Kusumi Koharu Jump subbed

H!F have subtitled Koha’s one and only solo dvd. Excuse me while I have a lie down. I think the excitement is getting too much for me. 😀


Ah that’s better. Now to actually watch it. It’s great timing actually as my copy of the pb came today and needless to say it’s excellent.


It certainly is. Koha has really matured. Some of the pics (well most actually, if not all) are absolutely stunning. A perfect mixture of beautiful idol and beautiful photography. Hmm…maybe we’re guilty of not actually crediting the photographers and behind the scenes artists enough with these things. It’s more than just point and click I’m sure. The clothes and settings and make up are really engaging and help bring out Koha’s beauty for all to see.
Anyway onto Jump and you can grab it off the tracker here or from the forum here. So what do we get? Well…


Koha listens to Kanashimi Twilight on some headphones. Hey I do that. Although I’d like to think my movements aren’t as uncoordinated. 😀

After that Koha rides a bike to the pool…


Umm…Koha are you absolutely positive that’s how you’re supposed to ride a bike?

So Koha gets to the pool. Yay!


Exactly. Bikini time..


Well there’s that no boyfriend rule so…oh…wait…sorry. My mistake. Ahem. Moving on…


I know. Great indeed…


Even greater.


After the pool and a shower (I need a cold one already) it’s on to…


I’m not sure home cooking would be her strong point. Looking beautiful would be though so it’s onto the pb making of…


Ohgodohgodohgodcoldshowercoldshowercoldshower. Excuse me…


Right now where was I? Oh yeah the pb making of…


I wish I had a piano. I do have a pink oboe but quickly continuing…


The last one ever? I hope not. Koha is just going to get more and more beautiful over the coming years. If the management don’t have definite plans for her that would be completely stupid. But back to the present and what a present. It’s Koha in bikinis some more…


Followed by Koha looking absoultely wonderful some more…


Koha’s eating ice cream…and I’ve just melted.


So onto day three and the outlook is surely hot…


That’s not what I meant! 😀


I’m in Heaven.


Koha! Just because it seems to have gone dark doesn’t mean you can start doing that with your hand!


There’s some really heavy breathing here (and for a change it’s not from me). Where are your hands Koha? I might have a somewhat smutty mind (okay I do have a somewhat smutty mind) but that was a very appealing five seconds. 😀

Anyway back to the beach and this time Koha is in a bikini that doesn’t feature in the photo book. It’s a dvd exclusive…


Then it’s back into the water for some high speed action…


And so the end is near. Damn you Tsunku. Koha is great. I mean sure she’s deeply touched…


No you’re deeply touched. But that energy, that sheer force of personality, that noisy, genki spirit mixed with her looks makes her joyful to watch in far too many ways to ever mention. Koharu will become even more beautiful over the years and I really hope she continues in the public eye if that’s what she wants (and I really hope that’s what she wants). This dvd along with her pb is wonderful. At times she looks amazing. Other times she looks like she’s just been dumped in the sea (which happens quite a lot. For the record she stood up no times). I thought Lovely’s last pb would be hard to top. She is my number one idol after all. Yet if anything Koha has just topped her with these releases. I’d give both the photo book and the dvd ten cold showers out of ten.


No thank you. Thank you for always being incredibly entertaining. Thank you for your anime songs. Thank you for your pb’s. Thank you for your unique personality and thank you for the past day. It’s been truly a pleasure to get your pb and to see this great one hour Koha dvd. It’s been a whole day Koha hit. I’m high! I can’t think of a single negative thing to say.


Yeah…well I don’t nitpick that much. So Koharu there’s just time for you to say goodbye…


Then the final few minutes are pictures and clips of Koha from the three days while Ame no Furanai Hoshi dewa Aisenai Darō? plays. Truly a beautiful song to end a beautiful idols beautiful dvd. Hmm…there’s a word I’m looking for to describe all of this. Begins with a b. Briliant? No that’s not it although it is. Breathtaking? No but yes again. B…b…h yeah. Beautiful! Well with that it’s goodbye from me for now too. Join me next time when I’ll probably be being a bit sarky about something or another but for now it’s happy vibes all the way. Oh and thanks as usual to H!F for their subbing work and for the shout out! 😀


6 responses to “Kusumi Koharu Jump subbed

  1. i’m happy that you are happy, mate……
    no amount of cold showers can cool me down now.. ( and i have yet to see the DVD… )

  2. Seriously thejuggernaut both the dvd and the pb are well worth seeing. Best pb of the year I reckon.

    Sacredcultivator – Koha’s personality really shines through in all it’s lively glory. She’s a free spirit. Really that was a great H!F release!

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