Kusumi Koharu – Sugar Doll Cover

Kusumi Koharu’s next pb entitled Sugar Doll is out on September 27th. Judging by the front cover it’s gonna be a good one…

Kusumi Sugar Doll

Well that pic has certainly given me a lump. I’m really looking forward to this pb. Koha has been looking better and better recently. I really like these two recent pics for example…

Koha wow 1Koha nice hair

Very pretty. A more adult Koha is coming. It’s going to be sexy and hopefully still a little (or a lot) cracktastic. I can’t wait. 😀

19 responses to “Kusumi Koharu – Sugar Doll Cover

  1. … you know the girl has been weaned off the crack…. she is so much more subdued now…
    her last pb still gave me a heart attack : Shortshorts and black leather :drool: :

  2. Koha’s PBs have always been a disappointment and I don’t see why this should be different. The interesting thing is that the PBs are just.. ugh, but her UFA photos are often good.

  3. SO want this PB…… it’s the only koha Pb i’ve been interested in buying. sucks that i have like NO money thanks to uni. i really want Chinami’s PB aswell.but can’t for the same reason. Y_Y

  4. Koha’s last pb was fine by me. Some great bikini shots a hot black boots and shorts set and a cute jeans on a tram set. Worked for me.

    Ah Hexi and then there’s that whole Yossie in Paris trip. You picked a fine time to go to uni! 😉

  5. Well I’m sort of semi-back. Not posting as much as I used to but still wanting to keep things going a bit longer. I guess I still want to declare my idol love from time to time. Oh and yes that cover is hot. I have high hopes for the pb. 😀

  6. All Koharu’s PBs were great:D I love her cracktastic idol mode or even Kirari mode in motion but i prefer her gravure and smexy mode in PB. Yes, please 😀

  7. yeah thanks….. ¬_¬”

    i’ll probably go anyways…… i have a boyfriend i can pester and i have money saved up for expo which i can use. i’ll just have to go to both! what a shame!!!

    plus i wanna go in wearing my shirt they signed at sakura-con. see if they recognise it. ><

  8. Ladybird – I have high hopes for this pb. But I’m forgetting the dvd too. A solo dvd for Koha should be great. I hope they have her doing lots of fun stuff rather than just filming the photoshoot. if so it should be great.

    Hexi – Students are supposed to be poor. Going on trips to France is just wrong. You should at least live off beans on toast for a month afterwards to keep up the student image.

  9. hahaha. a hard task to do when i don’t like baked beans!! XD

    i’m in a bit of a double mind though cause now that a european tour is being planned for 2010…. is there any point going to paris now??


  10. Well a plan doesn’t always come off. Maybe you should take the definite over the probable. Then again if you don’t like baked beans perhaps you should wait. 😀

  11. hmmm…….
    i can always live off sainsbury’s 8p noodles….. XD

    will you be going then? everyone else i’ve spoken to aren’t in such a double mind as me….. hmm….

  12. oh i’ll be taking a walking stick (the boyfriend) to lean on so yes. i will also be goo in front of yossie and rika. XD

    well at least we have the hope of a tour now so maybe then! ^^

  13. Hey, morningtime, head’s up.

    Koha’s going to graduate on 12/6. Sad news really. She’s planning on becoming a model.

  14. Koha is one of the last ones I’d want to leave. She may not be the best singer but she’s one of the best personalities. Still MM is all about change. That’s why they have lasted for 12 years. I just hope she stays in public view. I’m addicted to the cracktastic one. I have a cracktastic addiction.

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