2010 Calendar Covers

I know I said I won’t be around but I may still find time to make the odd post here and there. It won’t be like 4 posts a week like previously but maybe every week or two I’ll manage to fit something in. Although the posts will only be short. With that in mind here are the covers to the MM, C-ute, Berryz Kobo and Mano Erina 2010 calendars…

MM calC-ute calBerryz CalMano cal

With MM’s cover I love Sayumi’s hair. Very sexy. Although it does look like she only has one leg. It’s also good to see the killer combination of Sayu, Ai-chan, Sexy Cat and Cracktacular at the front. Oh and the two least attractive are towards the back along with Eri, Junjun and Niigaki. On the subject of Gaki-san just who did that to her hair? It’s a bit…unsuitable for her face. And I’m saying that as someone who thinks Gaki is attractive. Really that hair style suits Reina better. Oh and has Lovely dyed her hair? I’m not sure I like the colour that much. Even so it’s a sexy front cover very fitting for the sexy H!P group.

Onto C-ute’s front cover and…err…wtf? It’s like a flashback to my childhood holidays at Butlins in pwyhhe…pytthel…Wales. Although the redcoats back then weren’t quite as cute as Nakki or Maimi (but were way cuter than Mai). It’s an odd look. Okay it says sports calendar so maybe the insides offer us the salivatingly tantalising prospect of  Maimi in shorts some more. Anyway how big all the girls look on the cover. You know with all that space to fill? Looks odd really. I guess this must be the first official image of the 5 girl C-ute. Seems bare somehow.

So onto the Berryz cover and waiter I’d like to make a complaint. I ordered a visually enticing and interesting front cover and what you have brought me is bland. After the success of MM’s cover and the at least cute smiles and waves of C-ute’s the Berryz one is a bit boring by comparison. They could at least have made them maids.

Finally it’s onto the Mano cover and woah. “Hello there. I was expecting your little sister. Hi. I’m Morningtime.” 😀 Maybe it’s the lipstick colour but this is a more mature and sexy Mano. Beautiful eyes, beautiful smile and beautiful face. I approve. Muchly.


21 responses to “2010 Calendar Covers

  1. Arche-JoIyO & Paul – Well C-ute’s will be good just for the presence of Maimi and Nakki. Plus I guess they get even more space now there’s only five members left (at the time of typing this. Who knows how many will be left by the time this sentence has finished!)

    Thejuggernaut – Koha ha salways looked fine to me. But I know what you mean. She’s taking on an extra little air of maturity.

    Isilwentari – Sayu does look great. The cover makes quite an impression. Apart from anything else it promises to be a leggy affair.

  2. I was really disappointed with the covers this year. except for Momusu’s one…. they all look amazing.
    but i just don’t see the point in a sports C-ute calendar. and i was so set on getting theirs this year too…. oh well…
    hopefully Berryz one will have different uniforms in to drool over…..

    ManoEri has still yet to impress me…. all her single covers are the same and so is her calendar cover…. does the girl not have a body??
    ManoEri is only face and hair.

    Momusu’s again then! ^^
    Loving Gaki’s hair. Gaki-chan is back! XD

  3. mind outta the gutter! ><

    yeah but all her single covers are like the same. i'm getting bored of it. lol!

    she's like Nacchi and Sayu smooshed together. like they did that thing from the Lynx 3 advert……

  4. Nacchi and Sayu together? Hmm…that’s quite a nice thought. Oh mind out the gutter you said? Sorry. 😀

    Mano’s singles are great. How can you not be won over by the Summer Party one? It sounds like it should be the end theme tune for some feelgood comedy film. Something about a caper involving a huge diamond, an all star cast including Phil Silvers & Terry Thomas and a car race involving Herbie…possibly.

  5. haha.

    i think Brum would be better than Herbie! XD

    i do like Summer Party and Hajimete no Keiken as well but all her other songs (i say all….) just bore me. especially her most recent one. everyone is melting over “her best song yet” and i all asleep. XD

    i dunno, ManoPiano has yet to dazzle me……
    i just don’t find her too interesting.

    oh hey, are you going to Super Kawaii Reina Saturday?

  6. Ah Mano’s music is a bit different to the usual H!P stuff but it has it’s good points. As does she.

    I am not going to SKRS as I am SKINT and also I know nothing about it. Although I have heard it mentioned on the Hello Blog. I’ll be sitting this one out. Too much going on right now. I approve of the idea though. Also the name.

  7. haha. i’m not going either. got a meet up with my friends from Uni!!!
    i think it was just something paul and CDevil and the others came up with as an excuse to meet up. ><

    i can think of one good thing about Mano's music. the backing dancers. can never have enough Dawa and Kanyon. *nod*

    XD oh and the baby animals too. lol!!

  8. I’m not sure who is who with the backing singers/dancers. Except Yuuka. She’s really cute. Plus she was in High-King which is a class unit that should really have more releases. I think I know which one Kanon is. But I’m not 100% sure.

  9. they go: Ogawa Saki, Yuuka, Wada ayaka and Kanon. from left to right. except in hajimete keiken. there are too many to tell. XD

    i think Yuuka should have debuted instead of manoeri……


  10. Mano is great. Her music is really good and she’s cute. It’s just different to other H!P stuff but that’s no bad thing. Yuuka is cute but I’m not sure she’s ready for a solo career just yet. I wouldn’t mind her joining MM though. Mind you I wonder if Mano will one day. It happened to Mikitty.

  11. …you don’t say…. Mano is H!P’s Yamato Nadeshiko
    Ideal situation – Sayaka + Yuu maybe hirano tomomi + sengoku minami = 13 Momosu
    Mano joins her fellow eggs in S/mileage… ( for that is where you can get maximum saccharine sweetness)

    after a year , when Lovely has hit 24/25… she can graduate along with niigaki.. leaving a momosu 9… ( and the 2 Pandas will also be sent back to china to head their own Zhao Nu Er group 😛 )

  12. she deserves soooo much better… but will our human Hello Kitty get it? .. i hope so…
    when I win the Euromillions, i am going to buy UFA….

  13. Ah you’re both going to miss out on a good day on Saturday; shopping, drinking, eating, drinking, karaoke, drinking, eating, drinking, drinking, drinking…
    We all decided to do it simply because we all want to get together, I don’t know about you guys but I don’t have anyone I can sit down and chat about H!P sociably with (outside of being online), that and the fact the guys are great so it’s guaranteed to be a good laugh, as long as we don’t all look back and cry about missing LA lol. But the other thing was how crap any H!O organised meet is generally, as you know hexi from the one planned at the expo and the couple of times i’ve been asked if i wanted to come down to a meet in London through the H!O and for what ever reasons it’s just not happened.
    Oh well, I can imagine that they’ll be another one, maybe you guys can come down for that?

    As for Mano, my like for her is decreasing I want to like her but in all honesty she’s beginning to bore me slightly, in almost every aspect, I don’t mind the music but certainly she’s on the bottom of my list if I was to rank her against the other H!P units.
    As for the Eggs, not a single one appeals to me in any real form and out of all the Eggs, I think Mano was probably the best choice for going solo, but then C-ute and Berryz never appealed to me for a very long time so who knows.

  14. I couldn’t talk about H!P with anybody. They’d think me an alien.

    As for Mano well her music is so different on the whole to what H!P usually does and I think that’s why there’s a lot of negativity towards her from some sections of the online community. Personally in the history of H!P (and what a book that would be) there’s been plenty of acts I didn’t like. Even at the moment I couldn’t say I like the Shugo Chara Egg or S/Mileage type of stuff. Early Berryz and C-ute stuff wasn’t very good either (except Piriri to Yukou which was insanely catchy). I don’t know whether there was a lot of criticism back then as I wasn’t a fan at the time. I just reckon with Mano people were maybe expecting another genki exceptionally girly act in mad cotumes and that’s why the negativity is there. Personally I really like her music and also I think H!P needs to have a broader roster of acts. Why can’t a cute singing keyboard player be an idol? It might not be to everyones tastes but there’s no real reason that every H!P act should be.

    The only Egg I recognise is Yuuka and that’s probably mainly because of High-King. There was Arisa too but I never really thought of her as an Egg what with being in Ongaku Gatas. I’m glad she’s still a part of them though as she’s somebody I really like watching. Some people just have something about them during live shows and Arisa is one such person. She’s not the prettiest but she has a lot of personality and a big smile. Hmm…I’m going off subject! Well I may as well continue then. Where the fcuk are Ongaku Gatas anyway? Konkon looks great judging from her MM OG recent tv appearances. I want more Konkon now!

  15. It’s not that Mano is different that i don’t like her. i thought it was really cool that she played piano/keyboardo in her own PVs. i think a difference in music is what H!P needs it’s just…… she doesn’t seem to have a personality….

    but then this is the girl who got to know all the members of Momusu by watching tonnes of Haromoni.

    she just seems to be THERE…… i dunno. it’s odd. she just doesn’t stick out to me.
    well she does… but not because i find her interesting. i think she’s getting in the way of some of the more talented Eggs. *shrug*
    her music was boring, then it got good but her most recent single is boring again….

    this debate could go on forever. XD

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