Kusumi Koharu to Graduate

As Teddylovedomination has pointed out Kusumi Koharu is to leave Morning Musume and Hello! Project to concentrate on a career in modelling. Her last MM performance will be on 6th December. I’m really gutted. I know some people don’t like her but personally I think she is one of the most entertaining members of the current lot. She was just getting really cute too. Musume Central are carrying the story here.  Koharu’s official comment is here. Tsunku’s is here.

Well I never expected that. Who’d have thought that Kusumi would be the next one to leave? Well at least it’s not Ai-chan. I really hope Koha continues to be a presence on tv shows though. She’s always been so entertaining. At least we have ten cracktastic solo and Milky Way singles to enjoy and her fourth pb is already pre-ordered. Plus there’s all her work with MM of course. Koha thank you for everything. Good luck! You’ve been a star!


Koha bye

One last thing though…I wonder if she decided to jump…


Or was she pushed?

18 responses to “Kusumi Koharu to Graduate

  1. As long as she skipped Hano wo Puuuuun. 😀

    Ah well at least the first graduation in years is one I care about. It’s better to be emotionally involved I guess. One thing is for sure with Kusumi gone MM definitely needs new blood now.

  2. lol, yeah. I expect a 9th Gen audition maybe around early next year. But MM will never be the same without Koha. I will lose interest in MM and H!P after this. Well, there’s still Kame and Ai.

  3. For me at least there’s still Ai. I was expecting her to leave soon but even then I wasn’t too worried because she seems a certainty to get a solo career. Koha’s leaving is all the sadder for the fact she’s totally leaving.

    Of the others I really respect Risa a lot but I wouldn’t say I’m that big a fan even so. Well not to the point of buying pb’s or whatever. I’m finding Sayu is starting to grate a bit, despite looking so good. Her personality is like a needle stuck in a goove. I find her I’m cute act is getting a little embarrassing. Mitsui is annoying. Linlin is a bit boring. Reina still has a lot to offer though and I’d love to see Junjun step forward more as her personality has a lot of potential. I’ve never really noticed Eri much but expect her to be leader one day. So really I’m down to Ai with a little bit of Reina, respect for Risa and a hope for Junjun.

    Hmm…the third gen had one member and she left too soon. The seventh gen is the same. I wonder if there will be any parallels between the eighth gen and the fourth? Maybe Mitsui will be suspended for a year and then sacked. Although I wouldn’t look forward to the sleazy pb that will follow. Come to think of it isn’t Junjun in the new Biyuden? That makes her Rika. I can’t wait for her Angry goth side to come out.

  4. Well, about Mitsui getting sacked, I really hope it happens. I’ve never liked her. Seriously, she thinks she’s Koha’s rival of somesort, and she made Junjun cry. Let’s just hope Mitsui gets into some scandal and gets fired. As for the rest, I never took notice of them much (because my attention’s is always directed to Koha), but I’m guessing after Ai’s graduation, MM will really suffer. I don’t think new members are just enough. I thought Sayu was the ‘Rika’ in Zoku Biyuuden.

  5. I see Sayu as more Yui without the breasts and with a more annoying personality. But maybe you’re right. Yui had a certain sex appeal which Junjun is probably more matched to. Junjun can pretend to be cute while being sexy at the same time. So that’ll be obscurity beckoning her then. Damn H!P have made some mistakes in their time. Yuu Kikkawa getting overlooked in favour of Mitsui, Biyuden’s demise, Konkon not having been involved in any release for ages, Frances and Thingy existing and now Koha leaving.

    On the other hand the setlist for the Nine Smile tour is up on Hello! Online’s Twitter feed here: http://twitter.com/hello_online Apparently they are doing Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari. I hope it’s a full version. I want to see the new verses. Well either way one thing is for sure, with Koha graduating the live dvd will be one definitely on my shopping list.

  6. The worst is definitely Koha leaving. Then again, Mitsui should just be replaced with Yuu. I’m happy enough with that. And yeah, the song’s going to be the full one, I read about it on Hello! SayuNii.

  7. Oh a full version will be great. It’s always a fun song.

    As for Koha leaving, well MM will be poorer without her but hopefully she’ll stay in the public eye and her fans will be able to continue to cheer her through new ventures.

  8. …Aruiteru would be a good graduation song for her…
    but srsly… Kikkawa and Sayaka +2 more would be excellent additions… (will he do the unthinkable and slot one of c-ute/berryz in? )

  9. I can’t see one of C-ute or Berryz joining. It wouldn’t help those groups much. Especially not C-ute who will be a duo by the end of the year anyway the way things are going. 😛

    Really new blood is needed. I think it was always likely some would leave before any new ones enter. I’m not sure MM as a large 10+ group would be that financially viable any more. Anyway a couple of completely new faces would be good. Some brand new personalities to dwarf Mitsui with ease.

  10. I wonder if Tsunku will do another Fujimoto and shove Mano into MM? She is very popular amongst the wotas. Well certainly going on sales of merchandise she is.

    I should really be asleep.

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