Headlines part 3

Fans criticise H!P for scraping the bottom of the pan when it comes to merchandise

scrapingKoharu tries out new facial expression…

Koha facial expressionH!P unveil most expensive merchandise ever



The ManoVano is expected to hit showrooms soon (there’s a problem with the brakes).

Scientists announce Heaven is real

HP members

The new invention the H!PAngel-o-cam provides conclusive proof that angels exist. However if there’s a Heaven there must also be a Hell…


Yeah it doesn’t seem that bad a place to be really.

Sayumi denies that she’s looking washed out

Washed up“I use Ecomoni Biological washing powder so I never get in a spin over colour loss” the cute but barmy twenty year old is reported to have said.

C-ute read Morningtime’s blog

C-ute stare

Oh my god he’s a perv.

H!P clothes thief strikes


Eri, Linlin and Sayumi forced to wear ill fitting second-hand clothes donated by Oxfam. Public urged to ensure thief is caught so this kind of terrible atrocity can never be committed again.


Your Idol needs You0009-img20090731140021793

To Watch Her Marilyn Monroe Impression.

Do your bit today. Watch Morning Musume in concert.


Sick of the British summer weather? Come somewhere warmer.

NicelandIceland. It’s cold but it’s not that cold.

Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press

Dangerous H!P clothes thief strikes again


Substantial reward now offered for any information leading to the capture of this sickening criminal.

Maimi tries out new expression



Some kind of wacky sitcom must surely follow.

H!P’s manufacturing technique unveiled


“It’s kind of like they grow them out of the beach” one witness claims.

Junjun to make acting debut in a remake of Cast Away

JunjuncastThe press reaction to the news has been very positive. “At least you wouldn’t mind being stranded on a desert island with her” said one critic who went on to say “it’d sure beat being stranded with Tom Hanks” . However reports of a remake of Showgirls have caused widespread dismay…

ShowgirlsNiigaki gets tough with her critics

Gaki tough

Skit at my mayuge beam again sunshine and you are going down!

And finally it’s time for…

Yui’s Yui Know Who Gossip Corner.


Yui says “which idol has recently been seen looking exceptionally cute? Even more so than usual. Well here are some clues. She has the legs to go a long way. You’d be more likely to say “hi hi hi” than “bye bye bye”. She’s been acting spooky. She’s really k-awaii. Yes it’s…



18 responses to “Headlines part 3

  1. Been awhile since you posted… Loving the heaven thing… I want to be in Hell if the devils are hot and wouldn;t mind getting spunked by her.

  2. I don’t know KS. I actually quite like the second Koha pic.

    MC – Erika is of course a very cute Devil. I think Hell’s cosplay is a bit more tempting than Heaven’s.

  3. what IS the point in that spatula thing? it’s like those spoons you can get that you can’t actually use.
    wubbish. XD
    is that really erika in the devil outfit? it looks like Gaki…

    and Sayu doesn’t look too bad. they’ve touched her up with photoshop. >w<

  4. she does look cute. and that’s pretty much all the time. why doesn’t she get more lines in songs? but she really looks like Gaki there…….

  5. I have a compulsive thing now of rewinding the 2 seconds solo scene of Sayu in the PV of nanchatte Renai. She really nailed that part in the PV with her hand movement.

  6. yup. i do love her solo song thingy she does though. it was the introduction song in the VTR of their summer 2008 concert? dunno what it;s called but she sings it really well

  7. Summer 2008 concert? I don’t remember it. I only remember the Spring singles concert really. Where bizarrely Niigaki steals the show with her solo rendition of Manatsu no Kōsen. Endeless summmmmmmeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It’s great. I really like Niigaki yet pay her next to no attention. I guess in a group of 9 that’s bound to happen though. Sayu sang Furusato well in that concert mind you. I was surprised.

  8. yeah, although sayu’s singing is so nasally it gives me a headache. and i sound exactly like her when i sing (which is precisely why i sing only in the shower or my room). in anycase…… i was still talking about Erika actually. not Sayu. lol!!!!!! i jsut realised why i was suddenly confused with your reply.
    Gaki’s version of that song really is excellent though. i love it. she’s like a root of the momusu plant huh? she doesn’t get a huge amount of attention but she helps hold them together and momusu just wouldn’t be momusu without her. i think that without the strong vocals of gaki and ai they would actually collapse. i mean yeah Eri is a fantastic vocalist but those 2 have the low voices that the songs need. everyone else is so high pitched. apart from LinLin. i reckon when Ai leaves she’ll be given all her lines.

  9. Oh…okay, not Sayu. 😛

    Yeah Niigaki is overlooked, well at least by me. But she’s a solid foundation for the group and I would miss her when she goes.

  10. i love silly merchandise. but at least with phone straps i can use them. i should attatch them aaaaaall to the same thing. XD

  11. Yup, Gaki’s voice can send shivers to my spine. She did well in Oibito with her ‘in-pain’ voice. And also in Sakura Mankai.. The line, ‘Hanaga Mankai’ just pierces my heart… ^^

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