Morning Musume B-sides Collection & 2010 Calendars

Hello!Online’s Twitter feed brings us the news that there will be a Morning Musume “single’s coupling collection best album” consisting of 3 cds and 42 songs. It will be released on 7th October. There are details of the track listing here.

Meanwhile the 2010 H!P calendars are coming this September. At the moment no images are available but as usual there will be one calendar each for Morning Musume, Berryz Kobo and C-ute. However there are also four Mano Erina calendars. Each comes with a slightly different front cover showing a close-up of her face. Okay I’m lying. There will be a Mano calendar but just the one. 😛 There’s no sign of a Nacchi one yet but maybe that’s not a surprise seeing as she’s left H!P. Alternatively maybe she’ll get one anyway but it won’t be batched with these others promotionally. Hmm…they should do a Buono one. That’d be a good seller I reckon. Oh and a Hangry & Angry one would be brilliant. Ah we can dream.


8 responses to “Morning Musume B-sides Collection & 2010 Calendars

  1. Oooh, a B-Sides Collection! Worth it for Hand Made City, Koi Wa Do The Hustle, and 3, 2, 1 Breakin’ Out alone. Not too familiar with most of MM’s B-sides, so that should be an interesting treat.

    I’d buy the H!P Calendars, but I honestly don’t like the format they’re in (tear-off pages, two months to a page). I’d much prefer a western-style calendar. You’d get more pictures that way! Sigh, oh well…

  2. I’ve been after a bside collection for ages now, think i even mentioned it on a blog somewhere recently so im stupidly excited about that. I know theres a whole ton of bsides that I haven’t heard before 🙂

  3. Well as long as the price isn’t really silly it should be worth having. For me it’ll mean finding a whole load of new MM tracks to listen to. Although I have quite a few singles there’s so many I don’t have. Especially the earlier ones. The set should be an interesting listen.

  4. H&A all the way if they did one i’d totally get it1 can never have too much IshiYoshi!!
    think i mgiht go for C-ute this year…..
    don’t get me wrong, i ❤ my momusu calendar but i want something different. ideally i'd have both but i don't think my budget will allow it. my H!P budget for uni is £0. Y_Y

  5. Ah yes you are about to be stinkingly poor aren’t you? Never mind. I’m sure uni will be a worthwhile experience.

    I think visually a Hangry & Angry one would be excellent. I love Rika and the styles would be so striking. I’m surprised they haven’t done a pb yet.

  6. want want want. i just wanna drool over some recent pics of Yossie. >< but i hope they give them lots of different clothes and not just the same themed stuff. fair enough that it's thier characters and stuff but it'd be boring to look at after a while i think…. an upsetting thought i must admit….

    well mum is buying my car off me so that's a grands worth of food for the year. haha.

  7. Yeah I think I’d like to see some normal Rika pics. Just with the cool clothes. If her hair was all mad and she had really bizarre make-up it wouldn’t quite be the same.

    Ah cars are so expensive to maintain (he says thinking of his impending road tax and insurance renewals). Probably a good thing to sell it.

  8. i’ve only driven her 3 times…..
    but it’s my mum buying it off me so it’s ok
    i’ll be a named driver
    it’s all good.

    back on topic: i want some yossie news. or H&A news in general. they’ve kinda all disappered since their graduation huh? makes me sad….

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