Morning Musume Alo-Hello subbed

Hyakupa subs have given us all a treat for Ai-chan’s birthday. Yes the first MM Alo-Hello has now been subbed and is available from the tracker at Hello-Online. So what do we get? Well this being Hawaii lots of flesh. 😀 Also some bondage. Yes really. Basically MM are split into four teams and have to compete against each other through various competitions. Which is great as these kind of things ensure fun, energy and excitement. There’s a prize for the winning team and a forfeit for the losing team. But first some free time fun…


After that it’s onto the first competition. It’s a shaved ice eating contest. Who’ll be the fastest? Well I’m not telling but it’s fun to watch…


After which it’s time for some bondage with the six-legged race…


Oh lucky Niigaki and Reina. Tied so close to Rika. The dream of every man (and several women) surely?


Oh lucky…umm…everyone!


After the race it’s time for some lunch…


After that the next contest is the Russian roulette drinking and eating game. Who’ll get the bad juice or bad food? I’m not telling again so just enjoy the reactions from those watching…


Following that competition it’s time for the beach flag trials. That’s where individual members start lying face down and then have to get up, turn around and race for the flags. It’s all good fun and for those of you who don’t want to know the result…I ain’t telling anyway. 😀


After all the running the final contest is a quiz. Well the members probably deserve a sit down. Following the result and the prize the final ten minutes of this 70 minute presentation is given over to the photobook making of. There are some nice scenes to watch including a fun cat impression competition…


Fujimoto Miki there with one of AKB48.


Niigaki Risa there with another of AKB48.


Niigaki Risa there with an angel.


The cat competition there.


A sing-song around the campfire to finish off with.

This Alo-Hello is easily as much fun as the later ones but also has the added advantage of having Kaori, Yaguchi and Rika there. The competition format is one that works well. It always made Hello! Morning enjoyable and when the setting is a beach there’s the added advantage of sexy beachwear. 😀 It’s great to see this get subbed and being released on Lovely’s birthday means everyone can celebrate by getting a little bit of Lovely in their hearts. You know it makes sense!


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