Koharu Was Pushed

Hello! Online have a translation from Tsunku’s blog in which he states that it was his decision to graduate Koharu and that she was a bit puzzled at first. So she didn’t jump then. Well I’d be puzzled if I was her. “You want me to have a solo career but with no immediate plans? Aika is staying? Sayumi is staying? WTF?” Yeah I’d be puzzled. I think MM members will be keeping their heads down and trying to have as little personality as possible now. Like Linlin has been for the past two years. He’d better have long term plans for her. If she becomes just another Ogawa or Yasuda it’ll be a great shame. She has a big fanbase and can sell records. He’d better really have meant it about her going solo or it’ll be such a waste of cracktastic energy.

Anyway below is how I see Koha’s reaction to the news…

Koha terror

Koha screaming in terror at Tsunku’s announcement.

Koha fairy dust

Koha threatening to sprinkle some fairy dust over the bastard a short while later.

Koha threat

Koha miming a threat to perform a lobotomy on Tsunku using some rusty scissors.

Koha stunned

Koha, too stunned to carry on, has a rest before deciding on her next move.

Want some sugar babeSugar babe

Koha decides to show the world what it’ll be missing soon. Want some sugar? The answer is yes. Very much so.

Koha back

Koha sadly turns her back on Morning Musume.

Of course if Tsunku does debut her as a solo singer sometime next year I’ll take all this back and decide her graduation was actually a splendid idea. 😉 I’ll still argue that Mitsui should have gone too though.


5 responses to “Koharu Was Pushed

  1. Koha Star… nice idea. You should probably tell Tsunku about that. While you’re at it, can you shove a tall stick up his butt?

  2. the bastard.. if getting pegged by his wife every night doesn’t give him his kicks… he plays with the emotions of his wards..
    I totally agree that is should have been Mitsui…

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