Pocket Morning Weekly Q & A

Hello! Online have translated this week’s Q & A and for some reason it’s really tickled me. Before I talk about it though I’d just like to announce that there is one happy departure coming up. Yes after all the misery over Koha’s exit Hello! Online have pleased everybody through their Twitter feed by announcing that Matsuura Ayayayayaya is leaving her radio show soon. I’m sure anyone reading this blog will know I’ve been a long time fan of hers. I’d juat like to assure you all I’m just about coping with the news and the suicide watch has been called off. Hmm…I wonder if my Ayaya photo holder thing made it to Norway safely?

Anyway back to the point of this post. The Morning Musume Q & A. This week the question was “Is there any cosplay you’d like to try?”  This is a better question than the normal food related ones. It gives the members a chance to plant sexy thoughts in our minds. So what were the answers? Well…

Ai Q

A maid! It’s my dream.

Kawaii! Ah memories of Q.E.D. come flooding back. I’d like to see her as a French maid especially though. Best outfit of all. So black, frilly and sexy. Mmm I heartily approve.

Risa Q

I’d like to wear the uniform the girls around Disneyland attractions are wearing.

Well I have no idea what they are but I guess they’re probably cute.

Kamei Q

A stone!! I saw it at Anime Expo, and I just can’t stop being excited about it.

Well Eri likes to hide herself away so I guess that one fits her. It’s also very weird so it fits her some more.

Sayumi Q

Sleeping Beauty.

Again it fits her known persona. A bit too young for her actual age and a bit too cutesie. So that’s about expected then.

Tanaka Q

Sailor Moon.

That one gets me going in much the same way as Ai-chan’s answer did. Phwooar indeed. Reina is still the sexy one in MM.

Koharu Q

I’d like to dress up as a Morning Musume member. I could dream of being up there on the stage singing with the other members. It’s my one big wish. I want it so much that sometimes I cry myself to sleep at night.

Okay I made that up. She actually said “Gundam.” So presumably she wants to dress up as a giant robot and stomp on Tsunku’s head.

Junjun Q

Both heroines of “NANA“!! I’d like to do both cool Nana and cute Nana.

Nana is some manga where the two girls called Nana look cool and cute enough for this to be a decent answer.

Linlin Q

I love One Piece! So, I’d like to try a pirate cosplay!

Well One Piece is a manga about pirates apparently. A bit weird but I guess dressing as a pirate could be quite sexy so we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt there.

Anyway so there you go. Eight answers and only Kamei’s was a bit weird but it was still in keeping with her personality. Oh wait…Morning Musume still have nine members don’t they? Well for now they do. Who have I missed? Oh yeah…

Mitsui Q

A construction site worker!!! I’d put on a helmet, jumpsuit, and have a towel around my neck.

Oh god. I can’t breathe. Ahahahahahaaaaaa. Oh that’s priceless. Little Jimmy Krankie would fit right in there. Honestly I am not making that up. Go and check Hello! Online if you don’t believe me. What an answer. Poor Mitsui. Sometimes I actually quite like her. Maybe she could be the next Yasuda Kei if they still did loads of Utaban appearances.

So to sum up, the answers were sexy, sexy, strangely weird, cute, sexy, powerful, sexy, weird but probably fun and sweaty builder. Uhuh.


13 responses to “Pocket Morning Weekly Q & A

  1. OH MY, I think I need some alone time now!
    This has to be one the best Q&A’s they ever did. And I must say it was very satisfying =)

    It’s good to see you still keeping up the good work! I should really be better leaving comments for you.
    Oh, and the Ayayayayaya~ photo holder got here safely and is now filled with photos of Reina and Risa and it’s sitting neatly in the front of my H!P collection.

    And I must say that Ai and Reina definitely had the best cosplay selection, it’s to die for you know.


  2. I’m glad the Ayaya holder made it there okay. This Q & A was one of the better ones. Some of the questions they’ve been asked in the past are just huh? I’m not sure who thinks of the questions. The same people who think of the boring formats for their recent tv shows I think.

  3. Haha, thats so true. There has been quite a few boring ones indeed. I have yet to watch all the stuff I have gotten hold of in lack of time and a acquiring speed which is too fast compared to me watching. And seeing as I’m a fairly new Momusu fan (9 months now) I have yet to discover all the things they have done.
    Though some of my favorites are definitely the Mechaike field trip and bakajo kimatsu test.

    I found The Tokyo Friend Park II they where just in to be insanely funny.

  4. Ah I haven’t seen Tokyo Friend Park II yet. The Mechaike ones were funny. Especially the idiot and sports tests. Also their Hello! Morning tv show had some great episodes. My favourite is probably the English lesson one. Sadly the follow up show Haromoni and after that Yorosen were not a patch on the earlier shows. Especially Yorosen which just seemed lacking in imagination or any understanding of what fun is. Well except for Koharu’s, Junjun’s, Chisato’s and Momoko’s shows. They were pretty good.


    I remember seeing that cosplayer at AX as well. I believe it was a World of Warcraft reference.

    Eri … you win this one. XD

  6. Kamei’s answer has me dying, over here. And my god…LinLin loves One Piece. ❤ I've cosplayed One Piece on two occasions, and holy crap yes it has some sexy potential.

  7. Well I hope the stone cosplayer now knows that he or she is becoming a living legend.

    I google pictured the One Piece anime to try and get an idea of what it was. I can see how sexy could come into it.

    • 😀 linlin would look perfect as a nami or Robin 😀 hahaha
      Eri as a stone wins it for me.. and Ai.. ♥♥♥ He is My master cosplay anyone? 😀

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  10. When Risa gave her answer, I pictured her in Jasmine or Ariel’s costumes. Preferably Jasmine’s, because cartoon or not, I so totally would. Hmm, now that Disney owns Marvel Comics though, I wouldn’t mind seeing Risa wearing this little number… 😉

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