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I saw this on Youtube and was really impressed. AKB48 must have had a sports day. Anyway the ending made me chuckle. A Steward’s Enquiry case surely? Meanwhile the pool final was supposed to be held at the Hank Hall but had to be rescheduled to another venue due to the Hank Hall being repossessed for non payment of debts. The final than had another problem as there was a camera breakdown which led to no televised pictures being available. However a stills photographer managed to capture these highlights…

AKB poolPool 1

Hey some of those AKB girls are cute.

Meanwhile H!P has announced that it’s Eggs will be split into five teams for five different tours. Well you should never put all your eggs in one basket. Ahahahaahem. So the Scrambled Eggs tour will be…


Hmm…there must be some good singers in that bunch. Well certainly the majority haven’t been picked for their looks. Especially in Team 3. You should always open the box before you buy. I’d have put team 3 back on the shelf and tried another box. Anyway looking at the Eggs, Team 1 has the Milky Way that doesn’t ruin your appetite for a larger serving of Egg but is still a tasty treat…


Team 1 also has everyone sane’s favourite…

AwwHappyYuuka and mePeace of cake

That last pic…peace of cake. 😀 Aww. Isn’t she adorable though?

Team 1 also has three others I know nothing about but that’s nothing compared to the goodness that Team 2 throws up. For Team 2 has Saki Mori and Fukuda Kanon both of whom try very hard not to show their teeth while smiling. Cheery bunch. But Team 2 also has Asuna Okai who looks sweet enough…


Although I can’t work out if she’s doing an impression of that Aiieeeen guy or just being rude about Ishikawa Rika’s chin? Or maybe she’s just praying not to be put into the same group as the Lord of Darkness? Anyway Team 2 also has Ayana Sato of whom I know zilch and the final member is the Anointed Covering Cherub, A.K.A. The Angel of the Bottomless Pit, Abaddon, Beelzebub, Father of Lies, The Evil One, Little Horn, Lucifer, Serpent of old, Inaba Atsuko, The Wicked One, Aya Matsuura, The Beast, Satan, Power of Darkness, The Lord of Darkness and Tomomi Hirano…

Arrrrgh kill itEvil eyes

May the Lord have mercy on our souls. Seriously unless I ever see her with my own eyes in the flesh I’m going to refuse to believe she exists. She’s like a composite of different people. It’s Momoko’s hair but after that I’m not sure. As Michishige might say she doesn’t even have the first letter in “cute”.

Team 3 has a load of people I again know nothing about (as does Team 4 and Team 5 strangely enough) but they do have one member who looks really cute (as well as four members who don’t). Yes Karin Miyamoto. Here’s a picture of her standing in between Umeda Erika and Kumai Yurina, which is just a really cruel way of making somebody look small…

Small egg

And here is what she looks like full sized…


She has all the letters to write “cute” or “kawaii” if you prefer.

Onto team 4 and they have Konatsu Furukawa who looks a bit like the early small-headed Niigaki in the picture up above. Team 4 also has Noto Arisa, the Eggs leader…

BedtimeBedtime 2Noto chanNoto cute

I would but I’m not entirely sure why I would. Still she is about 20 so that’s okay.

Onwards to Team 5 and they have Mini-me Minami Sengoku who is okay and an OG (Ongaku Gatas, not ex-Musume obviously)…


Team 5 also has the Milky Way treat you can’t enjoy without ruining your appetite as she’s so lovely and filling. Yes it’s everyone’s favourite person overlooked for Morning Musume in favour of a whiny talentless annoyance, it’s Yuu Kikkawa…

KikkawaYuu and meHeartNice pic

She is in that last pic you know. I just wanted an excuse to post it anyway though.

Well I wouldn’t Kikkawa her out of bed (look if you think the humour is that bad you should have stopped reading months ago). So that’s the five teams (oh Team 5 has three others but who is looking past Yuu?) I’ll have a large helping of Team 1’s Yuuka and Team 5’s Yuu Kikkawa please.

6 responses to “Random Nonsense & Breakfast

  1. WHAT, Arai Manami isn’t cute? 😀 … i always liked girls in specs.. :D…
    and i see that you are moving your object of absolute disgust to Tomomi… who happens to be 25 this year… ( and you managed to sneak in atsuko in there…ahha)
    Karin has all the letters in “EXTREMELY CUTE ” too… ask Sigh yummy… She LOVES her cute girls…

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