It’s Time For A Lovely Birthday

September 14th. An incredibly important day for mankind. For on that day the only true evidence of angels existing was delivered to the world. Yes it’s Ai-chan’s birthday. The loveliest, sweetest, cutest, prettiest and most adorable person on the planet is 23 this year on that date. All hail her Loveliness. To celebrate in typical Morningtime style it’s picspam time. Yay.


Beautiful. So finally here’s two video clips. The first is the sexy and catchy Take Off Is Now! This is from the 2009 Winter Wonderful Hearts concert…

Although there’s also this excellent MM Spring Tour 2009 performance too. It’s not embeddable though hence you can only watch it via Youtube itself.

The second clip is Lovely singing the best Morning Musume album track of all. Yuki / Ai × Anata ≧ Suki. This is from the Morning Musume Concert Tour 2007 Spring ~Sexy 8 Beat~ tour. It’s a beautiful song with a typically beautiful performance…

Happy birthday Ai-chan. May the coming year bring you much happiness. Oh and a solo career. But please don’t graduate just yet!


6 responses to “It’s Time For A Lovely Birthday

  1. Yep it’s Ai-chan’s birthday. Well at least it is in Japan. By my reckoning it’s now about five past three in the morning. Ai-chan will probably be tucked up in bed…mmm…Ai-chan in bed. Sweetly sleeping. That’s a nice mental picture. 😀

  2. ..Happy birthday to my H!P twin.. if she was born around 4.55PM JST …. then we will know it is true 😛 … love the picspam… i swear she has taken my youth… :D….

    Ai tucked in bed.. 6.40 …. i hope they let her sleep in 😛

  3. So it’s a happy birthday to thejuggernaut too? Hope you have a good one. You can have any H!P member you want except Ai-chan. She’s mine! 😀

    Hi Ladybird. They are good pics aren’t they? I’d like to post some from her last pb but I haven’t found any decent quality ones online yet. I have the pb myself but you can’t really scan them without ruining the pages!

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