Kusumi Koharu Jump preview

Dohhh Up have posted the preview for Koha’s Jump dvd. Although it’s only two minutes long there’s enough there to suggest it’ll be a fun dvd. As I’ve preordered the pb already I’m glad to say it also looks like being a red hot photobook too. There’s a shed load of bikinis involved and some other nice outfits as well. It’ll be a great send off for the cracktastic one and that’s for sure.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Hot hot hot hot hot!

*Crosses legs*

*Enjoys it*

*Uncrosses legs and then crosses them some more*


*Cross, uncross, cross, uncross, cross*…


*Uncross, cross, uncross*…




I think I need some water too. My mouth has gone dry and my head really hot.


I also need a good lie down now. Strange that.

The pb is going to be brilliant. All hail Koha. Queen Cracktacular. May she reign supreme for many years to come.


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