Mano Erina – Sekai wa Summer Party live

I am really looking forward to the release of this single. It’s such a catchy tune. It’s so catchy that I nearly bought one of the limited edition singles for it which would have been the first time in ages I’d actually bought a cd single. I tend to go for iTunes purchases instead these days due to the exchange rate. In the end I decided I’d get the single from iTunes but get the single V from YesAsia so I’ve put my order in. Well the pv is so damn adorable. Mano also has a live dvd coming out on 5 August (the same day as the single V). I’m interested to see what type of performance it is. Having the YaManoaha keyboard there is pretty much a given seeing as her act is that of the cute singer with piano skills. But will she be dancing? Will there be backing dancers? Will she just totally abandon the piano early on in a song and start dancing around the stage? Well below is at least part of the answer.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I want this dvd. I guess a lot of it will be just Mano at the keyboard but she’s cute and I love her music. I know a lot of people call her music boring but seriously I’ve loved it all so far. It’s been something a little different to what the other H!P artistes have been doing. As much as I love Morning Musume, Buono and C-ute it’s good that H!P can produce someone who is doing something a bit different to them. I hope an album is in the works. With six singles already under her belt an album would be guaranteed to have at least six good songs. Going on most H!P albums that’s a high number already. 😛


5 responses to “Mano Erina – Sekai wa Summer Party live

  1. To be honest on first listening I thought I’d end up liking MM’s 40th single more than I do. I just find it as hmm as their last couple of singles unfortunately.

  2. True… heck…IMHO i think the only group to have really delivered a stellar song this year would be Berryz… and it’d be for their Dakishimete x3 ….

  3. I also really liked C-ute’s Bye Bye Bye but otherwise I wouldn’t disagree too much. Personally I’ve loved Mano’s singles so would count them up with the best of this year’s bunch. Buono’s My Boy was quite good but not up to the standard of their previous singles. Morning Musume have gone lame. Berryz last double single was okay but nothing special. C-ute’s last single was one of those awful 70’s cover versions that should have stayed in the 70’s (at least I think it was the 70’s. It sure sounds it). It lacked the spunk of their normal stuff. I see C-ute as being a bit sassier. So yeah not too much disagreement.

    Having said all that there’s been some good album tracks this year. SONGS, Ame no Furanai Hoshi dewa Aisenai Darō? Take Off Is Now! and GOAL have all been excellent songs. In fact I’d have loved MM to release Take Off Is Now! as a single. Oh and Akogare My Star is an example of a disco type song that doesn’t sound dated. Perhaps because it doesn’t seem to make the members into some obedient young girls.

    Personally I’m missing some of the ex MM members. There’s been nothing from Nacchi or Rika so far this year. I really miss Biyuden and now I’m starting to miss Ongaku Gatas. At least they had three decent singles and some vibrancy.

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