TV Tokyo Special – Morning Musume in LA subbed

Hyakupa have subbed this 45 minute documentary on Morning Musume’s first live appearance on American soil outside of Hawaii. I won’t go into too much detail but it’s a documentary on Morning Musume. What more incentive would you need to watch it? Anyway it goes behind the scenes of the convention to show the members thoughts and shows some live clips of them performing as well as interviewing fans. Oh and you get to hear Junjun’s English. Go watch it.


Baby Wota. Start ’em young.


Nothing gets past detective Reina.


One line? What is it? “Help me”?


I’ve never dreamed of doing a concert in America. I have dreamed of Sayumi though. Also leather. I reckon she’d be a fine mistress.


The Hollywood sign gets all the members excited. They must really like shit movies I guess.


I wonder if Ai-chan would sign a marriage certificate with me? Ah well I can dream. Except Michishige keeps turning up dressed as a dominatrix. Ah dreams are good.


An attractive female wota. Hey dreams are good.


Plus some dreams are very stimulating.


It’s good that the happy birthday bit was caught on camera. But was it just for  Sayumi? What about Koha?


Oh okay. Anything you say! I mean that. Anything. At all. Just name it.

Oh and one last thing…


Fine words of wisdom there. Personally I hope there’s some new members soon. Hopefully slightly more attractive and interesting than Aika and Linlin.


10 responses to “TV Tokyo Special – Morning Musume in LA subbed

  1. The first word of any child of mine was going to be “Ai-chan” but I think it’s best to be more formal. Instead it’ll be “mummy”. I don’t think it’s right when kids call their parents by their names.

  2. That little girl was adorable… And your caption for the Reina pic made me laugh out loud. Quite loudly actually. ;P

  3. “I hope there’s some new members soon. Hopefully slightly more attractive and interesting than Aika and Linlin”.

    You forgot Junjun. I’m starting to think that there is a Least Interesting H!P Member of All Time contest going on and she’s one of the favorites.

  4. Have you ever seen Junjun on any tv shows? She’s hilarious. She’d be the next Johnson if they appeared regularly on Utaban. Check out the Fujiwara no Arigatai to Omoe! episodes. Her Yorosen episodes were funny too. Especially the banter between her and Momoko.

    Also I think she’s attractive looking unlike the other two 8th gens.

  5. Man JunJun grew on me FAST, although I have to say Mitsui is definitely cute,, and her thin lips is a huge plus for me.

    But definitely on Fujiwara, JunJun stole the spotlight and it was for the better as she never got much attention.

  6. I think Junjun has the kind of outgoing personality to really shine if given the chance. She’s quite a strong personality yet also easily wound up. A lot like early Kaori. She was also really entertaining on the MM dvd magazine volume 23 when doing the sexy eating. The problem is that with there being no weekly tv show the members don’t get that much of a chance to show off their personalities. I wonder how any future members will be able to build up an idol persona without that outlet.

    It’s like how I’m a huge Ishikawa Rika fan. I put that down as much to her Hello! Morning presenting as to the music she’s been a part of. And I say that even though she was very much a part of what I see as MM’s golden age, I really loved Biyuden and I really like both Ongaku Gatas and Hangry & Angry. It was the tv appearances (also including her great Hello Pro news moments) that made me specifically like her.

    Morning Musume and H!P in general has always been about more than just the music. With tv appearances, films, musicals, photobooks, solo dvd’s in places like Hawaii and so on it’s become a whole culture of it’s own. Much more than just music. It’s a world to immerse oneself in. But if all members get is the odd music show appearance then chances to shine are going to be limited. Personally I’ve never liked a girl just for the way she looks. The personality has always been a huge selling point. I wonder how any 9th gen members would capture my attention.

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