The Genius of JunJun

Sometimes on my blog I cover things not particular right of the moment. But I see this blog as being a reflection of my current trends. As I have previously mentioned, JunJun is fast becoming one of my favourite members. I’ve long said that she reminds me a bit of Kaori as in those early Utaban appearances Kaori was easily wound up and JunJun has a similar vibe. Remember her crying on Haromoni@? At the same time JunJun seems tougher and her annoyed moments seem more comical and also in a strange way rather sexy. I wouldn’t mind being on the receiving end of one of her comments. I also wouldn’t mind being pushed about like one of the male hosts of Fukiwara no Arigatai to Omoe. Junjun has been on that show three times now and each time she has shone. Luckily for us all three appearances have been subbed. The first one subbed by someone called amon999km who seems to be a friend of H!F‘s SacredCultivator. It’s available as a direct download here or from the tracker here. The other two were subbed by H!F themselves and can be downloaded here (look for releases 318 and 324). Okay these subs have been around quite a few months already but as I’ve watched each show more than twice now I felt it only right to call out some love.

Anyway I find all three shows very entertaining mainly because of the banter between JunJun and the two hosts (Fujimon & Haranishi). On the first show JunJun is accompanied by Sigh Yummy. Straight away JunJun sets out her stall. She’s on tv. This is her chance to get some recognition. So she holds up her name for ages…


The pattern for all these shows is established once it transpires that JunJun doesn’t know who Fujimon is. Even though she apparently met him once before. A fact she can’t remember…


The banter continues as they prepare for a guess the song from the intro game when Fujimon asks JunJun if he’s funny…


It’s now ten minutes into the show and JunJun is still showing her name…


During the quiz there’s more arguing…


Then there’s an amusing dance to Renai Revolution 21 with Fujimon before the show ends.

The second and third shows were recorded at the same time as each other and broadcast over two weeks. Joining Sigh Yummy and Sexy Panda for these shows is Coy Turtle (am I annoying you yet with these names?) Although she may as well not be there for all the impact she makes. Anyway straight from the start Fujimon and JunJun are in battle mode…


And so battle commences…


“Choriis” is the catchphrase of someone the host on the right is rumoured to be going out with as far as I can gather. First blood to Li Chun/JunJun the girl so good they named her twice. And on it continues for the rest of the show…


The third show continues the battle. And just what has JunJun caused?


Yes the host is having the Mickey well and truly taken. Then after a quiz head to head between Fujimon and the MM 3 theres the epic final battle…


JunJun is immensely entertaining. I think she’s a comedy genius. She has an attitude that really makes an impact. Of course people should know this already. She was one of the few hosts who really shone on Yorosen. Her banter with the Berryz was a hoot. In a way that’s the tragedy of Morning Musume not having had a decent regular tv show since before JunJun had arrived. A regular tv spot on something where the members are given a chance to shine would really suit JunJun now. Her understanding of Japanese has improved enough to ensure she can hold her own with the best of them. In Morning Musume she’ll be the most entertaining one once Koha has left. But sadly MM hasn’t had a decent regular show since Hello! Morning. I feel like idols should have more than just music as an outlet. We’re being robbed of so much entartainment here. JunJun would be hilarious. So if you haven’t yet seen these three shows then check them out. People who don’t rate JunJun so much may change their minds.

Anyway to finish this post in the time honoured Morningtime style here’s some picspam…

Jun 9 smileJun prettyJun peace 1Jun smileJunpeaceJun heart signJun cuteJunJun blackJunJun styleJun tshirtJun blue shirtJun blue shirt 1Jun cute peaceJun cute sexyJunjun nice smileJun hairJun cute pandaJunSay


2 responses to “The Genius of JunJun

  1. Junjun is definitely one of the most entertaining members the group has had. I always root for her to get more screen time. It doesn’t hurt that she is truly beautiful, both on the inside and the outside. 🙂

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