Are You A Hello! Project Expert?

I noticed on Hexi’s site that Wotakunow had done a Facebook H!P quiz. What a great idea. Much as I hate  Facebook and every applications insistence that it has full access to your account, your friends accounts, your home, your place of work, your bank details and your soul I still found myself taking this quiz. There are only 15 questions but it was diverting enough for a minute or so. I’d like to see more of these quizzes on Facebook (or anywhere else). Maybe I should do one myself at some stage. Anyway my result was…

Tsunku mccartney

Master WOTA

Your knowledge of Hello! project is of academic level. You must spend most of your time glued to the internet under a pile of idol merchandise. Your mother would be proud.

Umm…well yeah that seems about right. 😀


4 responses to “Are You A Hello! Project Expert?

  1. I got that too… shirow must’ve been too drunk 😀
    I think I am unworthy of the title Master Wota… i should be a Wota-newblet… so many dvds to watch, somany piccies to fawn over… :sighs:

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