Whoa! Koha!

Preview pics of Kusumi’s forthcoming Sugar Doll photobook have been surfacing. They are so good they could cause submarines to surface too. Mine certainly has.

Koha behindKoha blue bikKoha pool

Clearly pics from the rear are very much in this year. Ai-chan’s last pb was full of them and very nice they are too.

Koha seriousKoha yellow bikin tight 2Koha yellow bikini tight

And of course bikini pics will forever be popular. That yellow bikini top though…whoa. I like the little gap in the middle. Plus it’s such a small top. Yay. 😀

Koha TrikeKoharu piano

Lovely outfit. Lovely idol. Doesn’t she look gorgeous with her hair like that? Oh and for people who thought she couldn’t sing, that’s nothing. You should hear her play piano (okay I stole that from Morrissey). When Tsunku said she will be taking lessons the piano wasn’t what I pictured. She can play all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order (and thank you Eric Morecambe. Now if I could only find a way of getting the PG Tips “do you know the piano’s on my foot” gag in I’d have used up all my piano gags in one paragraph. Alas I can’t so moving on…)

Koha fringe

A captivating expression.

Koha wowKoha wow 2

I think I’ve just turned to jelly. Well except one part of me. If Michishige is Sigh Yummy instead of Sayumi I think Koharu must now officially be Kiss Me rather than Kusumi on this blog. Stern Koha is quite something. Something very delicious. I’ve been a very bad boy you know. Honest I have. I really should be punished. 😉

Yes this pb is definitely going to be red hot. I can’t wait. I hope YesAsia are quick sending this one. I had to wait ages for Lovely’s last one.

I really hope Tsunku has some definite plans in mind for Koha. Plans other than not to use her at all. She’s just getting to her best in so many ways.


13 responses to “Whoa! Koha!

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  2. ill miss kiss me. Btw morningtime do you know where i can find reina’s blog? if she has one. Reina is my favorite in MM

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