The Kaori & Nacchi Birthday Post

Kaori is 28 today (8th August) and Nacchi is 28 in two days (10th August). Therefore it is only right and proper to celebrate this. So here they are performing Morning Coffee from the 15 nin de Non Stop 2003 concert tour…

I wonder if Kaori gets miffed at the amount of Nacchi chanting that goes on? It was the same during the recent Elder Club graduation ceremony when they both sang this song again (this time with Yuko too). It gets to the Nacchi bit and the crowd go mad. All the girls deserve some love. Mind you it does make the hairs on your neck stand up. I especially like the Elder Club graduation dvd extra scene with Sayumi watching it on a monitor. Well anyway happy birthday(s) to both of them.


3 responses to “The Kaori & Nacchi Birthday Post

  1. admit it.. you were chanting during Nacchi’s line too ne?… hahahah
    I for one love them both and cannot stand to see one being shafted for the other… Johnny has her own allure few plebeians can comprehend…

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