Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol. 25 subbed

Hyakupa Subs have subtitled this recent MM magazine. It’s available here. Apparently this DVD Magazine was sold at the Ojigi de Shape Up stage play and so features Ai-chan, Reina, Sayumi and Eri. However it takes the format of a quiz and the host is Linlin. So if you’re a fan of Niigaki, Junjun, Mitsui or of course the wonderful Koharu this doesn’t feature any of them. Basically what we get is Linlin asking 25 questions with the others pressing buzzers to answer. The winner gets a Chinese restaurant food voucher. The questions all centre around Hello! Project and it’s members. Which is all fine but that’s not the reason I’m blogging about this. No. The reason I’m blogging is that in amongst the questions there was actually another question that was asked but not answered so I’m here to provide that answer…


Linlin mentions Keanu Reeves to which Reina asks “is he an actor?” This question didn’t get answered so I’m very happy to be able to help. Reina the answer is of course yes.


Oh you’re kidding me.

Yes. Yes I am. Of course he’s not an actor.


So there you go. I’m always glad to help. I thought of all the people downloading this file and not getting the question answered so I thought I’d provide the answer here. So just to reiterate I’m pleased to confirm that Keanu Reeves is in no way an actor.


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