Are You A Wota Master?

Well if Wotaku can do it why can’t I do it (badly)? Yes I too have done a Facebook H!P quiz. There are only 20 questions (as that’s all it would allow) and it’s probably too easy but at least it’s mine. You can take the quiz here if you are so inclined. Or you can ignore it instead. I’ll admit I couldn’t think of any fiendishly difficult questions but I hope at least one or two will make you think. Anyway if you take the quiz have fun. Alternatively feel disappointed that it wasn’t harder. Either/or.

Master wota


7 responses to “Are You A Wota Master?

  1. … i got Wota Master…. i still feel unworthy… as i guessed most of the really obscure ones…
    WTF at the Ayaya question… i chose the answer you wanted us to choose though XD

  2. I think a shortcoming of the quiz is that the person who designs the quiz can’t choose how many correct answers makes someone a Wota Master.

    Oh and some questions were meant to confuse a bit Kooky. *Evil grin*

  3. The quiz is far too easy. Only one person didn’t get Master status so far. Mind you they got the bottom status instead. Maybe they really had never heard of H!P. I should have thought up some really obscure facts. I’m sure there’s a few knocking around my head.

  4. “The Tsunku flows through you.”
    WT…? xD But I still don’t know how I got Wota Master. I guessed about 90% of the answeres xD

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