview on Dohhh Up. It looks like it’s going to be a challenge thing. Like with Reina when she had to memorise…whatever that was now. It looks like Sayu will have a challenge of some sort.

  11. I watched those physical vid that Sayu did and she is like the weakest girl ever but we dont expect them to be strong, do we?

    P.S. Hexi and Morningtime, I followed your Twitters. My ID is QueMcDValueMeal… Follow me too please.. 😀

  12. ah THAT’S who you are! XD
    i’ve had tonnes of (apprently) random people follow me all of a sudden. ^^ ok will do!

  13. Hexi – I’ve only seen the one physical test episode. It’s the one where that volleyball player (the one who captained the Haromoni volleyball team consisting of Kaori, Miki, Yossie, Tsuji and Koharu) takes all of MM through their paces. Actually on a side note did anyone see the episode where the volleyball player did the children’s nursey games thing? She went to walk in and the door only came up to her face. She looked huge. The episode was subbed though and the screen caption said she was 5 foot 10! Just shows how petite the others are. Anyway it’s a great H!M episode. Sayumi is like Bambi. She’s bloody cute but she can hardly walk. 😀

    Miraclechild – I’d expect them to be quite fit actually. All that singing and dancing must be really physically demanding.

    Oh so you are the value meal. I was wondering.

  14. ah yossie *fangirls*

    there was no real meaning to that comment……
    was listening to Sexy 8 Beat and that was my “seriously pervy fangirl” time with yossie, i was properly obsessed with her and it just brings back so many memories.
    Egao YES NUDE is actually a piece of genius. *nod*

  15. well……

    not as hugely obsessively. it was pretty bad, even i admit it was.
    i now have sayu and mittsi to dilute the obsessive behaviour. lol!!

  16. I diverted to Gaki-san and Eri-chan for a brief period but constantly addicted to Koha.

    But all of Momusu is beautiful… It’s hard to really pick.

  17. The LIST. It is too long. i feel guilty for even liking one girl a little more then the other. I cannot choose, as the list become longer the better i know the girls… I will have to make up my mind soon eh?

  18. i’m a bit of an odd one when it comes to favourites.
    there’s my favourites who i’ll make sure to buy the merch and photos of (Yossie, Sayu, Mittsi, Chinami and Airi) and then there’s my other faves i can’t really find any justification in buying stuff for……. which even i find strange.
    mainly i feel bag buying photos and stuff of like 15 year old girls…… it just feels wrong.
    buying PBs used to feel wrong too….. it’s like “what does my boyfriend think of me having pictures of girls and books of pictures of girls all around my room” needless to say it’s ALL coming with me to uni. don’t want my mum to be hunting for paper or something in my room and finding a sayu PB instead. XD

    woah. novel comment….

  19. Well Hexi some boyfriends wouldn’t mind. :p But I know what you mean. For me though the ages of my favourites are almost irrelevant. Then again other than Nakki and Kanna (whose age sadly is no longer an issue) most of the ones I like are over the legal age for playing hide the sausage with anyway. Not that I necessarily want to play hide the sausage with them. I think I’ve posted on Paul’s blog about my attitude to pb’s. As much as I find them sometimes really hot I don’t see them as sexual items. I mean I pre-ordered Takahashi’s last one without seeing a single pic from it. Why? Because she is Lovely…sorry…lovely. I will support her by buying her stuff whenever I can. Whether that be t-shirts, dvd’s, pics, pb’s or (hopefully one day) solo singles and albums. Because it gives me pleasure to do that. The pb’s are good to flick through sometimes just like the dvd’s are good to watch. Getting an Ai-chan fix, any kind, is always a feel good moment in an otherwise dull day that’s been spent typing stuff into work computers while people all around you fall down with swine flu and your management tells you it’s not that bad really (grr. I mean my parents are elderly. if I catch swine flu I’m locking my front door and letting nobody in. There are people at work with young babies or with health problems and I’m digressing aren’t I? Just like in Torchwood though we are expendable). Anyway I think westerners should also keep in mind that the pb’s are a damn sight better than buying Madonna’s Sex book (remember that? Urrgh).

    For me I mainly stick to buying merchandise from a few members but that’s a lot to do with cash flow. I simply couldn’t buy lots of stuff from all the members I like. When I find an opportunity to get something cheap I’ll often take it though. Especially with pb’s or dvd’s. Also of course the decision on whose merchandise to buy is guided slightly by H!P focusing on some members more than others. I’d love a load of Kaori or Yui merchandise (or even Konno) but I couldn’t see there being great opportunities to buy stuff about them upcoming even if they were still in H!P.

    I think my H!P top ten when Paul did his poll showed Lovely, Konno, Yaguchi, Kaori, Rika, Kusumi, Reina, Nacchi, Yui and Kanna in the list. Of them I have a few pb’s from Lovely, Reina, Rika, Konno, Kusumi and Nacchi. Chances to buy such things for the others are pretty scarce. I have a fair few pics of Lovely, Reina and Kusumi too. They are the current golden MM girls though so chances are easier to come by. Their ages are irrelevant. I mean Kusumi is only just 17. She’s half my age. But that doesn’t stop me thinking she’s really entertaining and adorable. It doesn’t stop me thinking she’s growing up to be beautiful (in a somewhat crazy and crack-headed kind of way). I guess that’s because watching her on tv shows or performing live I find myself drawn to her like I’m drawn to Ai-chan. It’s not an overtly sexual thing. It’s more about getting a happy vibe from her Bambi-like inability to walk properly and from her (exceptionally lacking in self-awareness) genki spirit. Age doesn’t matter. When I see old shows where Ai-chan was only 15 or 16 I find her really cute. Now she’s really beautiful and she’s grown so much to me (albeit not height-wise). I’m very unlikely to perv over the 15 year old Ai, because there’s nothing sexual about the 15 year old Ai. The 22 year old Ai, while still being as sweet as ever, is now a grown midget…I mean woman and so because she’s now at a more adult stage of life I can appreciate her beauty on a whole extra level. Which isn’t to say I sit there lusting. It’s more that I sit there thinking Perfect Girlfriend!

    Damn I’m rambling. I think the youngest pb I have is Kusumi’s last one which came out just after her 16th birthday. So she was probably only 15 when the pics were taken. That doesn’t bother me because I don’t look at her and think “there’s an under-aged girl”. I look at her and think “there’s Koharu”. She’s not an age. She’s a personality. A wonderfully spazzy and energetic one. However the whole subject of pb’s for younger members is a very complex one. I’m not stupid enough to think that nobody out there looks at such things and pervs in an unwholesome way.

    I guess where you have issues of being a female I have issues of being way older. But to me their ages aren’t the issue. It’s the personalities that attract me. I like H!P for it’s music and (sadly also no longer an issue) it’s tv shows. My favourites have always been members whose personalities attract me in some way. Age just doesn’t matter that much. Hence I still fancy Nacchi and on certain days (when her make up artist hasn’t been really badly pissed off by her) even Yuko. At the other end of the spectrum we both know full well Nakki is growing up to be a damn pretty girl. If she had a pb out I’d want it. Not to get horny to but just to admire her cuteness. It’s non-sexual really.

    Yep I’m rambling. Strangely just last night I replied to this post at the Yonasu blog…
    I’m always late to the party. Anyway that sums up my thoughts on young idols. It sums it up far better than this rambling comment does anyway. Ultimately sometimes I like to buy pics or pb’s just because they are nice to have. It feels like you are connecting to your favourites in some way by showing support. At the same time if people I work with found such things they would I’m sure automatically jump to the obvious and incorrect conclusion that goes something along the lines of “dirty pervert”. Mind you they all like watching young men run around in shorts playing football and that’s considered normal. I think we all create our own reality of what’s normal and what’s not. Everyone has their foibles. The vast majority of H!P fans who I’ve come across on the net have seemed to genuinely like the idols for the music, the entertainment and the personalities. It’s a quite innocent and very life-affirming thing really. But outsiders would think otherwise and the younger pb’s would probably only reinforce their opinions. But what goes on in someone’s head and heart is not so simple. Life isn’t “that’s bad” and “that’s acceptable”. Life is shades of varying colours.

    Anyway I’d say stick to on or two members otherwise you’ll end up with no money at all. Oh and always hide your stuff or your mum will think you’re a pedo lesbian Japanophile cosplayer who probably dresses up as the characters for your boyfriends entertainment. Because that would be the obvious conclusion to jump to (in a society that is far too unhealthily obsessed with sex). In a happy well-adjusted society the obvious conclusion would be that you get enjoyment from the personalities of these entertaining performers and isn’t that nice because it’s good to have a hobby. We don’t live in that society though. We live in a country that’s like one big mental ward and therefore we are all judged as being as bad as those people you read about in newspapers and we are all found guilty without trial.

    Personally I know I don’t look at any members in a bad way so I don’t really care what others think. However for a quiet life I mainly hide my interests, save for a few cd’s scattered around the living room. I know enough about life to know what horrible little sods other people can be. That just makes me even more certain that there’s nothing wrong with me liking these H!P members. It’s a happy vibe that many little sods would benefit from getting themselves.

    Okay was that a random and rambling comment or what?

  20. Jebus……..

    i think i read half of that before my eyes gave out abd i had to find my glasses. lol!
    puts my novel comments to shame.

    i thin i’m a bit of a hypocrit though cause i have nono and aibon’s first PB and i think they were like 14 so i just contradicted myself.

    i have no friends so my collection is safe from accusing eyes. lol!
    but i just say i’m into japanese music and leave it at that. i don’t think “normal” people (and by that i mean chavs and other narrow minded people) have the brain capacity to cope with the type of merchandise or the massive array of members. that was harsh but true.
    but really…. we shouldn’t have to explain it to make people understand i think. the people who matter should just accept who we are, what we like and that we come with all that and if they don’t like it, to be honest they can f*ck right off.


  21. Ot: some dude on H!B has posted about Usa-chan’s bad skin….. no surprises there though…
    your exposition is valid and extremely thought provoking… society is society… what is acceptable is wrong and what is wrong becomes insituted as law … but i digress…
    who is normal anyway? XP we all have our screwy emotions to deal with… bugger off to those who want to dictate other peoples’ lives…
    MJ’s “man in the mirror” comes to mind…
    oh and hexi… the intertubes are your friend…. XD

  22. I saw Paul’s post. It’s hard to tell in pics just what the skin is like. Some of us haven’t had the privilege of seeing them in person.


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