Mano Erina @ Number 1 / C-ute Alo-Hello cover

Mano Erina has reached number one with her latest single Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo. Okay it’s only the daily number one and not the weekly number one but even so it’s still an achievement. I’ll take this as some vindication of the decision to let her be a solo singer. She’s good you know. Really she is. Let’s all have an Autumn party.

Mano 1

Meanwhile the front cover of C-ute’s Alo-Hello is now available to view in a very small size…

C-ute fail

Hmm…it seems to me like someone is missing. Almost as if someone who hasn’t left yet isn’t there. Is Erika involved? It’s a bit disappointing if she isn’t. At the same time Nakki in a bikini top and Maimi looking damn good too makes me happy with anticipation. Can’t wait. It’s out October 28th.


8 responses to “Mano Erina @ Number 1 / C-ute Alo-Hello cover

  1. Sweet! I wasn’t able to do a review on this but I’d really say this is my (new) #1 Ranked ME Single, aside from her first, no matter how the haters from Hell!-O say how bad it is.

    …meanwhile, both my eyes shed tears (true), one is from “want”, second is “why do I want”. 🙂

  2. Damn, that C-ute Alo-Hello preview cover needs to be bigger….Chisato anf Nakki in bikini tops 😀
    It’s a shame about Erika not being on the cover, I wonder if she’ll feature in it at all, I’m guessing she won’t? She’d be on the cover if she was right??..Hmmm, I really hope I’m wrong.

  3. Meyouu – My favourite single of Mano’s is still Lucky Aura, closely followed by Sekai wa Summer Party but this is a very mature style of song which shows that there’s more to Mano than just cuteness. So far I don’t think she’s done a bad single. I’m hoping to hear of an album coming at some stage.

    Paul – I don’t know though. When did C-ute go to Hawaii? Considering Erika only announced her graduation quite recently I’d hope thay had already been and so she’s involved. But not being on the cover does make me wonder. It’d seem strange not to put her there if she was involved. Well I’m nonplussed. I hope she’s involved though. It would seem unfair if she wasn’t.

  4. Eheheh, whoops!

    Based on my overall scores…
    In her PV Dept:

    Kono Mune wo Tokimeki wo
    Otome no Inori
    Sekai wa Summer Party
    Hajimete no Keiken

    In her Non-PV department:

    Lucky Aura
    Jasmine Tea
    Nakimushi Yowamushi
    Mizuiro Omoi

    There 🙂
    I’m gonna be working the details on my (soon-to-be) Mano page later on.

  5. One reason Erika may not be on the cover is that the DVD is released on the day she graduates. What if someone were to pick up and buy it because they see her on the cover and then find out she’s just left the group? Don’t get me wrong, I hope she’s on the DVD, but I’m not surprised (though I am disappointed) that she’s not on the cover…

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