A Very Quick Post

I saw this (it’s a little bit adult so don’t click if very easily offended) and I suddenly realised why Koharu has been given the push. That whole Thomas the Tank Engine thing a little while ago starts to make more sense. I presume the male was Tsunku.


Meanwhile I’ve just figured where I want to go for my next holiday…

Saki storeSaki store 1

I think I could spend a fortnight there just sightseeing.

Anyway Japan has unveiled it’s latest top of the range automobile…

Ishikawa Ricar

Yes it’s the new Ishikuruma Ricar.

Finally the tracker at Hello_Online has pointed out the the front cover of one of the Kimagure Princess versions has some photoshop errors. Most notably the fact that Eri seems to have had her left arm aputated just above the elbow…


Although personally I think the bigger error was in having everyone looking so miserable.

This post wasn’t really worth it was it? Well it wasted a few minutes while I wait for the HelloStore USA to update it’s products. 😀

Edit: And now I have the JunJun 9 Smiles tour t-shirt, a JunJun photoset and two Ai-chan photosets heading my way. Two other Lovely sets went out of stock while I was going through the payment process. I think the HelloStore USA must be considered a success so far judging by how quickly they sell out a lot of what they do have.

Oh and JunJun is fast becoming one of my favs!

3 responses to “A Very Quick Post

  1. Is HelloStore USA very expensive??
    it seems like something that would be.

    damn university sucking all my money! i want a 4th gen 10th anniversary tshirt and photo set!! ><

    speaking of JunJun, i bought some stuff from HelloProLand absolutely WEEKS ago and i still haven't recieved them! :C

  2. Isn’t Reina also missing the lower half of her body in that pic as well? Awesome but of skill shown by the designers there!!

    @hexi, I ordered some stuff from HelloProLand before I went to LA and it’s still not arrived, I’ve even given up chasing it, I just kept going round in circles with the guy…”have you sent it?”….”send me a copy of the ebay invoice saying you’ve paid and ill send it”….*forwards email*….repeat…ARGH!

  3. HelloStore USA isn’t too bad. As long as you are not buying an oversized item like a fan in which case the postage is too much. But otherwise it’s good. T-shirts are about $39 plus postage comes to $14. That’s about £32 overall. That’s cheaper than ebay.

    I can’t tell if Reina’s been decapitated. I thought she was just behind Ai and Eri’s dresses a bit.

    I’ve never had any problems with HelloProLand. Mind you I don’t get that much anymore from him. Usually just the odd dvd.

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