Kizuna Restaurant – subbed

Remember the show I blogged about a little while ago? The one where Yuko, Nacchi, Kaori, Kei, Yaguchi, Tsuji, Ai and Risa sat around eating and talking? Well if you don’t look at this post here. Anyway the full version (just over an hour long) has now been subbed and is available for download here. Thank you HPS. This was one of the most enjoyable tv shows I’ve seen Morning Musume do. If you are a fan of the older members you simply must watch it. Basically for the first 45 minutes or so we get to see them speak frankly about their time in the group. They talk of arguments and ill health. They talk of being poor and hard work. But through it all there’s so much love between them that it’s just a great show to watch. The bond between the members even now is proof of how great a group Morning Musume were and indeed still are. We also get a good history lesson of the group’s evolution (pretty much solely concentrating on the members present) with lots of fun clips from back in the day. Then for the final 15 minutes or so Ai and Risa turn up and they sit around and eat. During that time we get to see the little home made movie each girl made showing off something in their lives relating to Morning Musume. Yuko’s shelf full of stuff is great. Oh and we get to see Nacchi cry and then Ai-chan too. Watching it unsubbed I’d wondered what Lovely was crying for. Now having watched it subbed I’m wondering what Lovely was crying for. 😀

Seriously this show is as touching a celebration of Morning Musume as you will ever see. Plus the hosts are really funny and there’s even a few classic Utaban clips thrown in. So like I said if you’re a fan of the older members watch it. But even if you’re not well watch it anyway. You get Ai and Risa but more importantly you get to see the people who made MM just so successful in the first place. Because without these older members there would be no Morning Musume. In fact there might not be any Berryz Kobo, C-ute, Buono, etc. Recently many fans had the pleasure of seeing Morning Musume play in LA. It’s thanks to the likes of Yuko, Kaori, Nacchi, Yaguchi, etc that there was a group in the first place. So watch and enjoy. It’s funny, moving, funny some more and above all it’s a great celebration of the members skill, hard work and determination. Of all the things I’ve seen subbed this is right up there with the best of them. From a fans point of view it’s like a celebration of that which we hold dear. It’s wonderful!



4 responses to “Kizuna Restaurant – subbed

  1. Just saw this myself. And I don’t blame Nacchi and Ai-chan, I cried too. You’re right in everything you say above, this is definitely a great retrospective on the early years of the group. It doesn’t spend very much, if any, time talking about the members who weren’t present (except mentioning Sayaka once, very briefly), so it’s not as…comprehensive as it could have been, but it more than makes up for that through the various girls relating their experiences from that time. And I love how Yuko watches over the girls even now, coming to the last performance of each concert, attending graduations, and so forth, like a proud parent. She may never get married, but she definitely has children and a legacy, and those are Morning Musume.

  2. Yeah even though the ex-members not present aren’t mentioned it’s still a fitting tribute to the group. Through the recollections of the members who are present you get a very good idea of what everyone – whether present or otherwise – has gone through. The hard work and determination required should never be taken for granted. They have provided so much entertainment. I just hope Nacchi and Kaori aren’t still living on bread crusts! 😛

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