This Post Is Just Wrong

So Koi wa Hassou Do The Hustle! Why was this not a single? WHY? It’s great. (With thanks to MMIF for the subs)…


Hold me through the night. Thank you for soaking me in love well“.

Oh Reina you’re welcome. I hope I didn’t get any in your eyes.

Oh and check out the yellow phallic image in that screencap. Pure filth!


“It’s my wish”.

You want it too Lovely? Well okay I’m sure I can oblige.


Oh yes all right“.

Konno as well? This is gonna be one hell of a night. Waking up tomorrow morning I’m going to feel great. Tired but great.


Happy morning

Woohoo! 😀


Don’t be gentle. There are nights when I want a hole poked in my love“.

Can you be any more to the point? Don’t be gentle? Okay. You want a hole poking? Your wish is my command.


There are nights when I want a hole poked in my love“.

Get in line. Ai-chan is first.

That screencap gives another reason this should have been a single. Yes to push Eri’s cute short hair to the forefront a bit more. This was the time she looked really hot.

Ah what a filthy song. No wonder the virgins wotas wanted all copies burning or whatever. Have any other Hello! Project songs been so explicitly dirty in their content? Well okay Hana wo Puun (Snub Your Nose) is clearly about the dangers of not holding your breath at the moment of impact. Oh and Love Machine is quite self-explanatory however that’s mostly very subtle too. No this is the one song that dripped dirty idol orgy sex through and through.


Do the hustle. Be the muscle“.

Yeah be the love muscle. Pure bliss. So much better than the eventual A-side.

To download go here. For other subbed Morning Musume pv’s look here.


7 responses to “This Post Is Just Wrong

  1. I’m having a bad day! I not only forgot to put the name of the song in the post but also posted the wrong link. I could have sworn I’d got the file from Musume-Central but it looks like I got it from Veoh instead. As some people can’t download from Veoh I’ve put the file on Megaupload. Anyway post edited on both these matters. Apologies.

    I guess this post really was wrong!

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