Alo-Hello! – Morning Musume Sakura Gumi & Otome Gumi subbed

H!F have subbed Alo-Hello! – Morning Musume Sakura Gumi & Otome Gumi. It’s available here. Basically this is Morning Musume split into two teams and spending some time relaxing in Hawaii. This marks H!F’s 300th release so I thought it only right that I picspam some of my personal highlights. Strangely this is my 299th post. So close to being a double celebration but not quite. Anyway the picspam…


I’m sure there’s some kind of theme running through this post but I can’t quite put my finger on her incredibly gorgeous figure it.

26 responses to “Alo-Hello! – Morning Musume Sakura Gumi & Otome Gumi subbed

  1. Thanks for the links…. ^^…Ishikawa is too hot… I think if I have a wife like her, the haystacks will be rolled a lot… ^^

  2. :nosebleeds all over his persian cat- oh you didn’t know. all ebil masterminds have one:

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction again…

  3. Rika is soo pretty.
    also I have something well dark to tell you, just shield your eyes and ears.

    I might not be that into H!P Anymore, sorry.

  4. Kooky! That’s just wrong. You’ve gone to the dark side haven’t you? It’s AKB48 isn’t it? I told you not to hang around with them lot. I warned you but you wouldn’t listen. It’s a sad day.

  5. ^LOL, AKB’s part of the reason but mainly It’s SNSD.
    And american idol.Sorry, If I cheated.I Still like h!p though, just not as much.

  6. Well just as long as you know you can always come back to H!P. H!P is non-judg…wait…American Idol…hmm…I’m not sure that can be forgiven 😉

  7. ^ american idol …. meh… enjoy yourself.. .and when you return in acouple of months … we will welcome you 😀

  8. american idol? reeeeeally? i can totally understand the SNSD though. love those girls.
    still need to get their new mini album though……
    i’m going through a stage of listening to my old CDs and what i used to like. 2 weeks ago it was Coheed and Cambria. this week it’s Spice Girls. XD hahaha.
    i seem to have been out of touch with H!P the last week, what with being away. feel like i missed loads of stuff. ^^

  9. Hurmmm…. When is Momusu adding a new member? In need for a fresh member. And is anyone ever gonna graduate again? But it will be weird if Ai-chan leaves…. 0.0

  10. But that’s okay, It’s the contestants of american idol 8 that make me happy.

    well, except for jorge, gokey and sarver.

  11. ^Nah, those are some contestants in the show that I really didn’t like.My favorite is allison btw.

  12. how rude. my mind is fine. i made a yossie pillow remember. she sleeps in my bed with me. spice girls was my childhood. spice girls and pokemon. lol!!!
    gah. HMV japan is sooo gay. i ran out of money and the day before i put more into my account they dispatched the delayed sayu PB! so i was overdrawn. gee, thanks.

  13. I’m sure it was all some big conspiracy against you by HMV Japan Hexi. They probably waited until you’d be overdrawn. I think it’s totally fair to blame them for it. 😉

  14. well i got it and to be honest the wait was TOTALLY worth it!!! Such a nosebleed-worthy photo book. >w<

  15. plenty of bikini shots and i’ve recently developed something about thighs……. and there’s plenty of those too. XD
    it’s a really good PB.

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