Michishige Sayumi – It’s You live subbed!

A group on Youtube calling itself KHH (Kamei~Hame~Ha’s) has subbed Sigh Yummy’s sextastic live performance of her solo song It’s You. Frankly it can be me anytime. Such filth. Check it out…

Now let’s look at some of those lyrics in closer detail…


Such an age gap“.

It’s pure wota service.


Your deep voice is“.

What? Forty-seven years of age?





Your sigh is audible“.

Are you sure that was just a sigh Yummy? Older guys can have certain problems you know. They can get excited a little too easily.


Check it out, my song. How about, my everything“.

Yes yes it’s good. All good. Especially your everything.


Hold me tight”.

*Sigh* Yummy.


Kiss me, a good thing, teach me well“.

Sorry I think there’s just been a nuclear explosion in my trousers. Well I did warn you about older guys. It’s lucky you’re clearly wearing safety pants underneath.


My heart is pounding“.

Not just yours.


It’s like it’s melting“.

Hmm…are you sure that’s your heart? *Sniff sniff* Did someone order sushi?


Want to do something good?”

Good? I want to do something great. Repeatedly. I don’t suppose you have those black rubber looking Platinum 9 tour photo set clothes lying around do you?


Next time teach me, teach me a little bit more“.

I’ll take that as a yes then.

Great song. Along with Take Off Is Now! it’s the song I’ve put my dvd on for the most from the whole concert. Sayu’s girly persona can seem a little misjudged sometimes but when you give her lyrics like these and a sexy thrusting dance move to go with it it’s just pure win. Tsunku has managed to make a musical virtue out of her voice and personality. Maybe he really is a genius.


8 responses to “Michishige Sayumi – It’s You live subbed!

  1. and it has to be you, morningtime… to give an apt response for this song 😀 no one else ( maybe patachu at deliciouscakeproject can give you a run for your money ( unless you are the same person hmmmm))
    I didn’t last half the song…. if you catch my drift…
    I’ll take :sigh:yummy then, MT… as my birthday gift 😀 ….. you can have Ai…. 😆
    It would have been 0 degrees that night when i first watched the clip… but man… i sure felt that my thermometer blew its top…

  2. Not a Sayu fan then Kishiko? Personally I think this type of song worked well for her. Certainly better than the awfully cutesie pink xmas type of stuff.

    Thejuggernaut – I hadn’t even seen deliciouscakeproject until you just mentioned it. I’m adding that to my blogroll. It’s not me though. Id never mention AKB48 in good ways! 😛

    Anyway you can have Sayu’s high maintenance hotness and I’ll have Ai’s lovely stability.

  3. Thank you so much for showing me these subs! I waited for them for way too long 😀 I liked this song since I heard it for the first time on the album and was excited to see the performance. I was disappointed with Sayu’s weird dance and her Mickey Mouse outfit ==
    Great review. I love your comments 😀 the whole song is indeed a pure wota service 😀

  4. I always forget about Youtube as I tend to look to the Hello Online tracker for subs but from time to time things do appear on Youtube that don’t seem to be anywhere else.

    Sayu’s outfit would be good if it wasn’t for the ears. The colour and style of the dress fits the song and performance I think. The black gloves are sexy too. It’s just the head bit that looks too cutesie. But then H!P does like it’s bows and little hats and other weird hairwear (that so totally isn’t a word is it?) As for the dance well I like the little thrusting move she does and the hand is very well placed to make it seem even more sexual. I’m more disappointed with Ai and Eri’s dancing. It’s full of what should be sexy moves but it’s a bit too camp Broadway musical in the delivery. It kind of reminds me of the song and dance towards the end of the film Blazing Saddles “Throw up your hands. Stick out your tush. Hands on your hips. Give them a push. You’ll be surprised. You’re doing the French mistake”.

  5. it’s headgear 😀
    and… that’s the idea… kawaii irroppoi … :drool: . high maintenence? 😀 … i have a ’99 Subaru Legacy GT with a wonky twin-turbo, and had a e28 BMW 535i M…. trust me.. i can handle high maintenance 😀 ( yeah.. my girls are treated like my cars :P)

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