Takahashi Ai I~za Ee Day subbed

There’s a new subbing group in town. They are called Hyakupa Subs. For their first batch of releases they decided against the all guns blazing approach and decided to quietly slip out the two I~za Ee Day Takahashi Ai episodes…along with the two Bijo Houdan Tanaka Reina episodes. Oh and a subbed version of Mikan from the Platinum 9 concert. Did I mention that they also subbed some Buono concert MC’s and Berryz Koubou – Gekidan Gekihalo Dai 5 Kai Koen – Berryz Boukou vs Berryz Koubou? So yeah that was a quiet day. 😉 But this is my 300th post and Takahashi is my all-time number 1 (and I’m not just talking about idols) so this post is given over to her two subs. If you don’t know the show I’m not surprised it’s one where famous residents of Fukui return to celebrate all that’s good about the place. At least I think that’s the gist. So in this double-bill we get Lovely returning to her roots. Each show is 23 minutes long so that’s three quarters of an hour of Ai-chan. You know you want to watch it. Go on you do.


How could you refuse a request from such a beautiful woman?

So we start with Ai-chan’s welcome…


Then in amongst the chat we find out just why every H!P fan with taste should buy this guy a drink…


Who is he? Well he works for the tv station and took Ai-chan’s call when she wanted to audition for Morning Musume. Apparently she phoned up quite late. It seems we nearly had a Momusu without Lovely. 😮 Read that back. It’s like the scariest Twilight Zone episode ever. The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up right now. I for one can only echo Ai-chan…


Yes thank you so much! After the introductions it’s time for the show proper. This being Japanese tv that can only mean one thing. Itadakimasu…


Well this being Ai-chan I’m happy to watch her eating. She’s so cute. So I guess another food-related Japanese tv experience is okay this time. So now the food is out the way what’s next?


Ai-chan makes some biscuits. Uhuh.


Ai-chan eats some bisuits. Uhuh. Well this being Ai-chan I’m happy to watch her eating. She’s so adorable so that’s okay.

Afterwards Lovely meets a farmer and picks a watermelonkinenbi…


And then drinks some…


Despite the look on her face she seems to really like it. Does anybody else see a bit of Nakazawa Yuko in there though? I wonder what a really pissed off Ai-chan would look like? Also does drinking watermelon count as food-related? I guess it does. Well it being Ai-chan that’s okay. She’s Lovely after all.

Onto the final part of the show. Ai-chan has a surprise reunion with some old school friends…


And that’s it for show one. Wow. A whole 23 minutes of Japanese tv and barely a mention of food. But Ai is of course as lovely as Lovely could be. Niigaki has always be known as the reaction Queen but Ai’s beautiful eyes can push her close. Now onto show two…

Show two has Ai-chan meeting various dream chasers. Including this woman who has just opened her own shop. Ai-chan is the first customer…


See? I told you. Anyway Cherry (the shops owner) makes cute and quirky and frankly very odd items such as brooches. The customer chooses the items to use. Ai-chan chooses a car and a strawberry (fake obviously. I mean using a real car would just be weird). So what do we get?


In the words of Australia’s greatest septuagenarian pet-botherer, singer and wobble board inventor Rolf Harris “can you guess what it is yet?” Umm…no.


Ah. Well I’m still none the wiser. But never mind. Next up…


Could she? Could she really? Yes she could so moving on and it’s time for the gym. Well at my age you need to keep yourself fit. I’m getting old.


Not that old. So what’s in store at the gym? Well you know for those of us who don’t go the gym too often it can be quite daunting. There’s always that feeling of not knowing what you are doing. It would be great to find some new exercise that’s discrete. Well now the time has come to reveal the new fitness technique anyone can do without feeling embarrassed that you are drawing attention to yourself…


Rock on Tommy. So…


While looking a bit silly. And that’s the end of Lovely’s homecoming experience. And how was this trip to Fukui?


Yes like the lack of food in this second show.


Yes like all the times you were on screen.

And so after all that Lovely returns to Tokyo and…


For some reason the three momusuteers are speaking English…


That’s an English language joke from Sayumi. How bizarre. Anyway the girls have a package from Cherry (the shop owner from earlier)…


Linlin gets a hat that actually really suits her and there’s lots of other items too.

Then that’s the second show over with. Goodbye Ai-chan, Linlin & Sayumi…


It was nice to see this get subbed. Ai’s personality is the usual laughing, friendly and adorable one you’d expect so spending three quarters of an hour with her is well worth it. Also it’s good to see another subbing group turn up. I have to commend them on the quality of the pictures. All their files seem very high quality image-wise. Here’s hoping for more releases in the future. Especially if they continue to subtitle things that are off the beaten track.


2 responses to “Takahashi Ai I~za Ee Day subbed

  1. The two episodes date from the sixth and thirteenth of July. They were filmed before MM went to the US although the last bit with Sayu and Linlin was filmed just after they returned.

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