Kusumi Koharu – Pop Photobook Making Of Subbed

H!F are steadfastly subbing their way through the various pb making of’s and have now done Koha’s second to last effort. The file can be downloaded here. This is a very worthy enterprise. Even though the majority of making of’s are mainly visuals it’s still nice to get the little comments subbed. Well it’s more enjoyable than when they are not subbed put it that way. So what do I think of this pb making of?


Koharu! No I don’t! You’ll get me arrested. Sheesh. Cute is the more accurate description. Hot will come later (and it is coming I assure you). Anyway onto the first setting and it’s that great staple of pb’s, the home. I always love indoor shoots. It’s like getting a little peek at what it would be like to live with the idol. A glimpse of domestic bliss. The people who make these pb’s know full well that they are selling a fantasy (which is being close to the idol. The context of which varies for each idol. Koharu being young it’s more a kid sister type of vibe. With someone like Lovely it’s more a happy and carefree loving relationship type of thing) and they do it well…


After lounging around it’s time for some outdoor fun and frolics…


Then back indoors…


And then back outdoors so Koha can show us her impression of rubbish 70’s comedian Bobby Ball…


Then the clips flit back and forth from place to place. I’d rather they stuck uninterrupted to one place at a time so you could really get a feel for each setting but never mind. In amongst all this though we get Koha’s impression of a Triffid…


Scary stuff. Although not as scary as her singing with Shige-Pink. Anyway on with the caps and there’s a good mixture of Koha looking really pretty and Koha gurning away. That’s why I like her though. That irresistably mesmerising mix of beauty and outright daftness youthful, energetic lack of self-awareness…


Koha doesn’t have too much to say during the shoot but she does want to tell us the name of the flower she’s holding. It’s…


Koha didn’t seem too sure about the name there. However I can confirm exclusively on this blog that it’s correct name, for those of you interested in such things, is “a flower”. Now moving on…


Hmm…for some reason the thought of Koharu with anything that ignites worries me!

Anyway onto the next day and it’s a spot of modelling outside in the mid-day sun. Yes it’s sailor noon…


Drum roll please. Anyway let’s walk to the next location shall we? You lead the way Koharu…


Looking at you? Why would I have been looking at you?

Now prepare yourselves because Koharu has decided to challenge Ai-chan. Okay we all know she can’t really challenge her in singing or dancing. But she can challenge her when it comes to waterworks. Cry-chan is the undisputed Queen but Koha has an idea…


Anyway time for more posing…


Then if you thought Koha having access to sparklers was bad you should look away now. Because personally I really worry about her standing on a rail track…


Although not half as much as I worry about her sitting on a rail track…


Koha be careful! Mind you maybe she was just waiting for Thomas?


Well regardless the pb making of is coming to an end…


Yes it is but hopefully soon another one will begin. Frankly Koha has only had three pb’s and I think she well deserves a fourth and soon. How soon?


That’s right Koha, now. As for this pb well it was a cute one and Koha was photographed looking a mixture of pretty, sweet and adorably goofy. It was fun to watch the making of and it makes me want to see the pb pictures again. Hopefully Koharu herself enjoyed her time making it…


Really? 😮 Did Thomas know? Shocking behaviour!

I’ll leave the last word to Koha herself. After all what better incentive to watch this than to hear the advice straight from the genki and kawaii idol herself. Well Koharu is so adorable which means…



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