My New Favourite Piece Of Odd Merchandise

I’ve had a few deliveries this week (my postie must love me for keeping him in a job…or hate me for giving him a bad back). In amongst the deliveries was the complete dvd set of Sapphire & Steel which is of course excellent and totally irrelevant to this post. Also amongst the deliveries was this…

Reina pickReina pick 1Reina pick 2

It’s a guitar pick. But not just any old guitar pick oh no. This one’s a Reina guitar pick. But then you’d already figured that out I guess. Anyway through a seller in Japan I came across this and thought I must get it. What you get is a plastic pick-shaped front bit with a picture of the H!P member and then you get an actual guitar pick that’s black on one side and has a scribble of the member’s choosing on the other. As merchandise goes it’s very small (well it’s a guitar pick so that goes without saying) and it’s also a bugger to photograph and get in focus. Anyway I love it. Apparently they are sold in that H!P shop place in Japan (or one of them or all of them. I know very little of the whole H!P shops subject) and they are random. So you don’t know what you are getting until you’ve already gotten it. It’s my new favourite bit of odd merchandise.  It’s unusual for a start so that’s part of the reason why. It’s also got a cute little Reina scrawl on it so that’s another plus point. Hopefully I’ll soon have a Koharu one winging it’s way to me too. The person selling them wants a whole set themselves so is selling off duplicates. I hope they get an Ai-chan one soon. I also hope H!P do a Buono one. I can’t think of a group that would suit one better. Especially thinking of the front cover of their second album.

I didn’t just get a guitar pick though. I also got the Platinum 9 tour t-shirt and a set of 9 individual pics. Plus a set of two larger Lovely pics and two larger Sigh Yummy pics. I’d have scanned them if my scanner hadn’t gone funny. Anyway here’s some pics of the shirt. Firstly still packaged up…

Plat 9 shirt

The tease. And here’s it stripped out the packaging and laid out all helpless begging you to embrace it tenderly and slowly slip it…err…well anyway here’s the front and back (it needs ironing obviously but that’ll have to wait)…

Plat 9 shirt front

Plat 9 shirt back

The shirt is a lot blacker than it’s come out in the picture. That’s the lighting in my room messing up the colours. Anyway onto pics of the pics…

Plat picsPlat individual pics

I could have taken better pictures huh? Well regardless they all look great. Mistress Sigh Yummy looks especially good but then Lovely looks as lovely as ever and Reina looks Kawaiian (kawaii and yankii).

The final thing I got was a picture of Koharu that had been in one of the packets of chocolate crunch that was sold during the Platinum 9 tour. I’ve photographed it here next to the Reina guitar pick so you can get an idea of the size of the pick (in case you’ve never seen a guitar pick before for some strange reason). The Koha picture is the usual small size, the same as the individual members pics from the 9 pic set…

Koharu Krunch Reina Pick

The blue packet is what the pick came in.

So that was my week of parcels. The set of 9 pics and the t-shirt I’d ordered months ago so this month I haven’t spent that much honest! I love getting parcels through the post though. They are great to come home too. I’ve always liked collecting things associated with my fandoms. It somehow makes you feel connected to the things you like. It’s like wearing a subconscious badge. Plus let’s face it H!P are great at merchandise. The sheer scope of items available (well available in Japan) means that there’s something for everyone no matter what your tastes. A bit like with H!P’s members really. There’s just so many great items that affording everything would be impossible. But getting what you can afford is very satisfying. 🙂

I guess I might as well put up the two scans I managed to do before giving up on my scanner. First up here’s Kusumi Koharu. This is the pic that came with the Plaitinum 9 tour’s chocolate crunch item…

Kusumi Koharu Krunch

And here is the individual pic of Lovely from the 9 pics set…

Platinum Ai-chan

That’s an ever Lovely smile. A bit like how Nacchi’s has never changed and has always been cute. One day Ai-chan will have a solo career too. Yes one day.


9 responses to “My New Favourite Piece Of Odd Merchandise

  1. Cool! So it is a plectrum, I saw them and was really tempted to get one but wasn’t overly sure as to what exactly they were. If ever there was an excuse to pull out the old guitar and start practising again a Koha one would certainly be it!

  2. Yep they are genuine plectrums. But with an extra separate bit of plastic with a picture of the member on and both on a little chain thing. Quite neat.

    What I also like about this one is that with Reina her scrawls are always really interesting. She’s always got a good style.

  3. …. using those plectrums are out of the question though…
    Sigh yummy is indeed yummy… i cannot wait for more … more…. MORE!!!!

    enjoy your merchandise…:D

  4. Thejuggernaut – Sigh Yummy has a good domineering presence in those pics. 😉

    Oh and you could use teh plectrums but what if one broke? :0 So yeah it’s best not to.

    Miraclechild – The t-shirt was around £35 if memory serves me right. All I know is the photos (9 girls set plus Sayu and Ai pics) with the t-shirt came to about £50 including registered postage from Japan. That’s more than I’ve ever spent in one go before but I really wanted a tour t-shirt so this was my first one.

  5. where did you buy it? Website or shop… Sorry I didn’t pay attention to your shopping posts earlier…:(

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