What Are They To You?

So what does each member mean to you in your dreams? Who’d be the lover? Who’d be the best friend? Who’d be the person you’d cross the street to avoid? Let’s face it we all know there are certain members we’d love to be involved with. Some conjure up images of nights of passion while for others it’s images of great friendships. There are probably even some who’d conjure up an image of total apathy if you weren’t too apathetic to actually conjure up an image. Then of course there’s Aya. But who is which? Well I decided I needed to do a H!P community emotional tree. Yes I live in the city of H!P (the Mayor is Tsunku obviously). So who are these fellow residents? Well for me (or to put it like Reina would “for Morningtime”)…

Takahashi Ai – Wife and best friend. We’re probably only one step away from wearing matching clothes. It probably makes everyone else sick but we are happy so why should we care?

Niigaki Risa – Close friend and confidant.

Tanaka Reina – Lover.

Kamei Eri – Friend of a friend.

Sayumi Michishige – Sugared daughter. 😀 She costs a bomb but she makes me feel young again (well you are only as young as you are feeling).

Koharu Kusumi – Friend’s mad but cute little sister who I secretly fancy.

Junjun – Friend of a friend who I secretly fancy.

Linlin – Friend.

Aika Mitsui – Friend’s little sister who sometimes I quite like and find really cute but other times I wish she wasn’t around.

Aya Matsuura – Neighbour and enemy. She has an uncanny knack of getting right under my skin. I also suspect her of sacrificing young virgins and goats in her cellar.

Miki Fujimoto – Friend of an enemy.

Hitomi Yoshizawa – Friend of a friend.

Makoto Ogawa – Some random relation of a friend of a friend who can be quite funny but who I have no urge to know better.

Natsumi Abe – First wife now divorced. On speaking terms though. There’s still feelings there but the new wife is cuter. 😛

Asami Konno – Future wife if second wife dumps me. 😀 Otherwise really close friend.

Mari Yaguchi – Really cute friend.

Rika Ishikawa – Hot lover but probably high maintenance.

Kaori Iida – Friend I secretly find really beautiful.

Kago Ai – Neighbour. The police were round there yesterday. There’s cars pulling up at all hours too. It all seems suspicious.

Nozomi Tsuji – Some random mad girl I bump into from time to time and exchange pleasantries with.

Kei Yasuda – Scary neighbour with lots of cats. Quite likeable in an eccentric way. I don’t see her out that often but I’d miss her if she disappeared completely.

Maki Goto – Neighbour’s daughter who has now grown up and I realise is quite hot. At the same time I also realise I don’t know her at all and I have no real interest in getting to know her.

Yuko Nakazawa – A painful mistake from the time before I met my first wife. 😀 Still sexy but too much of “a sadist” (well if Tsunku said she’s one who am I to argue?)

Sayaka Ichii – Random passer by on the street who I find quite attractive.

Aya Ishiguro – Random passer by on the street who looks interesting.

Asuka Fukuda – Some kid.

Yui Okada – Hot hot hot friend and lover.

Erika Miysohi – Lover and sweetie pie.

Maimi Yajima – Neighbour’s babysitter who I secretly really fancy the legs of.

Saki Nakajima – Lolita. I know I shouldn’t but as soon as she’s legal she’s joining Sayumi as a sugared daughter. I don’t know where I’ll find the money to pamper her but by hook or by crook I’ll find it.

Erika Umeda, Airi Suzuki & Chisato Okai – Three random teens who hang around at the shops. Although Umeda is clearly older than the others and is a good laugh. With her I probably would.

Mai Hagiwara – Little sister to one of the above three. Probably Umeda’s.

Momoko Tsugunaga – Friend’s mad little sister who always makes me laugh.

Saki Shimizu, Chinami Tokunaga, Maasa Sudo, Miyabi Natsuyaki, Yurina Kumai & Risako Sugaya – Some teens from the local school and sixth form college. I’d never really paid them any attention until I’d seen Miyabi dressed like…


Now, even though I don’t really want to know her any better, when I meet her I can’t help admiring how she’s grown. She’s got a sex appeal the others lack. Yurina’s quite likeable too though.

Erina Mano – Neighbours cute daughter I fancy. She’s legal and she’s really cute and she’s probably having loads of summer parties in her garden, throwing beach balls around and having water pistol fights while wearing a bikini. I really want to join in but mainly so we can end up rolling around laughing until we both see the attraction that’s there and…well moving on…

Mai Satoda – Friend. I secretly fancy her mind. The body isn’t bad either though. 😛

Arisa Noto – Cute and funny next door neighbour’s daughter.

Yuri Sawada – Arisa’s friend. She seems okay. Not like some of those kids these days.

Miki Korenaga – Another of Arisa’s friends. She’s not the best looking but makes up for that with enthusiasm. A nice girl. Kudos to her.

Minami Sengoku – Another friend of Arisa. I haven’t really ever noticed her.

Megumi Murakami & Mika Mutō – Someone says they used to live nearby but I can’t really remember seeing them around. I have a vague memory of who they might be but I’m not entirely sure though.

Maiha Ishimura – Kid who lived down the road but who moved away. She was really cute and funny and I hope she’s doing well.

Kanna Arihara – Teen who lived down the road who was quite interesting but had bad feet. I hope she’s putting them up.

Asami Kimura – Quiet but interesting neighbour who moved away. Great footballer.

Rinne Toda – Slightly odd looking but really cute friend who I secretly fancy.

Azusa Kobayashi – Someone friends say I went to school with but who I have absolutely no memory of.

Ayaka Kimura – Cool friend of a friend who has great legs.

Mika Todd – Some girl who used to turn up at parties. Nobody is sure who invited her but she seemed nice enough.

Lehua Sandbo – Some annoying neighbour who looks about 15 years older than she is due to excessive use of make-up, jewellery and bad clothes. Oh and bad hair too.

Danielle Delaunay – A neighbour I used to nod to as we passed in the street. Not very attractive or interesting but she had a great voice. I used to admire it at karaoke nights down the pub but I still had absolutely no desire to actually ever see her put the voice to professional use.

April Barbaran & Chelsea Ching – Exchange students from the local college. I only saw them once. They left no impression.

Melon Kinenbi – Attractive strangers on the street I glance back at after I’ve walked past them.

Atsuko Inaba – Teaches dance at evening classes in the neighbourhood. It’s rumoured she used to have a singing career.

Yuuka Maeda – Friend’s adorable kid sister. She’s really cute and I know I’ll want to see a hell of a lot more of her over the years.

Yuki Maeda – Old woman down the road who keeps getting kids knocking at her door thinking that Yuuka Maeda lives there. She has to tell them that they are not related. Then she invites them in to listen to her sing but they decline.

So that’s what H!P is to me. Now just remember this was just a bit of fun. If you disagree with my choices that’s only to be expected. It’s not supposed to be taken too seriously.

Anyway here is a totally random picture that’s not related but is Japanese of sorts…


Yes I am now as of today officially a geek. What do you mean by “as of today” you all say. To which I reply “oi! Bloody cheek”.


8 responses to “What Are They To You?

  1. 7 delicious pairs of thighs on the Chin… :CHOMP: … 😀
    WHAT Nacchi is EX… you can always be polygamous you know… 😀 love isn’t divided, it is multiplied…. 😆

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