Morning Musume 2010 Calendar Pics

Some of MM ‘s 2010 calendar pics have now surfaced and it’s a bit of a mixed bag. The front page is certainly enticing. The clothes are classy enough…

MM Cal 2010Oh Good Morning

I do wonder about the suitability of Gaki-san’s hair though. It’s a bit odd on her. Mitsui looks like she has only just woken up, presumably by being dragged through a hedge backwards. Koha’s hair is a bit odd too. What is that? Some kind of 50’s quiff? Sigh Yummy’s hair is very glossy though.

What have I become? A fashion critic from some gossip rag?

Regardless I see for the second picture they shuffled the order around but left Mitsui and Linlin at the back. They moved Junjun forward though so all is right in the world. However the front pic benefits from the big three showing their legs more.

Next up (and please hold onto your hats here) it’s (brace yourselves. You may like to sit down before scrolling down)…

Wait for it…

Drum roll please…

The excitement mounts…

This’ll be worth it I promise. It’s…



Ai-chan in a cardie. Junjun in a winter top that looks like it was made for someone several sizes bigger than her. Mitsui is reading up on Anne Willan’s Look & Cook Fruit Desserts techniques (Newcastle cuisine must be big in Japan). Yes being a Morning Musume hasn’t seemed so exciting since Yorosen finished. And I normally love winter clothes on women too. Last year’s calendar had some gorgeous pics. Ah well.

So onwards to a picnic…

Child jewellery

Linlin is using a fork to eat sandwiches. Crazy girl. Reina has shown her yankii attitude earlier in the day by mugging a passing child for her jewelry. Sigh Yummy to give her her due does look cute.

Anyway it seems that when the pictures were taken Tsunku had decided to include a little clue as to the oncoming news…

Pack your bags

Here’s Junjun and Sayu having helped Koha pack her bags. I thought Sayu’s suitcase had a sticker saying “deported” on it but upon closer inspection I’m not sure what it says. It would have been one for the conspiracy theorists though. Still could this be a sign? Is Koha just the first? Are Sayu and Junjun in any danger? Junjun better bloody well not be. We need more of her. Much more.

Well enough of that moving malarkey. It’s to the kitchen…


Ai-chan’s smile is as cute as ever (just like Nacchi’s. They never change). Niigaki looks slightly scary. I’m glad Ai-chan is the one holding the knife. Also why is Gaki-san already eating when Ai-chan is still preparing the food? And does Linlin think this picture should be panned?

Niigaki can look great though…


Beautiful hair and beautiful expression. That’s the proper Niigaki.

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine. Children singing Merry Pin Xmas rhyme. With logs on the fire and gifts on the tree. A time for rejoicing in all the Koha and Reina we see…

Merry Kohamas

I think it’d be worth waiting up all night to catch these Santa’s giving you a special delivery. In return you could give them…well make up your own smutty punchlines. If venturing up chimneys is part of it then so be it.

Yes definitely a bit of a mixed bag. Morning Musume’s stylists do need a public flogging or two sometimes. But when they get it right the members can look beautiful.

Now I wonder when some C-ute calendar pics will surface?


9 responses to “Morning Musume 2010 Calendar Pics

  1. OMG Love!!
    i like Gaki’s hair on the cover! it’s like Gaki-chan is back from the past! haha!

    Sayu, my love, is looking dazzling as ever!

  2. Niigaki’s hair is just wrong. Wrong I tell you!

    Oh I didn’t notice before. Koha has presents in her hair in that xmas pic. She must be the present. Oh Tsunku how did you know just what I wanted? Except he seems to have sent me Reina and Eri instead of Lovely and Sexy Panda Assassin.

  3. Spent the morning hunting for C-ute pics of thier latest calendar, lol yes I had a very busy morning XD

    Think I’ll be leaning towards a C-ute calendar myself this year, every year I pass….and now, 2 members down 😥 but it’s be cool to see what the hell i’m buying in case it’s total wank, although, that could be a plus ;P

  4. Well C-ute’s calendar will have even more Maimi and Nakki-chan than usual now that there’s two fewer members. But MM have so many attractive members that it does give them a bit of an advantage.

    Can’t wait for C-ute’s Alo-Hello though!

  5. ^ Can’t wait for C-ute’s Alo-Hello though! ..
    if it is half as epic as the Berryz Alo-Hello.. ( which btw was pretty epic…) i will consider my life complete…

    now… on to the afterlife… Berryz+c-ute alo-hello plox…

  6. Oh man, I almost blew my load when I opened this after I picked it up from the post office today!

    And dare I say Reina looks to hawt ^_^

    Totally X-rated for us with slightly dirty minds =D

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