I’m Bored Therefore I’ll Post

I’ve not had too much to write about recently. After all the kerfuffle over Koha’s graduation announcement it feels like everything has gone really quiet for a while. But now something shocking has happened. Yes I’ve seen an AKB48 pv that I actually liked. So for the first time ever I’m making a partly AKB48-related post. They have a very interesting cover version single coming out soon. They are actually utilising an orchestra to get the best sound. I wholeheartedly approve. I’ve never really been a fan of theirs but I have to admit they are looking their absolute best in the pv. Anyway I enjoyed so I hope you do too. The link to their pv is here. It’s up on Youtube.

Meanwhile some H!P pics as it’s been ages since I’ve picspammed. Okay well it seems like it’s been ages then. So to start off with here are four great pics of Ai-chan…

Ai drinkAi hiAi sexyAi really sexy

Pretty, really pretty, sexy and really sexy in that order!

Up next it seems one of C-ute has branched out into the clothing market…

Army & Nakki store

Yes Saki-chan is proud to announce that she’s opening an Army & Nakki store. Ahem. Here is Maimi helping her publicise this fact…

Nakki storeNakki store 1

Seriously why has Nakki not had a pb yet? It’s an injustice. She’s just so cute…

Saki is Cute

See? She even stands up well next to Sexy Cat…


In fact even Kanna can be tempted from the path of Suzuki such is Nakki’s pulling power…

Kanna Can

Meanwhile who told Maimi it was okay to travel back in time to the 1980’s?


And who told Sigh Yummy to start looking like a Star Wars character?

Princess Leia

Anyway in honour of the fact that she is is fast rising in my estimation here are a few pics of Sexy Panda…

JunwonJunwon 1Junjun cuteJun wowJunheartJunjun silly hatJunhi

*Doki doki splat*

And finally, as no post would be complete at the moment without her, here is some more Kiss Me goodness…

Koha behind youKoha moodyKoha straight dark hairKoha tiled

*Doki doki splat* Damn I’ve got to stop doing that!

5 responses to “I’m Bored Therefore I’ll Post

  1. I was in a devilish mood. Today I’m in a good mood for YesAsia have shipped my Kiss Me pb.

    Nakki does need a pb or rather wotadom needs a Nakki pb very much. I never expected Mai to get one first that’s for sure. Junjun also needs one though I reckon. I’ll never complain when Ai or Reina get pb’s but more variation is needed. Niigaki hasn’t had enough come to think of it. Oh and I’d still love a Buono one.

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