Dirty Princess – Kimagure subbed

Someone called Ethan at Hello Online has provided a sub for Morning Musume’s brilliant upcoming single Sexy Princess. Well what can I say? After being truly impressed with the level of filth in Sayu’s It’s You song this comes as another welcome surprise…


I think the answers to any questions posed there are yes, YES and YES! This is the best single in years. It’s also a great pv. There’s some lovely little touches in it. Such as Lovely’s great smile at 22 seconds…


Or the look on Risa’s face at 2 minutes 13…


And I really like the clothes and make up. LinLin’s not looked so good in years…


Then with all the butt shaking it’s just a great pv. Even if it is just dance and close up it’s still a great dance with some gorgeous looking close ups. I am loving everything about this. Damn the expense I think I’ll have to buy an actual physical copy. That’ll be the first time in a long time I haven’t just settled for an iTunes purchase. This song is so great it deserves the extra support. You know it makes sense!


12 responses to “Dirty Princess – Kimagure subbed

  1. Just one physical copy? I’m so crazy I’m getting three… I’m having trouble stopping myself from clicking buy on every momusu related thing I see

  2. Heh well one will do for now. I’m already spending enough on merchandise! I’ll probably want the single v too though when it’s released a few weeks later!

  3. If I weren’t in the middle of trying to finish up my Christmas shopping, I’d snap this one right up. I think the girls have been going from strength to strength and this song and video are no exception.

    As for the content of the lyrics…my legs turned to jelly and disappeared completely. Good thing I was sitting down at the time… 😉

  4. Finish up Christmas shopping? You mean there are people out there who have already started? I always wait until December to get the full feeling of the season.

    • Oye. The single V is also getting to a mailbox near me when it’s released.

      And what? Christmas shopping in October? thats early. I like get all that done around 22nd December part from the few things I have to send away..

  5. woah. who knew Momusu lyrics could be so dirty?! i love it!! XD it’s an amazing song.

    anyone else think Eri sounds like Momoo in her early days in this single?


  6. i know it is. but it interested me. ><

    like how Matt Bellamy's voice from muse sounds like Gwen Stefani if you play with the voice manipulation thingy.


  7. Ah years ago it used to be fun to slow down Kylie Minogue songs. She sounded exactly like Rick Astley. Of course whether that’s an improvement or not is anyones guess.

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