Such Filth! Morning Musume DVD magazine Vol.23 subbed

HPS have subbed this dvd magazine and great to watch it is too. The idea behind the dvd is simple but ingenious. Have a stationary camera set up and have the girls talk about anything they want. Then also have each girl talking about the others. What you get is what feels like an hour of hanging out with Morning Musume. Genius. Below are just a few teaser caps.


Just how is Eri human? Just what is Reina going to say? And is she really pissed off?


Are Junjun and Reina an item? Is the sexy cat really a wolf?


Is Junjun disgusting? Does Koharu have a problem with her?


Just what is going on there? And how long before gifs of those clips start turning up? Not long hopefully.


Just how does Linlin snatch hums? Is Aika asking for trouble?


Is Koharu a noisy depressive?


What has Gaki done? And more to the point what has Eri done?


Is Mitsui a dog (now you’re just making up your own punchlines)? Is she spoiled?


Is Niigaki overlooked or is she the daddy? And if she isn’t the daddy then the question on everbodys lips is just who is the daddy? Well that’s what people always seem to be asking.


Is Reina going to ask Sayumi outside? And just what’s with all this Sayumi tongue action anyway? Also if Reina’s with Junjun and Mitsui’s with Sayumi just who isn’t getting down and dirty within the group?


Continuing with Sigh Yummy and has Ai-chan gone completely Tarquin Fintimlinbinwhinbimlim Bus Stop F’tang F’tang Ole Biscuit-Barrel bonkers? And does Niigaki have a problem she wants to sort out?


Has Junjun dumped Reina?


Those hands aren’t Eri’s. Has Junjun found another partner? The girl is insatiable.


Filth! Morning Musume are at it like rabbits!


Is Sayu about to have a nibble?


Just who is Junjun’s girlfriend? And is Junjun the minxiest Musume ever?


Yes she clearly is.


Will Lovely speak?


Really…will Lovely speak?


No but seriously…will Lovely speak?


Has Morningtime paid off the whole group to say only nice things about Her Royal Ainess?


YES! Although I adore you anyway no matter how you have your hair.


I know but it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t.

Anyway seriously this is worth watching. It’s an hour hanging around with Morning Musume. What could be better? And you need the answers to all those questions don’t you? You know you do. The hour flies by. Watch it. You won’t regret it.



12 responses to “Such Filth! Morning Musume DVD magazine Vol.23 subbed

  1. yes .. happy i am… XD … i love it!! I am even liking Aika now!! :O … KUSUMI EVEN!!! :O

  2. Lol! they really do talk about eachother like they’re all girlfriends. but they do spent 99% of their time together so…….

    i’m watching platinum 9 disco and what is WITH koharu’s humungous encore hat?!

  3. The Platinum 9 tour dvd is a pleasure still to come for me. I have ordered it but went for the cheaper overseas option. I ordered it with Mano’s Sekai wa Summer Party single V so it’ll be a few weeks before it comes.

    So Hexi…that pic of Sayu with her arm around Reina…are you jealous of Reina? 😀

  4. Oh my god, This was awesome.

    So eri might be mad at reina, mhm, Is it because eri spends a lot of time with gaki-san a lot, we might never know.

    sorry, I ship reina and eri btw.

  5. No silly, ship meaning to couple them.It’s a term mostly used in fanfics to ship someone meaning to pair them up in a romantic pairing.

    and yes, I will ship them to you 😀

  6. Hexi you’re not alone in wanting to feel her tongue. Trust me, you’re really not.

    Kooky – I’d say Eri and Reina is unlikely. It all seems to be Reina and Junjun to me. Personally I reckon Eri and Niigaki. Oh sure Niigaki complains about her a bit but it reminds me of a couple of lovers who have been together for ages.

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