Kizuna Shokudou – Morning Musume SP 18 July 2009

Another interesting tv show here. Yuko, Nacchi, Kaori, Yaguchi, Yasuda and Tsuji on some tv show with Ai-chan and Niigaki. They sit around and eat (I’m saying nothing) and then there’s some interesting clips of the OG members looking at items they own relevant to their time in Morning Musume. This show is available from Musume-Central. There’s also a full version of the show at the tracker on Hello!Online. The version I’m reviewing is a 15 minute segment of the show (it turns out).

So this section of the show starts with the OG already seated and Ai-chan and Niigaki turning up…


Then there’s a quick then and now bit…


Other than the hair they haven’t changed too much in eight years have they? Takahashi especially. Niigaki filled her face out nicely though. Or should that be she filled out her little thin head? 😛

After that introduction there’s some sitting around and talking…


Kaori looks older but still very attractive. Tsuji looks really pretty. I just wish she’d lose that bow. Although I never really found her attractive in MM she has grown into herself really and looks better with a few years on her. She needs to lose the cutesie aspects though. Otherwise she’ll be a whatever happened to Baby Jane 70 year old one day. 😛

Anyway onto why we’re really here. This is a Japanese tv show right? Well the two hosts seem to be dressed as chefs, so food…


Niigaki jumps around in excitement at the food. Everyone reacts in joy and then they all sit down and start drinking alcohol. Except Niigaki and Ai who, although they are old enough to drink alcohol, presumably have an idol image to maintain and so they stick to juice. Go Kaori though. Guinness girl! I have one of those Guinness glasses. *Nods* That’s irrelevant but it amuses me to see her drinking the black stuff. I wonder how much lager Yaguchi needs to drink to get pissed? I mean she’s only small. Does it take less than with a bigger person? Personally I think it’d be great to see a tv show where we find out. Never mind food lets see the Musume OG get paralytic. Actually what we get instead here is a few clips of the members present graduating. So we get Yuko…


And Kei…


The ever youthful Nacchi…


Then the wants to stay forever youthful Tsuji…


Then of course there’s the ever feminine Kaori…


Then of course there’s the moment Yaguchi graduated during the Love Is Alive tour of 2002…


Huh? Well okay they put a caption up saying she graduated 14th April 2005 but why they used some teary clip from three years earlier I’m not sure. I guess they felt they had to show something.

Anyway now for what I think is the interesting bit. The OG members through some pre-filmed segments show off some items that relate to their MM days.

Kaori shows off some watch. I’m not sure of the significance though. She does mention Tsunku however so maybe it was a gift?…


The ever kawaii Yaguchi shows off…


Love Machine figures! Yaguchi you are a star! Those Love Machine figures look quite cool when put on that base.

Anyway onto Kei and she shows something that is surely as much a reminder of her Utaban appearances as anything else…


Then onto Nacchi who shows that she really needs a boyfriend…


Okay it’s a toy dog. Maybe these items aren’t necessarily about MM? Also Nacchi was very kawaii but that was still bizarre and somewhat strange. Funny though. 😀

So Tsuji. Her items are…


Scripts (including Help the musical) and a baby’s foot. I have no idea why she decided to film herself while covered in two…face cleansing pads?

I’m now really interested in where these clips were filmed. Some, like Tsuji’s are self-shot. If they were shot where the girls live than I like Yaguchi’s place. Little sexy beam has a big pad…


Anyway onto the final clip. Yuko’s…


Yuko’s a wota. 😮 She has a shelf full of stuff. I guess these were filmed at their homes then. I like the pic of Yuko kissing Yaguchi. 😀 Also she has the early singles boxset. I don’t even have that. Well not yet anyway. And how cool is the signed MM single as a birthday present? Plus check out all the other cd’s including the Ongaku Gatas album. I think it’s clear that Yuko’s time in MM and in H!P means a lot to her. Just another reason to like her.

After those clips Nacchi is crying. Fond memories I guess…


Then after some more chat there’s this longshot where you can see who drinks the quickest. I think it’s a tie between Yaguchi and Yuko. I’d give the result to Yaguchi due to her diminutive size though…


Then there’s more chat and if Nacchi is crying then there’s no way Lovely won’t rise to the occasion…


And then the show ends. Umm…I adore Cry-chan. She’s my favourite Musume past or present. But she is starting to worry me now with the amount of crying she does. Okay so her heart on sleeve nature is part of what I like about her. She seems to have this really sweet and friendly openness to her. But even so she seems to cry an awful lot. I hope it isn’t a sign of some unhappiness deep down.

Anyway that was interesting to watch. I’d love to see it subbed. I’d love to know what the OG were saying during their individual clips. Even unsubbed though it’s curiously gratifying to see the ex-members so emotionally attached to MM items and to their time together. Yaguchi’s Love Machine set and Yuko’s collection were especially great to see. It’s good to know they all enjoyed their time in MM and H!P. It’s clear bonds were made there that will not be broken. Which makes this an unexpected but really enjoyable bit of H!P tv gold.

On a side note here is a picture taken on the day of the recording. It seems most of the current Morning Musume were there. Only Koharu and Mitsui seemingly missing…



4 responses to “Kizuna Shokudou – Morning Musume SP 18 July 2009

  1. Kaori is my kind of girl!! ( i have seen few who can take Guinness, though you gotta try the Foreign Extra for some real kick…)
    Nacchi… she is forever young… she is going to stay like that until she’s in her 60s… ( youth that is) 😀
    and Waterworks-chan is always best when she starts cracking up :P… makes you wanna jump in ( to the TV) and coddle her….

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  3. The video they had shown for Mari was the last performance of the 2nd generation of Tanpopo, where she, Kaorin, Rika and Aibon were in. As she had to leave Morning Musume all of a sudden in 2005, she didn’t recieve a graduation concert as such. I guess they wanted to overplay that during the show.

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