Hellostore USA now open

JapanFiles online H!P goods store has now officially opened. Although at the moment there aren’t too many t-shirts available I am happy at the prospect of being able to get some in the future at cheaper prices than the usual ebay places. Unfortunately for me being in the UK a lot of other items would still be too expensive due to the oversize shipping charge but for people in the US, Canada or Mexico this store should offer a cheaper alternative to buying the stuff from Japan. The one thing I really like though is the ease of getting photographs. They work out cheaper than Ohta’s ebay store and are more up to date with what is held than Helloproland. I’ve already put an order in for some Nakki, Maimi and Ai-chan pics. I’m also really pleased to see some of those Nakki pics now sold out. It’s good to see she has her supporters (photobook now!)

The one other thing that struck me is the sheer awfulness of Nacchi’s Angelic tour towel. Now I love Nacchi and think the Angelic tour was great. I have the live dvd and it’s a brilliant show. Also Nacchi is still her usual never changing cute self. However…


Who the hell thought that outfit would be a good idea to wear ever? It looks like something  the 1970’s dredged up. Appalling. But back on topic and the Hellostore USA would seem like a very convenient place to get our H!P fixes from in future. Although I still hope for a Hellostore Europe one day. 😀


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