Okada Yui – Jcom 8 Live Tuesday 14th July 2009

It’s nice to know there’s life after H!P. Yes the gorgeous Okada Yui is still getting some kind of career in entertainment. She seems to be working as a roving reporter on some tv show (links at the bottom of the post). Let’s say hi…


So what’s she up to? Well first off she’s going to try some food. Well this is Japanese tv after all. Okay then get inside…

See Yui

As she goes inside she actually says “see Yui”. That totally qualifies as an English language joke. It does! *Nods*

I have no idea what it is she’s eating but she seems to be enjoying it and so I am too…


Next she goes walkabout and enters another restaurant. Well this is Japanese tv after all…


Boots! Legs! Shorts! Sex on a stick!

At the restaurant she has a beer and eats and stuff. Just like us mere mortals…


Mmmmm. I’m not being pervy (well I am but that’s immaterial) it’s the noise she made.

Anyway she continues to eat and drink and I continue to watch mesmerised by her charms (which, contrary to popular belief, aren’t entirely located in her chest area)…


There then follows one final piece to camera where she does the “see Yui” line again. I see Yui a lot. Mainly in my more interesting and stimulating dreams…


I demand more Yui on tv. She’s so cute, sexy and funny. I don’t care that this post will probably be read by virtually nobody. More Yui! More I say! Anyway you can get the episode from the tracker here. There’s also an appearance from 7th July here. I haven’t watched that one yet due to me only just noticing it. From the screencaps I’ve seen it involves more alcohol. What a girl!


8 responses to “Okada Yui – Jcom 8 Live Tuesday 14th July 2009

  1. i 2nd your sentiments.
    her scarf is hiding her most “obvious” assets… and funnily enough, it has worked to her advantage… What chest? … i see a sweet girl, who is drinking beer and eating food with those lovely and sharp pearly whites…
    and she can hold her alcohol… she must be majorly fun for karaoke nights…

  2. Yeah Yui has far more going on than just a decent sized pair of pillows (everyone needs a bosom for a pillow as Cornershop sang). She’s always been funny. She was about the only one who was entertaining in later Hello!Morning skits. Her good-natured flirty persona is also always fun. Plus she’s got a unique but attractive face. People are too quick too dismiss her as breasts girl. I’m not even into the big breasts look. I go for petite mainly.

  3. hmm….. i’m not sure about Yui… i mean, she’s cute but her smile is weird…. she has the same sense of humour as me which sometimes is a little strange and usually people don’t laugh at the joke but what a tit you make of yourself (pun intended).
    but there’s no denying she has a pair of legs.
    and she can sing pretty well to.
    but i dunno. i think if she had’t been so underused in H!P i’d like her better?? i dunno. both her and erika have weird smiles.

  4. Well whether a smile is weird or not is in the eye of the beholder. I think Yui’s mouth is a bit different but it’s part of her charm. As for Erika I think her mouth is actually just perfect. It’s a very…distinguished looking mouth. She looks kind of posh or something. Well I can’t describe it but I think it’s a beautiful look. I love her smile. It’s probably a bit like how Airi’s fans like her despite or because of her odd teeth. For me the mouths of Yui and Erika are attractive in their own ways. Yui is slightly geeky looking but very attractive. Her mouth helps give her some really cute expressions and also of course a very cute voice.

    Next week, eyes. What do they say about an idol? Lol.

  5. lol! Yossie’s eyes are mesmerising. XD

    nyah. i like airi’s yaeba. same for kamei. wonky teeth are cute (says she with yaeba herself)

    i dunno i think yui shows too much upper teeth when she smiles. like my manager does. lol!

    but other than that there’s not alot wrong with the girl. XD

  6. Well at least you know Yui doesn’t have gum disease. They’re good teeth. Nothing wrong with showing them off.

    Yui’s in my H!P top ten. Her imperfections are part of what make her perfect. For ‘proper’ perfection would actually be quite bland.

  7. hmm…. i guess so. was talking about this on helloblog. about how imprefections make people perfect etc. ><

  8. It’s the Japanese thing of having charm points. Like Reina says hers are her eyes, which let’s face it aren’t what people would normally call perfect. Yet with Reina they are cute (I don’t think I’ve ever seen wonky eyes look cute on anyone else. Marty Feldman she ain’t). Often the charm point is something that wouldn’t be considered perfect and often would be something a person would normally dislike about themselves. Hence Reina saying her eyes or Yaguchi saying her height or whatever. Imperfections are charm points. Such a simple fact and yet in a world so preoccupied with plastic surgery it’s also a fact that is being lost more and more. Mind you with young people constantly fake tanning and older people having face-lifts we’re living in a world where the kids are all orange and the grannies are all plastic. 😮 Hooray for idols. They show us the way.

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