Umeda Erika Graduates

The shock news has been released today that Umeda Erika will leave C-ute and H!P at the end of the current C-ute tour (25th October). Both Hello! Online and Musume-Central have reported this. Apparently she plans to become a fashion model. This is of course a huge shock. Doubly so coming so soon after Kanna left. C-ute just became even more diluted and I think that’s a shame. Still there’s no sign of a scandal and it seems it’s what Umeda wants to do so I wish her the best of luck. It is a shame though. In the brief chances she’s had to shine she took them. Personally I found her drawings on Yorosen! hilariously bad and her humour and personality was very refreshing. I’ll ignore the temptation to say “bye bye bye” as it’s a crap and (with Kanna having gone recently too) overused joke. I’ll go for the more optimistic “sayonara. See you again” instead.

ByeC-ute have been one of the best things about H!P in the past year or so. I hope that doesn’t change. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next though. Will they continue with five or add more members? Watching five when I’ve only just got used to six will seem a bit strange.


11 responses to “Umeda Erika Graduates

  1. This news depresses me greatly. When I first got into C-ute, her and Chisato were the two that I was immediately drawn to (with Mai coming in a close third). I’ll still support C-ute, because they’re awesome, but I really feel like it’s the end of an era for me.

    I’m glad, however, that Erika is leaving on her own terms, and if she’s going to be a model, I hope that means there will be photobooks of her in the future. She’s too pretty to just fade away… 😦

  2. Well for me I like Maimi, Kanna, Nakki and Erika. So that’s two down. If C-ute continue to provide the goods musically it won’t matter to my support of them. However at the same time when the members whose personalities you like leave then it makes the group less appealing in other ways. Like in tv shows (I wish) for instance. I wonder if Tsunku will take the MM approach and have some auditions? Not that anyone in C-ute who isn’t called Maimi or Suzuki gets any lines anyway. You could basically say the backing group is down to three.

  3. I like everyone in c-ute so yeah, I would be sad if any of them left but well, I wish her the best in the modeling industry, she has the looks and legs for it.

  4. Personally, I don’t want C-ute to gain any new members at this point. They should concentrate on properly utilizing Chisato and the others that are already in the background. The only reason they should bring in new members is if they get down to like three members left. THEN I could see the point of adding new ones, but for right now, I think five members will be fine and give the others a chance to shine for a change…

  5. I don’t know about umeda erika… 😦 I haven’t too much of c-ute’s interviews. She’s talkative but I dunno much about her. In fact, I dunno much about all c-ute members other than their songs are very nice and they dance better than Momusu.

    Maybe the remaining members can merge with Momusu?

  6. Berryz cute is meant to be… they will be unwieldy… and too big… 11… and expect clashes of egos…
    adieu erika…. I will miss your single lines… and frankly…. i am this || close to going back to anime and Manga…. and that means something

  7. I think if they want to ensure C-ute’s future then new members may be the way to go. It makes sense to look after the brand name if it’s popular. It worked for MM.

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