A Few Kusumi & Sayumi Scans and Happy Birthday Koha

Recently I ordered some pics off Helloproland for what seems like the first time in ages. I got two Koha pics and three Sayumi ones half price. I was going to do a joint happy birthday post and scan the pics for that but they didn’t turn up in time for Sayu. They have turned up today though so I thought I may as well scan them anyway. First up Koharu…

Koha Bikini OrangeKoha Chance Outfit

Koha in a bikini equals very pretty. I love her somewhat geeky (or should that be genki) smile and she does have a very nice figure too. Being tall by Japanese standards means I can’t help noticing how long and attractive her midriff is. Especially when she’s wearing a bikini. ♥♥♥♥♥ Meanwhile the Chance outfit is cute in a typical idol’s mad costume kind of way. Both great pics and both a bit bigger than the usual size.

As for Sayu…

Sayu punky cutieSayu Yes Nude

Ah punky Sayu. I love the whole punk look. All the girls looked great. I want more pics of those outfits and I want them now. Then there’s the nude Sayu costume (yeah I wish). I really like the colour and Sayu with her hair straight looks beautiful. Oh and before I forget…


In case you haven’t noticed I absolutely adore Ecomoni. Which, considering they only had one song, says a lot about the Rika and Sayumi partnership. The cutest and prettiest Morning Musume members put together are hard to ignore. Plus the song is great too.

Having not bought any pics in ages, holding these ones (delicately in my hands before placing them back in the plastic covering) has really made me want more. If only the prices weren’t so ridiculous. Then again you could say that about any H!P merchandise at the moment. At least the pound has been slightly healthier recently.

Anyway moving on and on 15th July Kusumi is 17. Happy birthday to her. I kind of wish she’d got a birthday pb instead of Sayumi. Not that I begrudge Sayu one but she’s had a lot already and Kusumi has only had three. Kusumi is really just starting to blossom into a beautiful young woman. Her last pb was good. Her next one would be killer. But since she hasn’t been given one here’s a selection of pics from the Pop pb. I would post some from her Diary pb but I’ve posted many before…


Actually looking through those pics again makes me realise how good a pb Pop was. I really need to track that down. It’d look good placed right next to Diary. Anyway happy birthday Kusumi. Still so young but always so entertaining.


22 responses to “A Few Kusumi & Sayumi Scans and Happy Birthday Koha

  1. I find it a lil bit hard viewing your websites in Public places as I do not have internet at home. I’m a lil bit scared that people at the back might think I’m perverted opening Japanese girls in bikini…

    Gotta get internet at home fast…=.=’


    And you know what day is tomorrow?

    KOOKYDAY A.K.A:My 14th birthday

  3. wow. 14 huh? >w<
    i remember my 14th birthday party. XD
    i had a bouncy castle in my garden. hahahahahaha.
    wow. has it really been 5 years???? X.x

  4. Ah Miraclechild personally I don’t see anything wrong with the pics. But I know where you’re coming from.

    Well tj when I was at uni that would have been seen as typical behaviour but then maybe we come from very different societies. :p

    Aww early happy birthday Kooky. Hope you’re doing something nice to celebrate the occasion.

    A bouncy Castle Hexi? How sweet. These days 14 year olds go out for an evening of trying to kill random strangers and scoring crack. Well they do in my head but I have a colleague who reads the Daily Mail every day so that might have something to do with it. Well that and until last year, spending four years living in an absolute *&^%hole.

  5. You’re right. Oh no it’s the Aibon scandal all over again. I suppose she could always say she’s going out training. Badoomtish.

    Oh that was a railly bad joke. I seem to have gone off-track humour wise.

  6. I’m going to get a momusu cake for my birthday and probably go out to the movies to see harry potter.

  7. Thomas looks like a pervert or doing something naughty in that main picture — big bright eyes, raise eyebrows, and that grin…

  8. Jinalbert… you are right… tommy the pommy engine is getting ready for some koha lovin… japan loves their british cartoons 😆

  9. OH! for my birthday last year i got a W cake! XD it was Nono and Aibon in their robokiss outfits. it was so cool. i felt bad eating Nono’s face. XD

  10. Kooky – A momusu cake? So you can get your hands on a little piece of Ai-chan?

    Jinalbert/TJ – Thomas is standing behind Koha. Koha is showing a lot of leg. That’s pretty much the facial reaction I’d have. Wrong I know, but true too.

    Hexi – Robokiss is a great song and pv. It was a good choice. Obviously not as good a choice as Sayu in her Robokiss live outfit. That white one with the red hearts. That would be a yummy cake.

  11. lol! it was cute. but sayu wasn’t my favourite back then. >< i just realised, this Chanpuru album is kind of like a shuffles units album huh? about time too. i loved the shuffle units!

  12. i hate wordpress. did it again. i said that i’ll be having her on my cake next year if i can afford it with uni and stuff. lol! but that i won’t be homeless becausde we found a house yesterday and put the deposit down. we picked the rooms out of a hat and i got the smallest one. Y_Y then i said that i was rambling about unrelated topics again.

  13. I guess this album is a shuffles album. Only they pointlessly used old names.

    I’d have Sayu in my cake. Yeah jumping out in a bunny outfit…I’m taking this off-topic.

    Glad you’ve found somewhere to live. Well having the smallest room might not be so bad. You might find out it’s the most peaceful part of the house or something.

  14. yeah it will be. it’s at the back and it’s not joined to any of the other rooms and it’ll be warmer in the winter too. and it’s not a tiny room. it’s a fair size it’s just less that half of what i’m used to. lol! my room now is pretty big. ^^

    i love bunny outfits.
    sayu would so suit one too….. *drool*

  15. The room sounds pretty good then if it’s at the back and out the way. I mean you can still spend most of your time in other peoples rooms anyway. It’s just that when you want to retreat to your own space you can.

  16. yup! it’ll be good., the landlords are thinking about letting me put siome shelves up too. it’ll be good. ^^

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